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"Atlas Restoration has been permanently restoring structural integrity to homes throughout Chicagoland for 39 years. We ensure that you will receive exceptional service from your initial call to the installation by our highly trained team. We use only premium products made in the US, and we proudly recycle."

Chris Heintz | Co-owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Atlas Restoration offers residential and commercial foundation repair; waterproofing services; beam and column repair; stabilization or replacement of bowing basement walls; and carpentry services, including basement finishing and deck installation. The company specializes in installing resistance piers to permanently lift and stabilize settled structures. Atlas also provides emergency shoring.
The company offers fully transferable warranties on foundation repair and waterproofing projects.
Company History
The local company has been serving the Chicagoland area since 1979.
Atlas is a member of the Basement Health Association and the CHANCE Alliance Network.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and must pass background checks.
Areas Served
Chicago, Lincolnwood, Deerfield, Evanston, Glenview, Highland Park, Libertyville, Morton Grove, Niles, Northbrook, Skokie, Vernon Hills, Wilmette, Arlington Heights, Barrington, Bartlett, Buffalo Grove, Des Plaines, Elgin, Hoffman Estates, Lake Zurich, Mount Prospect, Palatine, Schaumburg, Streamwood, Aurora, Berwyn, Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, La Grange, Lockport, Naperville, Romeoville, Woodridge, Addison, Batavia, Carol Stream, Elmhurst, Geneva, Glen Ellyn, Glendale Heights, Lombard, Melrose Park, Oak Park, Saint Charles, West Chicago, Wheaton

“They were very courteous. I'd give them an A+. They did a great job.”

“They were good. They did foundation repair for us. They were excellent and there were no problems.”

“I liked that they were responsive and did exactly what I expected them to. They did foundation repair for me. I would grade the overall experience with an A+.”

“I liked that they were accurate in their estimates; they were on time, and did the job. They did foundation repair for me. I would grade the overall experience with an A+.”

“They were easy to work with. They did foundation repair for me. I'd give them A+ for the complete experience. I have no more problems.”

“I liked their flexibility and the willingness to listen to my specific problem and come up with a custom solution that I wanted in the end. They did both foundation repair and waterproofing, but primarily waterproofing, for me. I would grade the overall experience with an A+. Cleanliness—they did everything I asked. Expertise—they were willing to do what I wanted. I had to explain what I needed them to do, and they did it. I have recommended them.”

“They were able to come out quickly and do the work for us. So, we didn't have to wait a long time for them to do the service. It was foundation repair. I would give them an A+.”

“The work they did was very good. They were doing foundation repair. I'd give them an A. They were very punctual.”

“I liked the time they took to explain the process. It was garage foundation—just leveling the garage. I'd give them an A. I think punctuality was fine, I didn't have any complaints. I didn't have any complaints.”

“Atlas did a great job. Everything was hand dug, and they handled the dirt with care. Landscaping and the exterior of the house was protected and respected. The workers worked hard, and there was good communication.”

“Atlas came to fix a foundation crack. They were punctual, professional, polite, and knowledgeable. It's been one year, and the repair seems perfect. I would certainly recommend them.”

“The workers were on time, efficient, and clean. They worked hard to get the job done in one week, and they did an amazing job keeping our finished basement clean. I couldn't have been happier with the work—A+.”

“The Atlas rep was polite and professional. He worked quickly, and he offered intelligent feedback and responses to questions. We recommend them and would use their services if needed.”

“Great job very customer orientated.”

“The work was done efficiently and with demonstrable experience. Atlas exercised great care in completing the job without any damage or harm to our property”

“Honest, Fast, Efficient, Knowledgeable.”

“We needed replacement of the foundation under the main beam of 130 year old house. They did a great job and cleaned up and lined the crawl space. It had been a real mess and the concrete foundation piers had been crumbling.”

“Professional service”

“I was pleased with every phase of their work. From consulting up front with multiple options, I was able to decide what was the best solution. I was not forced into a costly solution. With a lifetime guarantee of foundation repair, I'm assured the problem will stay fixed.”

“Overall Atlas did a fine job. My only complaint is an appearance issue: the bases of the jack stands to support the basement are misaligned with each other and with the stairs. A second attempt by Atlas failed to correct this.”

