Types of Hardwoods

In addition to the different types of wood, there are various types of floors. Read below to gain a better understanding of each.

Solid strip oak floors. Solid strip oak floors are the most common type of hardwood floors and are constructed using ¾” by 2¼” boards. A correctly installed solid strip oak floor should last for the life of the home.

Engineered wood floors. Because engineered floors do not require subfloors, they can be glued directly to concrete. Engineered floors are generally a lower-cost alternative to solid wood floors. However, due to their thin wear layer, engineered floors cannot be refinished as many times as solid strip oak floors.

Parquet floors. Parquet floors are patterned floors and are available as engineered wood, tongue-and-groove strips, or 5/16” finger blocks.

Plank floors. Plank floors are similar to solid strip oak floors, but the boards are wider. Plank floors are commonly available in three-, four-, five-, six-, seven-, and eight-inch widths.