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"Wired Electrical Services is a family-owned-and-operated business that believes in getting the job done correctly the first time and providing fair and honest service to our customers. We only employ electricians we would feel comfortable having in our very own homes."

Nathanael McCollum | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Wired Electrical Services provides a wide range of residential and commercial electrical services, including panel upgrades, pole light repair and installation, recessed lighting, LED lighting, transformers, and standby generators. The company also installs flat-screen TVs and offers all cable TV-related electrical services.
Wired offers a five-year warranty on parts and labor and up to a ten-year warranty on generators.
Company History
Wired Electrical Services was founded in 2005 and remains family owned and operated.
Employee Information
All employees wear full uniforms, drive fully stocked vehicles, are subject to random drug testing, and undergo thorough background checks before employment.
TECL 22809
Areas Served
West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown
A selection of 389 homeowner reviews:
“Wired Electrical did a great job. They provided the services that I asked for and were very knowledgeable and courteous. I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received.”
“I was very pleased with them. The electrician who came was very nice and knew what he was doing. He got right to work and fixed our problem in short order. I would call them again if we had an electrical problem.”
“I would recommend Wired to everyone. The service technician was very helpful. When I did not want to tear out Sheetrock to rewire, he had an alternate suggestion to get the job done. He was also helpful in servicing my breaker boxes and suggesting that I install surge protectors. He did excellent work.”
“Quality work. We trust Wired with all our electrical needs. We are very happy with their service.”
“Honest and professional.”
“Electrician was courteous, very knowledgeable and clean.”
“We have used wired before and have been very happy. We request Anthony as he is expert and very honest.”
“I cannot remember specifically what they did, but remember them coming and resolving the problem without creating other problems.”
“Used Wired Electrical before for a generator. Did excellent work so decided to let them do inside electrical work. The result was as positive as with the installation of my generator. Will use them again if needed.”
“Have always had good excellent service from Wired Electric.”
“Very professional. Clean work.”
“The panel installer was very knowledgeable & efficient.”
“Wired Electric completed all the work in a timely manner. They did not try to talk me into doing work that was unnecessary. Work began on schedule, and was completed on schedule. There was a minor difference of opinion about whether one item was included in the original quote. Wired Electric resolved it to my satisfaction.”
“The reason I used Wired Electric in purchasing a home generator unit was because of the professionalism demonstrated during preliminary discussions about various types of generators and the qualifications of the technicians used during the installation / testing phases. I have already recommended them to friends.”
“I have used them since hurricane Ike. That says enough!”
“We are very pleased with the work done. I never have to worry about losing electricity again.”
“Very friendly. Called 30 minutes prior as I asked. Always satisfied with the work and advice.”
“Prompt and professional.”
“Have used Wired Electric numerous times and always professional and on time. I prefer dealing with family owned businesses than the larger ones with no personal contact and getting lost in the shuffle along with only work performed within a certain sheet of can do's. Wired Electric has always repaired the issue I had with electric problems.”
“Overall excellent experience. Yearly maintenance scheduled/completed without any problems for past five years.”
“Performed all work they said they would do. Did not leave a mess. Very rare to find a company with such a great work ethic. Very pleased with all work performed.”
“Quality work.”
“It's been a while since we called them out but no complaints.”
“Friendly professionals.”
“Great service. I will call again.”
“Wired kept the appointment and fixed multiple problems promptly.”
“Great customer service! Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!”
“I was very pleased with the work they performed. They also stayed within budget. The electrician was very polite and seemed knowledgeable.”
“Problem was discovered quickly and resolved in the same manner.”
“Wired has always been there when I needed them. Very knowledgeable in their field. Technicians are always considerate.”
“Very friendly and knowledgeable got the job done as quickly as possible.”
“Our generator did not start when our electricity went out. I called and they responded quickly and fixed the problem and explained the problem to me.”
“They were on time and very helpful.”
“This is our second time calling Wired. We asked for the same electrician, Anthony, because he was very friendly and professional. We will keep calling Wired for all our electrical needs.”
“They added a 220-volt drop to my garage. They did what they said, and they showed up on time. These two things alone put them in a class of their own in these times.”
“They did a new breaker box with additional lines and breakers. It was positive. The salesman was very knowledgeable and polite. They provided a written proposal, and the work was started on the day and time assigned. The two workmen were friendly and polite. I was quoted a two-day job and it was completed in one-and-a-half days.”
“They did an installation of three sets of dimmers that were interconnected. He was a knowledgeable young man, arrived on time, and performed the work quickly and correctly.”
