Carpet Materials | Best Pick Reports

Carpets are made of many different materials that appeal to every budget, and styles now include “green” options made from recycled plastics.

Nylon. Worldwide, nylon is the most common synthetic type of fiber used in carpets. Nylon carpets are noted as being very soft to the touch and come in a wide variety of colors. This fiber tends to stain unless treated with stain-resistant chemicals, but it is otherwise extremely resilient to wear.

Polypropylene. Referred to as Olefin by carpet manufacturers, carpets made from polypropylene fibers have a tendency to be less durable than nylon or natural fiber carpets, but they are a good choice for specific environments. Berber carpets are often made from polypropylene.

Polyester. Because of how it is manufactured, polyester is inherently stain resistant. For those wanting a “green” option, polyester carpets, specifically polyethylene terephthalate or PET, are made from recycled plastics from bottles and tires. Polyester carpets are popular mid- to low-priced options and work in most traffic areas.

Wool. The most commonly used natural fiber in carpet production, wool has a low flame spread rate and is often used in clothing made to resist fire. Wool is also naturally resistant to static electricity. A variety of non-allergenic wool carpets is also available.