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"At Engineered Solutions, we offer unparalleled products and services to our customers across Georgia. With years of experience in the foundation restoration and waterproofing industry, we provide exceptional expertise and service. We have yet to run across a job we couldn't handle."

Jay Eastland | Partner
Company Information
Services Offered
Engineered Solutions of Georgia provides residential and commercial waterproofing, foundation piering, pressure grouting, crack repair, and floor framing restoration. The company also offers crawl space-to-basement conversion. Engineered Solutions of Georgia specializes in repairing cracked, sagging, and structurally weak foundation walls.
Engineered Solutions of Georgia offers a transferable life-of-the-structure warranty and a triple-protection warranty for in-house engineering repairs that covers labor, materials, and designs.
Company History
Owners Jay Eastland and Luis Cuevas founded the local company in 2006.
The company is a state-licensed Engineering Firm, and its Director of Engineering, Christopher Grubb, is a state-licensed Professional Engineer.
Additional Information
The company offers Fortress Stabilization and MacLean Dixie products.
Areas Served
North Atlanta, Cherokee, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Gwinnett/East Metro, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Cumming, Cobb/Marietta, Clayton & Henry County, Coweta, Fayette & South Fulton County
A selection of 442 homeowner reviews:
“I was very impressed with the knowledge and expertise of Engineered Solutions of Georgia. They explained in layman's terms what had to be done. I could not believe how clean they left my basement. It was quite impressive—A+.”
“We used Engineered Solutions of Georgia to level a back patio which had settled. They used a polymer jacking process, and the repair was done on time and in an excellent manner. The employees were courteous and knowledgeable.”
“After trial and error with other companies, Engineered Solutions of Georgia identified the problem, designed the solution, and executed it superbly. We couldn't be happier with the result.”
“The quality of work and the expertise of the crew is second to none. They are hardworking and dedicated to providing the customer with excellent service—A+.”
“Great Firm delivered as promised.”
“Despite being located northwest side of town (I am northeast), they came cheerfully both for estimate and work itself. Quality work. They analyze your problem area carefully and offer more than one 'solution'.”
“Engineered Solutions performed work professionally and on time.”
“Very pleased with the workmanship and the crew. Have already referred a friend.”
“Engineered Solutions delivered on its quote/promise with respect to cost, scope of repair, and service (arrived on time, completed the project quickly, cleaned up, explained the work in lay language).”
“ESOG sent an experienced crew to handle our periodic foundation leakage problem. They were courteous, open to questions and requests, and thorough in their work - including clean-up.”
“Extremely professional from the engineer to the laborer.”
“They did the work as agreed to within the time frame agreed to. They cleaned up and did all that was possible to keep inconvenience to a minimum.”
“Our contact Cody was very attentive and kept in contact throughout the entire process. Before the process began we had additional concerns and one of the owners came out and provided more info on the process.”
“Great A to Z will be a customer if need arises.”
“Engineered Solutions of Georgia did an amazing job in designing and rebuilding a structural wall that had collapsed in our basement. I spent 3 months looking for an engineer/contractor that could handle our very difficult project, and finally was referred to them when everyone else said they couldn't do it. Couldn't be happier with their work!”
“Jay Eastland is so awesome. What a pleasure it is to work with true professionals.”
“It is never an easy process to discover that major repairs are needed in your home. Working with Engineered solutions helped to make the process smooth and as pleasant as possible. Very knowledgeable staff who thoroughly went through the entire site plan with finite detail. Thank you.”
“A corner of our house had settled—it was built in 1962, so it was not a surprise—and it was creeping towards three windows and a door frame. They jacked up the corner of the house, filled the crack, and tightened everything up. It was positive—they're very prompt and professional with good follow up.”
“They prepared and repaired two cracks in our home's front basement wall. The technician was experienced and knowledgeable—he was able to complete the task without returning a second time.”