“They have done a number of electrical projects in my house, as well as installed landscape lighting and a generator. They are prompt, and the service techs are friendly and knowledgeable. If there is a problem they will resolve it promptly, at their cost.”
“They did repairs of GFCI outlets and light timers and installation of lights. They are competent.”
“They installed a 20kW natural gas electric generator. They installed the generator like the professionals that they are.”
“They installed a garage outlet and a security light. Great techs—didn't leave a mess, and they come out on Saturdays.”
“They rewired some lights to use two switches rather than one. They offer prompt and professional service.”
“The trouble was loss of power at the outlets in our kitchen and dining room. The electrician was very nice, but it took a substantial amount of time to trace the problem, and we were required to replace several outlets. The problem resurfaced overnight, and the electrician returned to continue tracing the problem. The work was finally successful. The issue I had was that the payment was made and accepted by credit card, without any verbal disclosure—no PCI compliance.”
“They did two things—fixed two dead electrical outlets that were on the exterior of our house and installed a new 100-amp breaker box for our house. Excellent workmanship. The technician, first name Sonny, answered all of my questions during the new 100-amp breaker box installation.”
“We like all the work they have done. Completely positive—quick service, show up when they said they would, and so far have always my fixed problems.”
“They replaced two wall plugs. The electrician was knowledgeable about systems, personable, considerate, and willing to keep costs as low as possible—no attempts to sell me extra work.”
“They installed new hubs. The guys were fast and answered all of my stupid questions nicely.”
“Wired did a quite complex, large bathroom fan installation. The work was performed very quickly and with high quality—positioning of the fan was perfect. The electrician was courteous, and the work site was maintained and kept clean.”
“The technician repaired all of it in a way that has kept everything working perfectly. I liked the tech. He explained to me what the problem was and how he would repair it. He was very quick and thorough. I was very pleased with the service.”
“Wired installed under-cabinet lighting in my kitchen, along three walls. They did a great job, and they were very professional. I felt comfortable having them in my home.”
“Wired installed a backup generator. The installation was done on time. The A+ is because it rained that day, but they did the install as promised.”
“I highly recommend Wired Electrical Services. They're an A+ company.”
“The tech was very professional. He didn't even need us to turn the power off to the house; he said that he'd done it enough times that he knew what he was doing. He was fast and efficient, and the ceiling fans are excellent—they're quiet and cool. He did a really good job. As a matter of fact, we'd like to use them again if we could get the same tech again. I'd give them an A+.”
“They did a good job with the generator. Their customer service was good. I'd tell others to go with them. Wired Electrical Services is excellent—a grade-A company.”
“Wired was fine. They did a great job; there were no problems. I'd give them a 100 percent—A+. I like them. They do what I like them to do.”
“They service our generator. The company that was servicing it previously was not servicing it correctly. These people are very courteous, and they're on time, which is a big factor for me. The maker of our generator referred us to Wired, and they straightened our problem out and kept us going. They earned an A+.”
“I set up a quick appointment, and when they came over, they were very thorough, and they did a really good job of putting in my generator. I've been using them for two years. Every year, I do annual maintenance and right before hurricane season. They're always on time, and they get it done right. I've never had to call them back. I heard about them through a generator company, and they seemed pretty good, so I called them. They get an A+, as far as I'm concerned.”
“He rewired a ceiling fan so that the light would come on at the wall switch, and then he put an extra outlet in the bathroom. The guy did a good job, and he cleaned up after himself. He was nice and friendly. I'd give them an A.”
“The guy had to go to my attic and figure out this wiring system for a new outlet. The professionalism was good—he was on time, he was clean cut, and he left the place clean. I think he was honest. He showed us a better route than our original plan, which meant less money for him, but a quicker job. I'd rate them as an A.”
“They fixed the little alarm on our doorbell because it wouldn't light or anything. They seemed very nice and professional. I did not have to call them back, so they get an A from me.”
“Wired serviced my standby generator, and they did a professional job. They were very responsive, easily available, and very prompt. I would give them an A+ rating.”
“They ran into a couple of problems, but they stayed here and completed the job that day, and they didn't charge us anything extra. It's an older house, so there's always going to be something. They just rolled with it. They had to do one or two things, but they took the time to look at a couple of other things. They suggested that we may want to have those done as well. A+.”
“Lightning struck a tree and ground through the house, so it took out quite a few electrical things. We had them come out and redo the grounding; they put in three new boxes. These guys were out the same day. They did a good job and knew what they were doing—they're licensed electricians. We'd seen their trucks in the neighborhood; pretty much everybody on this street has had their grounding redone. I would give them an A-.”
