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"We strive to offer the best service with flat-rate prices set at competitive rates. We believe in exceeding our customers' expectations by adhering to our own strict standards—do it right, no shortcuts. We live by our slogan: 'Exceptional service is our standard.'"

Guy Roberts | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Pat Murphy Electric, Inc., offers a full range of services, such as electrical repair and troubleshooting, home electrical inspections, rewiring and remodeling, and electric vehicle charger installation.
The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
Company History
Founded in 1982, Pat Murphy is owned and operated by Guy Roberts, a third-generation Master Electrician with over 35 years' electrical experience.
Employee Information
Over half of the company's 40+ employees have been with Pat Murphy for over 10 years. Employees wear uniforms; are background checked, drug screened, and trained; and drive well-equipped vehicles with 400+ different items in stock.
Additional Information
The company offers flat-rate pricing, accepts major credit cards, and provides 24-hour emergency service.
Areas Served
Canton, Waleska, Woodstock, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Buford, Dacula, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Snellville, Suwanee, Alpharetta, Cumming, Johns Creek, Roswell, Acworth, Austell, Kennesaw, Marietta, Powder Springs, Smyrna, Atlanta, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Decatur, Tucker

“They were really good, excellent. I'll use them again in the future if I had to. We had outlets installed, industrial outlets for a warehouse for forklift units. They ran some wiring. I liked them being prompt and being thorough in their work and having a great explanation on what was done and what to expect, and them also being there to answer any questions we might have. I'd grade them an A+. They were excellent. They were right on time when they said they were going to be, and they even waited for me.”

“Pat Murphy Electric did a great job. They installed recessed lighting in our living room and did a great job. They explained what they were going to do very thoroughly, allowed me to make little adjustments so it was exactly what I was looking for, and they did a great job. They cleaned up after themselves and left everything just in great shape. I'd give them A+.”

“Everything was great. Everything was fine. If I need anything I'm going to call them again. They did under counter lighting, hooking up a surround sound system, hanging lights. Everything was fine. They were good and efficient. I'd give them an A.”

“I think it was just hanging a new fixture or something like that. They came in when they said they were, it took about the amount of time that they said it would, and they didn't leave a mess. That's when they hung the chandeliers. I put a new chandelier in the dining room and a new one in the foyer. I'd give them an A+. They were friendly to work with, and I would definitely use them again.”

“I used them, and it worked out fine. I'd rate them A+.”

“I think they were here a couple times, but the thing I'm remembering is they installed a whole house surge protector. He was very knowledgeable and professional and obviously knew what he was doing. I felt confident in the work. I'd give them an A, definitely an A.”

“It was good. The two guys were very friendly and got the job done. They answered questions that I asked them, and they got it done in a timely manner. I was putting in a 220 in my garage, so upgrading my service in the garage. I would say they're an A.”

“They installed some lighting fixtures for me. They explained everything to me and were able to work on my schedule and got it done. I'd give them an A.”

“They just changed out some light switches on our fans, light and fan switches. Very professional, very thorough, did a very quick, clean job. They're an A.”

“They put in under cabinet lighting, they moved some electrical for a countertop installation, and I think that's about it. They did a lot with the countertop installation that they had to move. I worked with the same guy each time. It did take several visits for the specific person to come out and complete the work, but they were very responsive. I'd give Pat Murphy an A.”

“They replaced an outside fixture, a patio fixture. I think they did it pretty quickly, and they were on target with respect with what it was supposed to be. I'd give them an A.”

“They worked on a light I had upstairs and repaired some wiring in my attic down to a bathroom. Not a big job but the fellow knew what he was doing, and I appreciate the job he did. He obviously knew what he was doing, and he got about it and did it. I was very pleased with the worker that came by here. I would give them an A.”

“They had checked two ceiling fan fixtures and repaired one of them. They were prompt. They were definitely professional, and before any work was completed they informed me of the cost and everything before they did any work.”

