Flooring Installation

Whatever type of flooring the homeowner may choose, nothing is as crucial to the process as a professional flooring installation. Choosing  a trained and experienced installation professional is critical in ensuring that the flooring will maintain its beauty and functionality.

The retailer should be able to outline the installation method for the type of floor the homeowner selects and give a reliable overview of the costs involved. The retailer may employ its own staff to do the actual installation, may subcontract the work, or may simply provide the homeowner with a list of preferred installation professionals.

Preparation of the subfloor may add to the cost of installation if significant leveling or subfloor replacement is deemed necessary. In many cases, baseboards and moldings will have to be removed and replaced, which may also increase labor costs.

The installer may or may not handle appliance and fixture removal and replacement as a part of the installation process. It is best to discuss the arrangements for this well in advance. Whether the installer completes this task himself or subcontracts another professional to deal with the moves, it will add expense to the overall project. However, the peace of mind afforded by allowing professionals to handle the heavy objects and lessen the potential for damage to the new flooring may be worth the cost.