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Wheaton, IL Electricians

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6th year as a Best Pick
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ABC Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric is a full-service company offering a wide range of installation and repair services, including panel upgrades, whole-house surge protection, generators, ceiling fans, lighting, switches and outlets, pool and spa hookups, home theater wiring, and telephone and data wiring. We offer job-specific warranties that range from 30 days to the lifetime of the product. Founded in 1948, we are local and family owned.
3rd year as a Best Pick
Best Pick Guarantee
3rd year as a Best Pick
Best Pick Guarantee A-Rated Insured Workers' Comp
North Suburban Electric is a local company that offers a variety of electrical repair and installation services for residential and commercial customers, including lighting, computer cabling, home theater wiring, and surge protection. We install and service many trusted brands, such as Cutler-Hammer, Halo, GE, JUNO, and Metalux, and we offer our customers a variety of warranties depending on the service. Our technicians wear ID badges and wear protective booties while in your home because we value your safety and your property.

Western Chicago Suburbs Electrical Companies

When contacting a professional for any of your electrical needs, choose a local Best Pick electrician in the Western Chicago Suburbs. At Best Pick Reports, it is our mission to reliably identify licensed and insured professionals while placing you in the perfect position to make educated hiring choices. As the nerve center of your home or business, your electrical system is vital. Stable performance to power your lights, appliances, heating and air, alarm systems, and computer systems requires that you have adequate electrical wiring, fixtures, receptacles, and other items. Whether you have small wiring challenges, a highly complex remodeling project, or simple updates, the Western Chicago electrician you choose should work closely with you to provide solutions to your electrical and lighting needs.

If your family is growing, there are sure to be a lot of updates to your home. An important update is to make sure cords have not been run under baseboards or area rugs, as they can cause fires when they overheat. Instead, run them around the perimeter of the wall, which will also remove tripping hazards. Calling a Western Chicago area or Wayne electrician to install an outlet in a new location that better fits your needs is another good option.

Children who are just learning to walk can trip over something, so they do not need any additional hazards in their way. Bundle various cords together with cord tubes in areas where children could trip, such as near a desktop computer or entertainment system. Consider using home maintenance as an excuse to clean out any unnecessary cords. Standing or floor fans can be replaced with ceiling fans, and lamps can be replaced with track lighting or wall sconces. To lessen the risk of fire or shock, regularly examine cords for signs of wear or cuts.

If you have a child who is walking and talking, confirm that he or she knows to get help from an adult in hazardous electrical situations. Add a Western Chicago Best Pick electrician’s number to your list of important phone numbers on the fridge for sitters and out-of-town family, in case of emergency situations. Check your fire alarms to see if they are up-to-date in the event of an electrical fire, and instruct your kids on what to do when an alarm goes off. Ensure that children know what precautions to take if faced with an electrical emergency such as sparks or an odd smell that doesn’t have an obvious source in the home. When you are out in public, you should point out signs that indicate electrical danger like “Danger – high voltage,” so that your children know what to look for. Typically, these signs are branded with a lightning bolt. Instruct older children to be careful when using any electrical device outdoors. No one should leave something plugged in outside; if there is a rain storm, the electrical device could get wet and deliver a shock when unplugged later. Tell children to stay away from downed power lines and trees close to power lines when playing outside.

If you see someone experience an electrical shock, it is tempting to rush to their side. However, it is vital to make sure your children understand that this is not only an incorrect thing to do but also very dangerous. You may recall being told in grade school to separate the victim of a shock from the source with a wooden broom handle or to loop a towel around them and pull. Both of these actions could actually result in a shock to the person trying to help, because the broom handle or towel could conduct electricity if it is wet or dirty. The safest thing to do when someone is shocked is to turn off the main switch of the circuit breaker. This will stop electricity from flowing. Be sure that all family members know where the switch is located in case of an emergency. If you believe there are any issues with your circuit breaker, contact your local Western Chicago area or Elgin electrician for an inspection or repairs.

The key to home electrical safety is to make sure that your kids are well informed about the electrical hazards and to maintain a safe environment. By making adjustments to how you manage electricity in your home as well as teaching kids how to interact with electrical devices, you can transform any house into a safer place for children. Calling a Best Pick electrician in the Western Chicago Suburbs will put you in contact with an electrical contractor with a proven track record of success.

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