“Wired Electrical Services was quick to come out, and they did a good job. The customer service was great. I didn't have any problem with anything they did. A friend of mine recommended them, and I would recommend them as well. I'd give them an A.”
“I had some electrical problems. They were on time, and they seemed to know what they were going. I didn't have any problems with their service. My next-door neighbor told me about the company. I would recommend them and give them an A.”
“Wired came the next day and restored power in a room that didn't have any power. Their customer service was good. I would recommend them. They should get an A.”
“They're putting in a home generator. They responded, and they're handling the job well, so far. It's great. The company was referred by somebody. I'd recommend them, and I'd rate them as an A”
“The technician who came out was very, very nice, and he did a good job. There was quite a variety of things he did; he made some outlet changes, he grounded a couple of larger appliances, and he did some work on the electrical box. Wired was a word-of-mouth referral. I would give them an A.”
“I had no power in some of my electrical plugs in the kitchen, and I hired them to find the problem. They were good. They did the job, and they came back when it needed to be redone. I heard their name in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd try them. I'd probably give them an A grade.”
“Wired Electrical Services did something simple like wiring or changing a plug. The technician was courteous, and they took care of the problem. I haven't had any problems with it since, so they earned an A.”
“We had a problem with the gated breaker box. The electrician who came out knew what he was doing—I didn't. He was quick and on his way. I'd call Wired again if I needed. We'd give them an A.”
“Wired is awesome. They installed and wired a flatscreen TV above my fireplace. I've been with them for three years, and all the technicians I've ever dealt with have been above board. I love that they're a 24/7 business. The first time I used them was a critical situation, and they were awesome, so I had no doubt where I was going for more work. I'd give them an A++.”
“My experience with Wired was fantastic. I would definitely call them again. I had an outside panel with fuses that began to pop, and they replaced the panel. I've had no trouble ever since. They didn't try to market more repairs to me when the fellow came to do the repairs that I asked for, and that's really important to me. I think they deserve an A+++.”
“They're very nice, very pleasant, and professional. They did some electrical work and installed a generator. Excellent.”
“They did some home upgrades that I wanted, a little bit of wiring work, and added a couple outlets. It went very well. I had a positive experience overall. They showed up ahead of schedule, got everything done quickly and neatly, and just did an excellent job. I've used them both at my work and at home. We give them an A+—everything was perfect.”
“Wired Electrical was fantastic. I called a number of people, and they came out promptly. Sonny was the name of my person that came out to do the work, and he was very polite and very professional. He even offered other services that we plan to take him up on, which included lights in the yard outside and a projector for my husband. Those two things I have on my list to call him back for. He was good enough to use again. He absolutely gets an A.”
“We were very impressed. The work went wonderfully. We had a positive experience, and we would use them again. They installed a light behind our garage. My husband was out there with the man most of the time, but I found them very easy to talk to and very easy to work with, and they did what we asked them to do. We haven't had to call them back in the meantime. We are going to call them for a different project, though. We're very comfortable with them. They are an A-grade company.”
“They're excellent. It was great. They were quick. They got out there quickly. They did a great job, they gave me some great advice, and it was awesome. They replaced a circuit breaker. It was on a fuse box, and I think it had a worn-out spring. They did that, and then they actually separated my upstairs from my downstairs air conditioning switch boxes and made it a lot easier to read. Then they actually consolidated some wires for the outside unit for an air conditioner as well. It was a very, very good job. I'd give them an A, for sure.”
“They were very helpful. Everything went well. It was perfect. We were very happy. Our experience was absolutely positive. They came in and did what we wanted them to do. I had several electrical issues with lights and with electrical switches. They fixed that, and then they also installed a flat-screen TV on my fireplace. This was the first and only time I've used them. I haven't had to call them back about that work. They get an A+.”
“Everything was perfect. It was a great job. They said what they were going to do, they came over here and did it, and that's it—professional job. It was my first time using them. They changed out a service drop on the house. I haven't had to call them out since then. I would give them an A+.”
“We are very satisfied. They did a great job. We had a very positive experience. The young man that was here was very professional and very good, and everything is still working wonderfully. We're very happy. They wired a little shop that we added on. This was the first and only time that I've used Wired. A+.”
“Wired Electrical did a good job. My experience was extremely good. They made the appointment and showed up in a timely manner. They did what they had to do. They were just very clean. There were a couple switches that were malfunctioning. They changed those out, and I needed new plugs and a wire. They very beautifully did it inside the wall. They worked very hard. There were some little problems here and there, but they solved them. They get an A+.”
