Wood Fence Styles | Best Pick Reports

Wood is a versatile material for fences since it can be stained for a natural look or painted. Among the most popular styles in wood are picket, stockade, and rail fences.

Picket fences. These classic wood fences consist of posts, horizontal rails, and vertical, spaced pickets that do not touch. A white picket fence, in particular, will bring a traditional, quaint look to any yard. Picket fences come in many sizes and style variations, including straight top, arch top, and scalloped top designs.

Stockade fences. This design is very similar to the picket fence design, except that the vertical boards are placed close together so that it is difficult to see through the fence. They are often much taller than picket fences and are commonly used as privacy fences. The stockade design is a practical option for containing a large dog that could potentially jump over a smaller fence.

Rail fences. Rail fences are the simplest design type and are often used as a decorative landscape component. They consist of wooden posts connected by two or three horizontal rails and are commonly used on horse farms and country properties.