“I liked Pat Murphy's timeliness, professionalism, and cleanliness. They're amazing—really awesome guys. They installed some exit signs for my new business. I'd give them an A+ all the way. They went out of their way to make sure it was all done right and everything matched. I really, really appreciated them.”

“It was excellent. The gentleman that came out was personable and competent. He explained everything he was going to do and did it as specified. We had a house that had fire damage, so they had to rewire a number of circuits, and they also fixed some damaged cable. I'd give them an A+.”

“They were great with communication, very professional, and they stayed as long as they needed to get the work done. They did a lot of electrical installation. I'd give them an A+.”

“They were fast, honest, and complete. I'm really happy—A+.”

“I had some minor issues with outlets not working and some box issues that needed to be rewired. They're very friendly and prompt. They came in, got the job done, and left. I'd give them an A+ rate.”

“They were prompt and really professional. That was for my light in my closet. It was A+ work.”

“He was very nice. He came out when we called him. They changed an electrical plug. I'd give them an A+. They were real nice and called right back.”

“We had a new circuit put in in the garage. I liked that they were able to do what we asked them in a relatively short period of time. They deserve an A+.”

“They did a couple things around the house. They were on time and professional. They deserve an A.”

“We had the main electrical cable to the house replaced. They did a good job. They did what they said they were going to do and charged what they said they were going to charge. It would be an A.”

“It was very good. My wife did that. They had to upgrade some of the electrical stuff, like a light switch and stuff like that. They did a good job and it worked after he worked on it. I'd say an A grade.”

“They were quick to respond, the worker was nice, seemed upfront with everything, and they did a good job. They had to remount the power pole to the house. They earned an A.”

“They did a good job. I liked the expertise. I had electrical shorts in the house, so they identified them and fixed them. I'd give them an A on everything.”

“They fixed an electric box for us. I'd give them an A.”

“They came quickly; they were courteous and efficient. They rewired a box for me. I'd give them an A.”

“They're very good. My experience has been great with them. They come out quickly, and they keep good records of what they've done in the past, so if it's something that they've worked on and something didn't turn out just right, they'll come and fix it for free. They're very reliable and very quick. I'd rate them as an A+.”

“The last time I used them, they were great. They were on time, came exactly when they said, and had somebody call in advance to confirm the appointment. They had to come back with the part, but they came back exactly when they said they would. I hate to say it, but they did what they said, and these days, a lot of times, people don't, so when people do it, it's like, 'Oh!' It should be like that all the time, but it's not. Pat Murphy Electric gets an A.”

“Everything's been fine.”

“They put in a new switch, and it didn't work, but they came back out immediately and put in another one that did work, so they made it all right. I would absolutely recommend the company to family and friends. I would rate them as an A.”

“They were easy to work with, showed up on time, did the job in a reasonable amount of time, and got out. I had them do some work on a ceiling fan for me. I'd recommend the company and give them an A.”

“I was quite pleased with the service.”

“I remember the guy was real friendly. He was pretty helpful. With the guest bedroom, there was a problem with the connection line, so he found out what it was and reconnected it. I saved the card, because I thought if I have problems again, I'd call him again. I'd give them an A.”

“They did some things for me in the spring. It was good. They did a nice job. They basically came in, did it, and showed up when they needed to. They did what I needed and changed out a panel, so everything's good. They'd get an A.”

“I was pleased with the person that came here. He did the whole job and was very understanding. He explained to me all the things that I'd need. I told him to make a complete check of the house, and he fixed something in the panel in the basement that was not working properly. He told me that when they put it in, they put a wrong item over there, and that was the reason it wasn't working. He also talked to me about some kind of security I didn't have before, and he put that in. I'd give them an A. I will recommend him to anybody I know.”

“They were fast, the quote was exact in regards to the work that had to be done, and there wasn't anything added on at the end. The man was very nice and pleasant to have in our house. He fixed some undermount lighting, installed a couple of electrical outlets, and moved some cable lines. I'd rate them as an A.”