“Fine work. Would hire in future if needed.”

“It was fine. Atlas Restoration got the job done, and it was done OK. They were prompt, they did a good job, and they cleaned up. So far, so good—this was the foundation that they worked on. I think they would probably be an A-grade company right now.”

“They did a very good job. The people were very efficient. They explained everything to us, showed us what they were going to do, and then they did it. Atlas Restoration did a fine job when they did the foundation. They're an A.”

“When Atlas Restoration came in, it was for the foundation. They did what they said. They also got a structural engineer who came out with his report, and part of it was that he could only see so much. He couldn't see below the ground, so he had very specific instructions for them—if they went down and saw certain things, then they would have to do things a little differently. It didn't extend beyond that point. The foundation for the garage is above ground at the back part of it, and there was a crack that was more of a weather crack as opposed to foundation shifting or settling. They installed large metal plates after filling the crack, and the plates wrap around and are bolstered into the foundation. They did a good job with what they had to do. They made sure that there wouldn't be a problem, and we've got an engineer report. Atlas Restoration earned an A grade.”

“I was going to call them because I do have some water in my crawlspace, and I don't know where it's coming from. The worker was very courteous and worked well. I had no problem with that at all. They worked in the basement and the crawlspace, mostly. It was a foundation issue, and I still have it, because I need other work to be done on the side. I really thought that they would do the two stoops; I really was interested in that first. They don't do that—it's a separate thing—so I was disappointed in that. They deserve an A rating.”

“Atlas Restoration did it quick and did it well. They were professional, and I was pleased by their work. I had a crack in the foundation. They put some filling in the crack, and then they sealed the crack. I would say they deserve an A.”

“Everything was good. They were professional and courteous. They came in and did what they needed to do. I think they were sealing the foundation cracks that we had. It was a new home, and when we had it inspected, it looked like there were some cracks in the foundation. We wanted to get on top of that before there were issues. I certainly don't have any complaints, so they get an A.”

“The tech that came in was knowledgeable, friendly, and very accommodating, and he respected my house. He did great work. He did foundation crack sealing, and I would grade them as an A.”

“I liked their cleanliness and timeliness. They did foundation repair for a crack in the foundation. I chose Atlas Restoration because I had worked with them previously, and they're an A.”

“It was good work. They sealed a crack in my basement foundation. It took a number of hours. They were very professional in what they did, and they were firm on their quote. They followed through on everything they said they were going to do, and it has worked to my expectations. I would give them an A.”

“They're timely, responsive, and organized. The project turnaround was performed correctly, and the job site was left clean afterward. They were repairing a foundation crack and sealing it from the exterior. I chose the company because it was recommended by my next-door neighbor. It's an A from me.”

“The final product was good. It was efficient and quick, and the price was fair. We had a crack in the foundation. I got a couple of estimates. I would say they deserve an A; I didn't have any problems.”

“I really had a good experience with Atlas Restoration because the tech spent time going over the details, and the crew was really confident and clean. They were great. They sealed a couple of foundation cracks, and they definitely earned an A grade.”

“I liked Atlas Restoration's knowledge about what they were doing, the fact that they did not prescribe a huge remedy for a small problem, and that they were reliable. There were some very small cracks in our foundation and crawl space walls that needed to be filled. I would rate them as an A.”

“They were really accommodating, and they took care of everything. They made everything look much nicer and completely solved the problem. We had some cracks in the foundation and along the sidewalk on the side of our house, and they were able to seal them without damaging anything. I'd give them an A.”

“Atlas Restoration repaired a crack in the foundation. It was fine. It was quick; they were in and out, and they did the job with no problems. Part of why I chose them was a recommendation from a friend. I think it was excellent work, and I have no complaints.”

“I used Atlas Restoration, and they did a miracle. They repaired a crack in a basement foundation. The technicians are excellent. Everything was terrific about the job—they get an A.”

“I didn't have any work done immediately, but the guy was great. He came out and kind of gave me an assessment. He was really helpful. He gave me some recommendations, and I kind of just did my own thing. It wasn't something immediate and dire, so I didn't have to have him do the work yet, per se. They were extremely responsive. They got me something on the calendar, and they confirmed and were there on time. They were professional. I would give them an A.”

