Ornamental Fencing | Best Pick Reports

Ornamental fences are traditional metal fences with metal rails and pickets and either metal or masonry posts.

Wrought iron is the traditional material for ornamental fence construction. Wrought iron fences are constructed from solid pickets, rails, and posts, and are extremely strong and durable. However, wrought iron is very heavy, relatively expensive, and requires regular paint applications to prevent rust.

Tubular steel fences can closely resemble ornamental wrought iron fences and gates and are usually less costly. To make them virtually maintenance and corrosion free for up to 10 years, some manufacturers coat tubular steel fences with a thin layer of aluminum.

Tubular aluminum fences can also closely resemble ornamental iron fences and gates. For a comparable number and thickness of pickets, railings, and braces, these fences are generally lighter than tubular steel fences and are much lighter than wrought iron fences. Because of its weight, tubular aluminum is popular for large gates. Additionally, due to aluminum’s corrosion resistance, many manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties on tubular aluminum fences.