“It was good. It was all fine. I'd give them an A.”

“It's been a while, but I know that I would use them again. I just used them the one time. They'll get an A.”

“They were very personable, good, and not condescending. They were good at bringing it down to the lowest common denominator and letting us know what was wrong without making us feel stupid. They made it understandable. We didn't feel cheated. When our house was hit by lightning, they came out. For our homeowner's insurance, they had proof that our house was actually hit by lightning. With half of our house, all the electricity was burned out—like, everything. The whole system was kaput, but the other half of the house, which was really strange, was fine. They came out and showed us how the lightning hit the house and followed this one path throughout the house. It was really weird. I'll give them an A.”

“Pat Murphy Electric is A+. They did a complete rewire of our wiring receptacles and some circuits, and they put on a power conditioner and a surge suppressor for lightning. They did a lot of work. They were extremely professional and punctual, and they did a great job.”

“I had a perfect experience with Pat Murphy Electric—they were great. They were very clean and very communicative, and their uniforms were professional. We had new appliances put in the kitchen, and apparently the stove was wired on earlier requirements, so we needed some additional wiring installed. They're definitely an A+.”

“The fellow who came out was very helpful and very pleasant, and he explained everything he was going to do. They installed a whole-house surge protector for us, and I'd give them an A+.”

“Pat Murphy Electric did an electrical assessment and some repairs. The individual who came was super professional and knowledgeable. I just had a lot of confidence in that individual. I'd give them an A rating, for sure.”

“They put some light boxes in the ceiling in the kitchen for me and some lights hanging over the island. Then, the bathrooms had some light boxes put in the wall over the sinks. I'm trying to find some lights from some different companies right now so I can put those up—those guys are coming back out again. They were really nice people, and they did a great job for me—A+.”

“I found Pat Murphy Electric in Best Pick Reports, and I would give them an A+. I really liked the man who came out.”

“They were on time. The electrician was very knowledgeable and very respectful. Sometimes, service people treat women as dumb, but he was very sincerely respectful. He gave me estimates for everything, and he went over everything before he did it and made sure we thoroughly agreed. There was not one bit of mess to clean up. They deserve an A+.”

“We wanted to put strobe lights out on our porch and also on our deck, and Pat Murphy did that. While they were there, they looked at everything else we had, and where we were not up to snuff, they went ahead and made the changes. We're very pleased with them. I guess I'm just in a spot where I'm very comfortable knowing that if I had any kind of electric problem, I could give them a call, and they would fix it. They're an A-level company.”

“I've had them come out twice. They've changed electrical sockets, and we had a problem with the ceiling fan and the switch that they took care of for us. I would give them an A grade.”

“Pat Murphy Electric put in an outlet, a light switch, and then a panel extension. They came, they did what they said they would do, and they did it quickly. They get an A.”

“We had him install two lights above our garage. We have conjunction boxes in, and we had them put a timer up there, also. He did a phenomenal job. He was very neat, very clean, and very courteous—I liked everything about him. When we have another job we need done, we're going to call him again, believe me. They definitely earned an A.”

“They installed security lights, grounded my house properly, and installed surge protection. They did the work on time, and they made suggestions about what we needed. I would give them an A.”

“They put in a ceiling fan and fixed a light in my kitchen. They were on time, and they were very friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, and fast. I'd rate Pat Murphy Electric as an A.”

“I think they've been to our house ten times. The last thing they did was install new lighting. They get here really fast, and they do what they say they're going to do. They should get an A.”

“They changed out a main breaker. The guy showed up on time and knew what he was doing. They get an A from me—they were pretty good.”

“The electrician did a great job and didn't spend a long of time doing it. It was very nice—a grade-A job.”