“Atlas Restoration put in five piers and underpinnings on a garage, and they attached the garage walls. It has been a job that I'd been putting off for a long time. Then, it started acting up again, but I think I had looked at the company sometime back and thought they seemed pretty good. They were just very thorough and did the job well. I'd give them an A grade.”

“They put piers under the foundation of our garage. There really aren't that many people who do that, so I think we just had two estimates. I think someone had referred Atlas, so we ended up going with them. I guess the only thing was that we had a couple delays, but I don't know if that was their doing so much as weather related. I would say they were an A-.”

“Atlas Restoration got the job done. I got them from Best Picks. I would give them an A rating.”

“Atlas Restoration was very professional from the very first person I met to the last person who cleaned up. They did a big job for me. My house shifted two summers ago, and by October, there was a drastic shift. They were very forthright with everything, and I felt very comfortable with them from the get-go. They did a great job—they definitely deserve an A.”

“Atlas Restoration fixed a crack in my foundation. They went above and beyond what I expected, and everybody I dealt with was very nice, professional, and helpful. I'd give them an A.”

“Atlas Restoration was very professional. They put in seven piers to support our foundation, and they did a good job. They seemed to know what they were doing, and they cleaned up after themselves. I'm very happy with their work. I would give them an A.”

“Atlas Restoration is an outstanding company—a first-class operation. They did some restoration on my foundation work. They had to raise it up. The work is holding up excellently. The workers were very conscientious and very understanding about your needs. They were very good. It's a first-class operation from top to bottom—A+.”

“Atlas Restoration did foundation work for me. They did a good job, and the worker is a very hard worker. They presented themselves well, and I'm really pleased with their work. They fixed the sidewalk concrete. They did a super job, and they cleaned too. So far, I think it's really leveled the house. First of all, I couldn't close two doors and one window. After the job was done, I haven't had any problems. They finished the work within a reasonable amount of time. It was just before Thanksgiving, so we were hoping that they would finish before the Thanksgiving holiday. I talked to somebody, and he said, 'We will make sure it's finished before the holiday, but we don't do a rush job. Don't worry about it.' They did a good job, and I'm really happy. So far, I have no complaints. I would give them an excellent grade—A+.”

“I was extremely pleased. Overall, it was a positive experience. They underpinned my garage that had settled. They had to put in three piers to underpin it. They were excellent. This was the first time I used them for anything. I chose this company because my son-in-law has a very close friend who's a structural engineer that used Atlas, and he recommended them. The customer service was excellent—everyone was excellent. They were polite. When I called, they were very helpful. I'd give the company an A+. They were good.”

“They did patches on my foundation, and they did a good job. They cleaned up after themselves, which was a good thing. I had a slight problem with leakage on the major patchwork, and they responded to that right away. They came out and did a little bit of a repair job on it, and so far after two heavy rain storms, it's not leaking. I'm happy as a lark. I would say it's excellent. They did a great job.”

“I had a very positive experience. They did the foundation. We had a crack in it, and they repaired it for us. The quality of the work was excellent. I would recommend the company—A+.”

“The work Atlas Restoration did was all very nice. Their workers were very nice, and they cleaned up. My front foundation was sinking, and they had to jack it up about two inches. They did a nice job. So far, the foundation has stopped sinking. They were here when they said they were going to be here, even though it was snowing. I heard about the company through one of my clients who is a contractor. I would give them an A+. They were excellent.”

“Atlas Restoration did some work for me. They fixed a leak in the foundation, and they installed a new sump pump. That was my first time using them. I heard about them from Best Pick Reports. They have quality work, very helpful employees, and excellent attitudes—I'm completely satisfied. I would give them an A+.”

“Atlas Restoration was thorough and on time, and they completed the project when they said they would. They lifted the foundation. I believe their cleanup was excellent. The workers were very good, very knowledgeable. I had a lot of questions for the representative that initially came out to give me estimates. I called him a couple of times to assure myself and to get information. He was very, very patient and helpful, which put my mind at ease as well. He had the answers, and he really took the time to explain things to me. I would give them an A+.”

