Types of Chicago Carpet

The carpet’s pile, the fibers that make up the carpet, can be manufactured in a variety of styles. The two most common are cut and loop, but there are many available options to suit any taste, with many newer carpets combining materials and styles to give homeowners more options. Man-made materials are often blended with natural fibers to form more durable carpets. Mixing carpet types—such as the cut pile and loop type—has created new stylish and sculptured carpet designs. Nearly every type of carpet is available in several different materials to make choosing the right fiber with the right style easier.

Cut. Cut pile carpet, also referred to as tufted, is recognizable by the spring-like shape of its twisted yarn. A high-quality cut pile carpet will be densely tufted and have textured variations that make it a good option for covering a high-traffic area. Cut pile carpets are the most manufactured style of carpet in the world.

Loop. Loop carpet, named for the loop-style of construction, is excellent for high-traffic residential and commercial needs because of its durability and stain resistance. A variation on the loop carpet is the patterned loop, where different loop heights are used to create decorative patterns. This style of carpet often works best in a less-formal room. One of the most popular carpet styles, Berber, is a loop carpet.

Woven. Woven carpets are made by hand on a loom and are generally the most expensive option because of the long manufacturing process. Because this type of carpet is handmade, the purchaser may choose to have custom decorative patterns woven into the design. Many homeowners who have woven carpets use them in formal areas of their home. A versatile floor covering because of its custom manufacture, most woven carpets’ pile can be made into a cut or loop style.