Varieties of Carpet Styles

Choosing the best type of carpet for a particular room can be a balancing act between aesthetics and function. Different types of carpet set different tones, and they also handle wear differently. Before making a decision, talk to your contractor about what you hope to accomplish with the carpet. He or she will be able to assist you in analyzing your various options. Of the many types to choose from, three are Berber, frieze, and plush carpet.

Berber is a type of loop-pile carpet that is commonly used for stairs and other high-traffic areas. It can be made from many different kinds of fibers; its name refers to the type of weave, first used by an eponymous North African tribe. Due to its sturdy loops, Berber carpet is very strong and resistant to track marks from excessive traffic as well as vacuuming. It’s also susceptible to dirt, however, that can get stubbornly trapped between the loops. This means that it will require more careful maintenance and cleaning.

Frieze (free-‘zay) carpet is a cut-pile or loop-pile carpet with extremely twisted yarn that has been crimped in various places along each strand’s length. Coiling the yarn to such an extent allows for the side of the fiber, rather than the head, to bear the brunt of the traffic. This extends the carpet’s life and disguises footprints and vacuum tracks.

Plush carpet
Plush carpet is a delicate type of cut-pile carpet. It has an exquisite and formal look, but readily retains footprints and other marks. It is a level-cut carpet, meaning that it has a uniform appearance throughout.