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Allmaster Home Services has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 131 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"We are a family-owned-and-operated, veteran-owned company with extensive experience in structural repair and water management issues. We strive for excellent customer service from start to finish on every job."

Nicholas Locantore | Vice President
Company Information
Services Offered
Allmaster Home Services offers foundation repair services to residential customers. The company's services include wall replacement, bowing wall repair, retaining wall work, underpinning, and installation of wall pins, carbon fiber straps, and I-beams. Allmaster Home Services also offers basement waterproofing.
The company offers structural warranties based on product and a limited lifetime warranty on waterproofing.
Company History
Allmaster Home Services has been serving local, residential customers since 1987. The company is privately owned, and president John Locantore has over 40 years of experience in the construction and home improvement industry.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms and undergo background checks.
MHIC #121436
Areas Served
Columbia, Elkridge, Ellicott City, Laurel, Annapolis, Crofton, Glen Burnie, Odenton, Pasadena, Severn, Severna Park, Bowie, Hyattsville, Lanham, Laurel

“They did the foundation stitches, and they were very good. We were satisfied. They did excellent work, and I would recommend them. I had no complaints with them.”

“They kept me well informed as to what they were going to do even though there were a couple of hiccups on the day that they were supposed to arrive, but it wasn't their fault. It was a lot of traffic coming across the bridge coming to Centreville, so they called me to let me know they were going to be late. Once they got here, they got to work very quickly and did not stop until the job was completed. They were doing both foundation repair and waterproofing. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did foundation waterproofing. They did their work fast and how they said they were going to do it. There were no unexpected problems or deals that came up. They were very clear about what they were doing. Overall, it was a very positive experience. I'd give them an A overall.”

“They were very responsive to whatever I wanted to do. I think Allmaster did several projects—one for my daughter, painting a wall. At my property, they replaced some support posts under an uneven deck. I'd give them an A.”

“They did a basement wall. They were upfront about things. That was all good too but that was what I expected. I would grade them an A.”

“They were actually able to work fast and give me updates on what was going on. They were repairing a beam in the house. I'd give them an A. I've already recommended them to a friend.”

“We had an excellent experience with that company. They seemed to know exactly what they needed to. We needed a particular kind of expertise because our kitchen was sinking. They recommended an approach. They executed it exactly how they said they would. They have very clear pricing and the people that did the work, did an excellent, excellent job. They were super careful with the landscaping around there—that wasn't even part of the deal but they put it back better than it was before. I'd give them an A+.”

“Allmaster Home Services did a couple of things. They did some basement repairs and concrete repairs to my foundation wall, and that was excellent. They were the prime in doing my patio, and that's a fantastic piece of work. They were courteous and timely. It was just an all-around great company. I would grade them as an A+, and I have already recommended them.”

“We had some water in our basement. They put another sump pump down for me, dug down in the foundation, put pipes in, and put plaster on the concrete blocks. It was excellent work.”

“They were very courteous and punctual, and they kept me informed every step of the project and let me know what was going to happen. I've had other contractors, and I found that Allmaster Home Services was the best of any kind of contractors. I would give them an A+. I've recommended them.”

“Allmaster was excellent. They worked on my basement. I would grade them an A for their excellence.”

“They were overall very professional. The owner came out and gave me the quote. He was a very genuine guy, and the workers that came over took care of what they did. I would use them again for a project. They put some high beams in my basement to hold back the retaining wall. I would grade them an A. I would definitely recommend them.”

“They did some foundation repair for my uncle's home. There was a slope and some cracks in the foundation, and as far as I know, the job worked. We chose them because it was a family company, and they were honest, on time, and professional. I would grade them an A+.”

“Allmaster did some foundation work for me. I had a crack in my foundation that I needed repaired. and they pulled up some roots that had initially caused the cracks. They got the job done while I was out of town. We recently move and spruced up the house, so that we could put it on the market, and it was good that they could work on it while I was miles away. I would grade them an A+.”

“Allmaster was here leveling out the subfloor. I thought they were very professional, and they were clean. They were really quick with the job. I can't remember the guys name that came out and gave me the estimate, but he was really well-spoken. You could tell that they had been doing it for a while. I would grade them an A+; they were really great.”

“They did exterior masonry work. They were easy to work with. I would grade them an A.”

“They did a walk-up project in my basement. It was concrete work. They were on time, they called before they got there, and they gave me feedback. Everything was satisfactory. I didn't have any problems. I would grade them an A.”

“I would use them again. They do good work.”

“Everything went well.”

“I'd give their effort an A.”

“I wouldn't say it was a positive experience.”

“Allmaster did a concrete patio. They put a barrier in, they worked hard, and it was hot. They were meticulous about their work. I would grade them an A.”

“They did foundation repair. They were very quick and efficient during the estimation process. I would grade them an A, though I had to clean up once they were done.”

“They were great, and the crew was great to work with. They worked on a retaining wall. I would grade them an A.”

“I had an issue with the cinder blocks holding up the foundation—they had moved out from the wall. There was also a sunken area inside the crawlspace. So, Allmaster injected rods into the cinder blocks. They were timely, and I didn't have to manage them. They got back to me. It was hard to find people that would actually call me back and who were reliable, on time, and would get the work done. The guy I was working with, Steve, he was proactive with getting in contact with other people to collaborate on the work. I would grade them an A. The only problem I had was that there was some material left on the site that I had to get rid of.”

“They did a good job. They did work in the back basement. They were nice and courteous, I didn't have any problems with them. They were really good. I would grade them an A; I had no complaints whatsoever.”

“They did a great job.”

“They did a foundation underpinning for me. They were very knowledgeable about the work that needed to be done and what was required. They were very personable and on time; everything was timely. I would grade them an A.”

“Allmaster did foundation repair and installed a vapor barrier in the crawlspace. They also did some work on my front porch. I'd give them an A. The crawlspace work took longer than anticipated, but the front porch was done in two days. A couple of times I wasn't able to get in touch with anyone to find out when the crew would be back, because they were coordinating the inspection with the county, but other than that, and they did apologize for not responding as quickly as they should have—because somebody was out sick. They cleaned up behind themselves.”