“I used Atlas Restoration. They were outstanding. My garage was sinking, so they had to put six piers in underneath my garage and lift it. So far, everything has been good. I'd give them an A+.”

“Atlas Restoration did some work for me in the past. I'd give them five stars across the board. They're all good. They installed piers for me. The quality of the work that they did was top-notch all across the board. I would give them an A+. I thought the technicians were good guys. That was my first time using them, and I'd recommend them.”

“I had a positive experience. We had to level out a house that was sinking. The quality of the work and the workers who came out were excellent. I have no complaints. This was my first time using Atlas. I would tell others that if you need work like this done, give Atlas a call.”

“I used them for the basement of my old house. Years ago, we had a crack in our basement foundation, and they sealed it. They're an A+ company. I don't remember having any problems. It was fine. They were good.”

“Atlas Restoration sealed some cracks in my basement foundation. This was my first time ever using them. I've known about them for a long time; I just never needed to use them. I wasn't there when the work was done, but the salesman was very good. They completed the work in the time frame they said they would complete it in—they did the work in one day. I would give them an A+.”

“Atlas Restoration lifted the foundation. They did a good job. I would give them an A+. They were professional, and they came out really quickly.”

“They worked on the floor joists, the columns in the crawlspace, and the center beam holding the whole house. They replaced the center beam, and then they removed quite a few floor joists for brand-new ones. For the floor joists that were still acceptable, they added a metal frame. The work was up to my standards. That was my first time using them, and I'd give them an A+.”

“I was very happy with the work that Atlas Restoration did for me. I liked their customer service. They filled a crack in our foundation that was leaking. They did it very quickly, so I was very happy. The work was very good quality. I was very, very happy. I liked the workers. They were very friendly and very professional. In all honesty, it is exactly as I expected it to be—A+.”

“Atlas Restoration did a good job. They repaired some foundation cracks. That was my first time using them. I heard about them from Best Pick Reports. I would give them an A+.”

“They did foundation restoration for me by lifting it up. They stuck to the estimate they gave me. I thought the technicians were very good, and I thought the time frame that it took to do the job was reasonable. I would use this company again. I would give them an A+. That was the first time that I used them. I chose them because they seemed more professional than other companies did.”

“Atlas is a good company, and the worker was very friendly. In our basement, the foundation was leaking. The worker did a good job. I would give them an A+.”

“Atlas Restoration did my foundation work. They did a great job, and they cleaned up. The house is fine. This was my first time using the company, and hopefully I won't need any more foundation work. When I was looking for companies, I asked my neighbors if they knew of any foundation repair companies. They had a 30-year warranty with Atlas, and that was the thing that swung me, because it was transferrable to the new owners, and I've since moved out of the house. The workers that came out to do the work were good. They were professional and fine. I couldn't have asked for anything else. I would give them an A+. They were fine.”

“I thought the quality was good. They sealed cracks in the foundation. The cracks are doing well. I give the company an A.”

“Atlas Restoration raised our foundation. They arrived on time and completed the work in a timely manner. They did all the work. This was my first time using them. They were recommended to me, and I would give them an A grade.”

“They did foundation repair. So far, it looks good. The workers that came out were good as well. They scheduled us, and there was enough communication, so we knew when they would be coming. They arranged for us to try a different contractor to remove the deck because some of the work that had to be done they couldn't do, so they helped us with that as well. The work was done faster than I thought it would be. One of the workers especially went beyond what he had to do. He was a very nice person. I would give Atlas an A.”

“Atlas Restoration worked on numerous cracks in my foundation, and they did a good job. I was happy with them, and I would refer them to somebody else.”

“They were fine. They did foundation work like crack filling and supporting of some crawl space for a tenant of mine. As far as I know, the quality of the work that was done was OK. I think it was an A-worthy job. That was my first time using the company, and I didn't hear any problems from my tenant. The company is reliable and timely with a good work ethic.”

