Hardwood Floor Finishes

Typically, polyurethane surface finishes are the main types of hardwood floor finishes used by professionals. Hardwood floors coated with polyurethane are highly water and wear resistant. As a result, hardwood floors have become popular in kitchens and eating areas. Finishes are either oil or water based, and both are equally durable and eliminate the need for waxing the floors.

Oil-based polyurethane. Oil-based surface finishes are the most widely used. While the application process takes somewhat longer, due to increased drying time, the result is a smooth, glossy surface with the warm, amber glow usually associated with wood flooring.

Water-based polyurethane. Water-based finishes are low odor, quick drying, and reveal more of the wood’s natural color. However, they typically cost slightly more than oil-based finishes.

Over time, dirt can damage hardwood floors, so experts recommend sweeping and vacuuming regularly. Always use vacuums with a soft brush attachment, as this will minimize scratching. Doormats at each entrance can lessen the possibility of damaging grit being tracked inside. Furniture can also scratch floors, so it is wise to use felt protectors at the bottom of the legs.