“Their technicians are extremely responsive and very knowledgeable about what they're doing. It was an absolutely positive experience. They did a good job. It was extremely helpful—you can call in to the company and speak to the owner of the company. This time they installed some arc-fault breakers, a drip loop, and an antioxidant on my aluminum wire. I would say they deserve an A.”
“I really enjoyed the work they did. It went excellent. Wired Electrical installed a house generator. They did a great job. They were efficient, very professional, good guys. It was a positive experience overall. I would use them regularly when needed. I haven't had to call them back—it worked great the first time. I would grade them an A.”
“The work went wonderfully. It was absolutely a good experience. They were very personable, and they worked quickly. I had a small problem, and they came back the next day. The guy was off work and on his way to somewhere else, and he stopped by and fixed my problem for me. I haven't had to call them back since then. They get an A.”
“This was my first time using them, and I would use them again. They did an excellent job. My experience was great. They replaced the electrical box. They had a quick response and good customer service. They did what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it. I'd give them an A.”
“Everything has gone well. It was absolutely a positive experience. They handle everything—they call you, they keep you on the books, and they tell you when it's time for service. We have used them multiple times. We use them for keeping up with the emergency generator. They haven't done any other electrical work. We've been using them for a couple years. There are no outstanding issues—they've always been fine. I would give them an A.”
“My experience with Wired was very positive. The guys were very pleasant, very knowledgeable, and friendly. The last time we had painting done, we were replacing all of the connections and the switch plates. We had yellow before, so we got white. I had my brother-in-law help me, but then some things got a little complicated, so I got them to help finish it up and put in a couple ceiling fans and all that. I haven't had to call them back. It went about as smooth as possible. I'll give them an A. I'll make sure to recommend those guys. We appreciate their work.”
“Everything worked out fine—perfect. Actually, I'm getting ready to call them again for service. I had a positive experience with them. They just put a ceiling fan outside for us and added a circuit and just some basic wiring. The work was professional—the guy was professional. Everything was a good experience, and that's all you can ask for. I'd give them an A.”
“They were working on my generators. They did excellent work—I had a positive experience. They were clean, attentive, and worked quickly. It was strictly generator work. I would use them again and recommend them to someone else. I'd give them an A.”
“It was perfect. I had a positive experience. They put a fan in the bathroom and mounted the TV above the fireplace. I thought Justin was professional. He always called and let me know he was on his way—he kept me informed. I haven't had to call them back since then. I would grade them an A.”
“The work was fine. I had a positive experience. They just did a generator service. It was the first and only time I've used them. They are an A+.”
“The work has gone very well. Overall, it's always a positive experience. They're always very, very responsive and quick on the work that needs to be done, and they always do a very, very nice job in setting up whatever support that we need, including any troubleshooting that we've had here in the house that they've hooked up for us. The last thing they did was put in a new plug on our outside deck, and they also checked for some plugs that were not working within the house. I have no reason to complain. They get an A+.”
“It's been a while, but everything was fine. I had a positive experience. They put a power conditioner in the main box, and then they replaced the GFCI circuit in my bathroom. I asked them for some advice because recently I had a lot of light bulbs going out, and he mentioned the power conditioner might help with spikes. So far, it's been a positive experience. I'd give them an A+.”
“Everything went well. I definitely had a positive experience. I thought they were very clean, and they cleaned up their work. I felt very confident that they did a great job. They replaced our electrical panel in the back of our house. It was a pretty big job, but it was very well done. We called them back for some other wiring stuff that we wanted done. They get an A+.”
“The man who worked on the house was personable. He was very nice, had a good working attitude, and was a hardworking young man. Everything went very, very well. I had a positive experience. I haven't had to call them back about the work. I would say they're A+.”
“They were responsive, did a good job, and got here on time. Everything was fine. I had a good experience. They just installed a home surge protector. I haven't had to call them back. They get an A+.”
“They did a great job. They were professional, prompt, and courteous—so we can't complain. They came to fix a lighting issue—either switches or putting in lighting. I'll give them an A+. There's no reason to complain.”
“Everything went all right. It was fine. The service guy that actually came was proficient, knowledgeable, and pretty quick in getting everything done. He ran some HD cables in the walls and mounted a new television. They get an A+.”
“We had some wiring issues that needed to be fixed, and they were able to do that for us. Everything is fine. I had a positive experience with Wired Electrical. The gentleman who was out here was very friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. He explained the work before it was done, and we were just happy—we didn't have any issues at all. I would give them an A+.”