“I have used Engineered Solutions twice. Chris Grubb, their engineer, examined the foundations, crawlspace, attic, and interior of the house itself to assess the stability of this old structure. He provided a detailed report on what should be done to remedy the lack of support in the foundation and ceilings. Engineered Solutions carried out this work—the first time, they sank two adjustable steel piers and did additional footings under the front part of the house. The second time, they poured new concrete footings for the back part of the house. During their first project, they also installed a new sump pump. It was positive in these ways—the availability of an engineer to provide an expert opinion on the problem and solutions; the carrying out of the work plan outlined by the engineer by an Engineered Solutions team in a professional, thorough and competent way; and the follow up from staff—someone came out in the middle of the night to adjust the sump pump after the installation. Above all, I liked the fact that Engineered Solutions' work solved the problems. Everyone—from those installing to the office staff were courteous, prompt, gave complete information, came on time, and cleaned up wonderfully. ”
“They Installed new beams and pillars under the house to fix a settling problem. The crew knocked ductwork from the a/c system loose. When I noticed it and reported it to the company, they got it fixed right away. ”
“They installed rods and Kevlar straps into a retaining wall to stabilize it. They were honest, direct, and did a good job. They refused certain work because it was not their specialty. ”
“They installed some piers to keep my chimney from falling off my house. The gentlemen working for them were good people who were up front and amiable. There were no surprises and they were genuinely good people to talk to.”
“They raised my foundation and garage floor to fix a sinking problem. The work was done professionally and the cleanup after the work was done made the site look good.”
“They cut a six-foot opening in the joist and added supports so the furnace could be accessed for servicing and filter changing, and they added additional supports under house to keep my front door from sticking. The staff was courteous and got the project done in a timely manner. ”
“They worked on supporting the foundation of my house. I am asking them to come over to check the work.”
“I love Engineered Solutions. They were very professional. When I called them, they immediately called back and scheduled an appointment very efficiently. The guy showed up on time, and he was very knowledgeable and gave us several different options. We chose the one we wanted, and it was very easy to schedule it. They were so efficient, and they worked so hard and made no mess—you'd never know they were there. They put piers under the shack addition that we have, and they followed up to make sure we were happy with everything. They sent me all the documentation on time. That's probably the best company I have ever worked with in my entire life—honest to God. I can't say enough nice things about them. I'm serious. They're wonderful. I was thinking, 'Why does the company that I work for not work so efficiently?' It's crazy. They were very, very good—they were very on top of everything. They had a bunch of people out here, and they worked all day long. My husband was here, and he said, 'Man, they didn't even stop.' They did an excellent job. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.”
“The guy was pretty personable. They come out when they say they're going to do it, and they do good work. They put some sort of jack under the house to stop the settling. The job took less than a week—maybe three working days. They had to let the cement dry before they could do whatever else they had to do. The job still looks perfect today. They were very helpful. When we were getting ready to sell the house and needed some documents, they had them made immediately.”
“They were really competent and professional. Before working with Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we had worked with other engineers that were not competent, so it was refreshing to work with them. It took one visit to identify the problem, and it took two days to put in the structural supports. Everything was great. They were really great on the customer service end. They were really responsive, and they answered a lot of questions as they did the work. It was really great from start to finish, and I would highly recommend them.”
“They did as well as I could hope for, and they adhered to their original quote. This was foundation repair work. They had to change the nature of the job, and they did so without complaint. They had to put in a lot more work than they had originally thought, but they hung in there and did the job. They were professional, and you can't ask for more than that. I was glad I chose them—they're an A.”
“Engineered Solutions did work for us a year ago, and they did a good job. They did what they said they were going to do, and they came in slightly lower than their quote. Our garage path was bowing a little bit, so they lifted it and built piers underneath it. I chose them because of the strong ratings they had and their reputation for quality work. I'd give them an A.”
“They had to stabilize my foundation, and it took two days. I liked the fact that they knew what they were talking about—they quickly figured out what was going on and came up with a solution, and they were always easy to keep in touch with. There aren't a lot of competitors that I could find, but I chose Engineered Solutions because they have a slick website, they were receptive when I reached out to get a quote, and they had really good reviews. The cleanup work was so good that I couldn't even tell that they were there.”
“We ended up hiring Engineered Solutions of Georgia. It went well—they did the pressure grouting in the back. They did a good job. I liked that they did what they said they were going to do. They also put a pier under the front porch to provide support. I would give them an A.”
“They fixed the leak, and I haven't had any problems since. They did foundation repair work for me. I chose them because they have an on-site engineer. I had some other companies come out, too, but their engineer was more technical, and he seemed more trustworthy. I'd give them an A.”