“Atlas Restoration did some work for me. Everything was good. The first time they came out, they fixed the foundation crack in the basement, but there was still a problem. So I called them, and they came out and fixed it again. I had no problems, and it's been good so far. They were an A-grade company. They had the little issue, but they came back and they resolved it—it's not a big deal. Stuff happens.”

“It was a very positive experience. The Atlas workers came out, explained what they were doing, and then they did exactly what they said they were going to do. It was my first time using the company. One of my contractors actually told me that I needed to get some folks to help with my foundation, and he told me about Atlas. I would consider them for future work if the need arose, and I would give them an A.”

“Atlas did some work for me, and I had a positive experience. I had a leak in the foundation, which they fixed. The quality of the work they did was very good. The workers were very professional, and they completed the work in a reasonable time frame for me. I would give them an A. This is my first time using Atlas. I would recommend the company to a friend or relative.”

“I talked to Atlas Restoration when part of my house was sinking. They installed piers, which gives it support. To do that, they had to dig down 50 feet and put in 4-inch-thick piers to support the house. It's been holding up fine. The start was delayed about two months, but I'm not sure that was their fault. Once they got started, they finished on time. That was my first time using them. They would get an A from me.”

“I had a little crack in our foundation at the back of the house. The quality of the work was very good. I thought the worker was very good. I would give the work an A grade. I had good, reliable service. They finished the work a year ago, and no water has leaked in.”

“The work was pretty quick. I only had a day's worth of experience with Atlas Restoration, and I wasn't even here when they did the work. The work was done, and it seems to have held up, which is good. They patched a foundation crack in the home. The quality of the work seemed pretty good. We haven't had any water come in since then, and we've had a lot of rain. I wasn't here when the worker finished the project, but I think he knew what he was doing. It was a daylong deal. They were recommended by our contractor. They get an A grade from us.”

“Atlas Restoration did my basement for me. I would grade them as the best—an A+ company. I would recommend them.”

“Atlas Restoration raised my back porch—they did a beautiful job. I'm very pleased with it. They raised my 42-inch concrete back patio that has a glass enclosure on it because I couldn't open the doors back there anymore. They told me it would take three days, and that's what it took. They worked very well—the men were very polite, and they didn't damage anything. I was very pleased with them, and I've recommended the company to quite a few other people who might need work—A+.”

“Atlas Restoration did a great job. They did some boring and setting of pipes for us. The quality of work was fine. What stood out about the company was their availability. They performed well, and they were available to produce the work. The building's still standing, so I would use this company again. They finished the work in a reasonable amount of time. I would give them an A+. They did an excellent job—I had no problems with them. They performed well and on time.”

“Atlas did work for me. It was a positive experience, but they have to fix a cap that's too high. My landscaper complains that it's in the way. I was happy. I hope they come back and fix what they're supposed to. I was satisfied, providing they come back and adjust the cap that has to be lowered. I give them an A.”

“The top person from Atlas gave me an estimate, and they did some work in the basement. They did a very professional job. They cleaned up their mess. I had no problems, so the quality was good. I would recommend them. I was very happy with the service. I would use them again in certain circumstances. I would give them an A+.”

“Atlas Restoration did some work for me under the house. I was pleased with them. My floor dropped, it sunk, and they put pillars under there. Everything is holding up OK now. The inspector came and said it was OK. That was my first time using Atlas Restoration. I'd give them an A+ because they worked hard. They had to work a long time, but they got it done in a day.”

“Atlas Restoration was fine. They put in a pillar for me. The quality of the work that was done was OK. The pillar is in the ground, and the house hasn't collapsed. I'd give them an A+. That was my first time using the company, and they did a good job.”

“They did good work. They worked on my garage. That was my first time using a company like this. I chose this particular company because there weren't a lot of choices in the industry. They were courteous. I would give them an A+.”

“Atlas Restoration did some work for me. The work was explained well ahead of time, and the interaction before the work was well documented. The work was quick and on time. They rebuilt a stone wall in our basement. I'd give them an A.”

“The work they did was great, and I think they're a good company. They raised a patio sunroom. This was my second time using them. I give the company an A.”

“Atlas Restoration did everything. Everything turned out fine, very good. There was a leak in the foundation, so they had to take all of the shrubbery out, break in the wall, and patch it up. Everything is holding up so far. I would give them an A+.”