“I had him look at a couple things, and he gave me an estimate. I definitely needed something done, and he took care of it. I'd had a dryer installed, and the cord had to be replaced because the receptacle in the house was 220 volts, and it had a different type of plug. He also had to replace the electrical panel—that was the big thing. The electrician was a really, really nice guy. He was friendly and easy to talk to. I'd give them an A.”

“I've used them for many years, and I've never had any issues with them. They always do a good job, so they get an A in my book.”

“Pat Murphy was excellent. The wires coming to my house were all frayed, and they looked like they were pulling away from the house. Two electricians came, and I was really happy with them. They were polite, efficient, and really quick. They did great work. I'd give them the highest rating.”

“Pat Murphy Electric does excellent work and solved all my problems on multiple occasions. They replaced some three-circuit tracks, solved some strange electrical problems I had, and repaired and replaced a number of different outlets. They completed everything to my satisfaction. They deserve a top grade.”

“Pat Murphy was great. The technician was super friendly; he explained everything. He showed us where the previous guys screwed up, and they fixed it. I'd give them an A.”

“I use Pat Murphy Electric; my experience was wonderful. I would grade them an A+. They're great.”

“Pat Murphy is the electric company that I use, and I'm very happy with them. I've used them probably four times in the last eight years. I normally call them to do all my electrical stuff, and they're fabulous, A+.”

“I found Pat Murphy in Home Reports. They were great—they were on time, they were prepared, and they even cleaned up. They wired up a flat panel TV in my wall. They did a great job with the electrical work, but what really impressed me was that they actually swept up all the dirt on the floor and everything—that was really nice. I wasn't expecting that. They deserve an A+; they were really great.”

“They were very professional and very customer-focused, they were here on time, they did the job, and they kept things clean. We needed our knob and tube wiring to be replaced; we have not had to call them back since the work was completed. I would highly recommend them—as a schoolteacher, I would give them an A.”

“We always use Pat Murphy Electric, and they're very good. They're quick to come and always get it right—I have no gripes with them, because they fix whatever it is they need to fix, and they do it quickly. I'll give them an A+.”

“Pat Murphy Electric did work for me in the past, and they did a very good job with the electrical work. I got them out of Home Reports. I was quite pleased—they were very prompt and efficient. I was satisfied with them. While the technician was here, I asked him about some other problems I was having; he said he could take care of those as well, and he did, so I was quite pleased. I'd give them an A+.”

“We're new residents in our area, and we got Pat Murphy out of Home Reports. Their technician installed some outlets and a ceiling fan on our screened-in porch. He was polite, he did the job, he cleaned up afterward—everything you would want. Everything was done to my specifications, and it has held up very well; no problems. I would give them an A—I was very happy with their work, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to someone else.”

“We had them put outlets in a closet for our stereo equipment, and then we ended up getting a surge protector put on our fuse box. They were knowledgeable and nice, and I haven't had to call them afterward. I would give them an A.”

“Pat Murphy ran a couple of electrical lines to my backyard to install a fountain and a hot tub. They showed up when they said they would, the price was what they said it was going to be, and they were courteous and professional. They did everything they said they were going to do in the time they said they were going to do it in, and I haven't had to call them back for any reason since the work was completed. They get an A+ from me.”

“They are very friendly, they come on time, they try to work with you, and they try to get creative so that you don't have to spend as much money. These particular technicians had to give us power from the street, and they did the least amount of damage as possible. They've been out here to fix issues several times; the last time, we had a power line outside that was weathered, so they had to replace the whole thing from the street to the house and then put in alarms and all that. They were very good—I haven't had to call them back pertaining to any of that since the work was done. Pat Murphy gets an A.”

“They've fixed a faulty 220-volt wiring to our dryer. The technician that came out, Patrick, was pretty knowledgeable, very nice, and very thorough fixing our problem. When we had an issue with a plug after the initial work, they came back out and took care of it since we were covered under warranty. They were very dependable and very nice to work with—I would rate them an A. We first used them in March, and we've used them subsequent times since.”