“I love Engineered Solutions. It's probably the best company I have ever worked with in my entire life. They're wonderful, and they did an excellent job. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.”
“Engineered Solutions was really competent and professional; it was refreshing to work with them. They were really responsive, and they answered questions as they did the work. It was really great from start to finish, and I'd highly recommend them.”
“My house had a foundation issue, and Engineered Solutions offered a warranty—which many other places didn't do. The contractor who came to bid the job had 30 years of experience. I was very pleased with them—they did a phenomenal job.”
“Engineered Solutions did good work. They put a jack under the house to stop the settling. The job still looks perfect today.”
“It was good. They know what they're doing. They're a sharp outfit. There are several techniques for shoring up slabs and foundations when they sink, and when I had a question about one technique versus another, the owner came out. I liked that because I knew I was getting the highest level of attention I could get. He answered all my questions, and I was satisfied. The project went without a hitch. I'd give them an A for excellent.”
“The gentleman was just extremely professional. He came out in a couple of weeks, and he did a very thorough inspection and gave us a complete plan for our home. We actually had bricks that had separated from the concrete stair stack, and there was a crack in the foundation. He doesn't believe the crack will be an issue, but he has us adhering to a temporary fix. We're going to wait it out for two years, and then, he will reassess. If things haven't changed by then, we will do the permanent fix. He was very positive that it would be OK, though. I'd rate them as an A+.”
“I remember a lot of the other subs and people I contacted for other kinds of work never returned calls. They came, but they never followed up to schedule anything or anything like that. Engineered Solutions actually took the job seriously. They showed up when they said they would, and they got the job done when they said they would. The price was actually less then what they had estimated. We had to open up our slab because of some damage to the cast-iron pipes under our house, and some cavities had been created from our digging to replace some abandoned pipes, from settling over the years, and from water going underneath the slab. They filled all those voids. I think I found them through a guy who had hired me years ago when I was building houses. He'd hired me as a superintendent, and I think I contacted him to see if there was a company he could recommend for doing pumping and pipe filing. I think he recommended them. I have recommended them, too, and I think one of the friends I recommended them to actually contacted them. I'm not sure if they've ended up using them yet, but I know they were going to possibly contact them. I'd give them an A grade.”
“The work was completed in a good and timely manner. They reinforced our sunroom. I would recommend Engineered Solutions. I have not had to call them back, so they get an A.”
“Engineered Solutions installed two helical piers and raised the foundation on a stub addition. They fixed my problem, so I have not had to call them back. Their cleanup was very good. I would recommend them, and I'd rate them as an A.”
“I loved Engineered Solutions of Georgia. I'd rate them as an A.”
“There was nothing at all that I disliked. They were timely and effective. Everything went great. I found them through my son. He'd had some work done by them. The employees were wonderful. The people were great, and the experience was great. Everything turned out the way it should. I'd give them an A rating.”
“They were awesome. They did a really good job. They get tens across the board. I was very pleased with the company; they were very good, from the people to the equipment and the follow-up calls. They did everything really well, especially the guy who came out to give me the estimate—he really did a good job. I was pleased. Engineered Solutions earned an A.”
“They came out on time, did everything they said they were going to do, and cleaned up after themselves. They pumped concrete underneath the slab. They were a recommendation from a friend, and I would recommend them. They earned an A.”
“The sellers contacted Engineered Solutions before we moved in. They had to fill in under our foundation because we had foundation issues, I guess. They were good. We did not have to call them back after the work was done. I thought their customer service was pretty good. They were more than willing to explain the situation—what was going on and why we were having issues. They had to pump concrete because we had a kind of sinkhole underneath our garage; our garage was sinking. They had to find the air pockets where the gaps were and pump concrete underneath our garage to reinforce it and keep it from sinking further. They had to do it under our front porch, as well. I would give them an A.”
“I think I liked that a lot of the paperwork they gave me had explanations for everything. I had them come out and do some quotes and other things like that. Everything they provided was really good information—exactly what I was looking for. They were going to do foundation work. Their customer service was good. I would recommend them, and I'd give them an A.”
“They just did what they said they were going to do when they say they were going to do it, and the results were as they said they would be. I had some settling issues on several properties. We're an apartment management company, so I had them lifting two-story brick walls, foundations, and things of that nature. There have been no issues or reasons to call them back. I'd give them an A grade.”