“They lifted our house because of the drought. We had a positive experience with them. It was involved and they did a fine job. I would give them an A.”

“Hiring Atlas was a positive experience. Part of my garage had moved away from the attached house by an inch, so they had to figure out my driveway and lift up a corner of my garage. I had no complaints. I was satisfied, and I'd grade them an A.”

“It was a positive experience when we used Atlas. They are a company I would use again in the future. I would say they rate an A for me.”

“My experience was fine. They fixed some cracks in the basement wall. They got the job done—no problems. The quality of the work is fine. The technicians were good. They did the job and didn't need to fix anything later. I had no problems with the customer service. I used them once some years ago, and I would use them again. I'd give them an A.”

“Atlas Restoration did what I wanted. They put in a footing. The time frame the work was finished in was perfect. The workers were fine. The cleanup was good. It was done right on time, and it was done to my expectations—everything worked out really well. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did an excellent job in my basement. They fixed a crack in the foundation. In the seventeen years I've lived in this house, I've called five other companies, and Atlas Restoration is the only one that's actually found the problem and fixed it. They're very good.”

“Our foundation had cracked and shifted, so Atlas jacked it up and supported it. They completed the job on time, they took care of all the particulars, and they cleaned up—it didn't even look like they'd been there afterward. I had confidence in them.”

“The work Atlas did pretty much saved my house, so I couldn't be happier. The support structure had started to sag, so they put in some beams and steel supports. The workers were extremely professional, and they told me exactly what they were going to do, step by step. It was A+ service.”

“We had Atlas out for some concrete restoration. That was a nice experience. They did some mudjacking for our house. In fact, it was the owner of the company that came out. He was good. He was with the guys on the job, and he instructed them where to drill and where to pump it in and how to level it off. They had to drill some holes in strategic points in the concrete slab of our lower level and go from hole to hole and pump this compound in as instructed by the owner of the company in order to level it off. I would recommend them for somebody else that has a similar situation that I did. It is messy work, but it was done in a very neat and professional manner. A+ on Atlas.”

“Atlas Restoration—that company is an A+. They had to build a wall in my basement to prevent the further caving in of the outside wall. They also did waterproofing after they rebuilt the wall. And they put in new floor drainage that goes to the existing sump pump. The wall was getting pressure from the outside, and we had to double up the wall, so I had an architect design a steel structure that would go inside and prevent the wall from pushing in. It would've been more expensive if I'd had to replace the whole wall or pull the wall out, so the architect designed a structure that would strengthen the inside of the wall—a wall inside the existing wall. No problems since.”

“They deserve to get an A+. I had to jack up the base of the chimney before the chimney could be rebuilt. It was a fairly high-end, serious job, sinking pipes down and stabilizing the foundation area, but it turned out to be a great experience—good contact, professional response, well-planned. The crew worked quickly and efficiently. I'm a layman, but more than once, I've had work crews and projects and such where I had to coordinate, and these guys are some of the most professional and well-managed that I've ever run into. They're just one of the best.”

“Atlas Restoration did an excellent job. I had no complaints about them. I've never experienced this big of a task before, and I was kind of worried, not just about the work that they would do, but also the extent of work that they would do. But when they were all done, I didn't have to do a thing. I didn't have to put one stone back. There was a rose bush right where they dug to put the post in, and they even replanted that—it's actually growing right now. They had to put three posts in on the side of my house, and they had to repair some of the cracks that were inside the crawl space. It was excellent. They're an A+, definitely. I was very pleased with everything they did.”

“It was excellent. They jacked up the foundation. They tried to leave everything the way they first found it. They seemed very professional and capable as well as very friendly. And their repair is good.”

“The structure of my house was settling excessively, so they had to go in my basement and install these pillars to raise the foundation. I liked that they came out and explained everything ahead of time. They put my mind at ease, and I knew what they were going to do. They were very thorough. The work has endured well; I don't see any kind of cracks or anything. There were two different crews of guys, and both of them were pretty good. They were very nice and very professional. One pulled out everything, and I think one poured the cement and stuff. Those guys, they were an A+.”