“The electrician from Pat Murphy Electric was awesome. He couldn't have been a nicer guy, and I was extremely impressed with him. My overall experience was absolutely positive. I'd give them an A+.”

“Pat Murphy's electricians are so professional and very competent. I was very impressed. They worked on some outdoor lighting and also wired an outdoor pump for my home. The work was excellent, and they followed up with me afterward. They've been excellent.”

“Pat Murphy has exceptionally good electricians. They're innovative, efficient, respectful, and effective. I'd give them an A+.”

“Pat Murphy Electric is absolutely the best. They're always on time, their electricians understand what you need, and they're knowledgeable. They're pretty impressive. I would give them an A+.”

“They just went the extra mile. Their customer service was very, very good. I thought their technicians were down-to-earth and just very accommodating. They cleaned up after themselves. I would definitely use this company again. I'd give them an A.”

“Pat Murphy Electric is the electric company. For the last 15 years, we've always used the exact same suppliers for all our services. I've been using Pat Murphy for 12 or 15 years—something like that. He just gives us excellent service every time. We had some new lighting put in outside and needed some new tension boxes, power supply, and everything. He took care of all that. I'd give him an A. They've just been very good with us. For years, if we have a problem, they're right out here. They're fine.”

“I thought they did a very good job. They were professional, they were clean, they gave us options, and they told us what they were doing the entire process. I like them. I'll use them again. I last used them a couple months ago. I would recommend this company to others. I would give them an A+.”

“That was the new box that they put in under my house. It was an electrical box. Then, he went into my laundry room and connected it to my power box. Excellent work. I think I got them out of the Home Reports. He's the one who could come right away, and he did really good work. He was neat, and he saved the wallboard for me, so I could replace it. I would use them again. They didn't leave a mess. There was just one person, and he was a good rep. I think I could give them an A+.”

“I had a couple of very positive experiences with them. The professionalism of the electrician who came to do the work for me is what stood out. He was on time, and he was efficient. He provided me with alternatives, so I could pick a cheaper, less elegant alternative over an expensive one, and he assisted me with a provider of under-counter lighting, because they had sent me the wrong panel. It didn't perform, so I'm trying to explain to the company I bought it from why I needed to send it back. He actually was able to get an electrician of theirs on the line to talk to him. They were clean and neat. I, actually, probably, got their name out of the Home Reports. They responded in a timely fashion. I would Pat Murphy Electric an A+.”

“He was prompt. He was here when he was supposed to be here. He was up in my attic for three hours in the heat. He did a great job and was very honest, and I haven't had a problem since. I had a wire get pulled, so I lost power to my living room, and the homeowners before me fancied themselves electricians, so it was a little difficult. He fixed it for me, and it was awesome. Their customer service was good. He was a champ, because I know it was probably a hundred degrees in my attic. He finished in a timely manner. They were reliable and on time, and I haven't had a problem. Give them an A.”

“We used Pat Murphy Electric. We had a short, and they fixed it. I had a short behind my refrigerator that I didn't know about. It kept going out. It was black. They fixed that. It kept blowing out, and I called a repair company, and they told me I needed an electrician right away. I had used them a couple of years ago. It's, hopefully, not something you need every year. They were good, and we called them back. I would give them an A+.”

“They were great. We haven't had any problem thus far. They came in and corrected someone else's mistake. They were polite, courteous, and on time. I had a very positive experience. I would certainly recommend them. They should get an A. They were excellent.”

“It was a very positive experience. We needed a new dryer connection in the wall upstairs. The quality of work was very good. They get an A.”

“He was a good communicator. He was clean, and he did what he was supposed to do for the price he said he would do it. He was very timely. He deserves an A+.”

“He did great. He was just really conscientious and paid attention to what I needed to have done. He answered a lot of questions about some work that I have them returning to do later in the month. He put up a new light fixture, and he provided me, that day, with an estimate to have more lighting done in my home, and I'm having that done on Monday. He responded in a timely manner. They did great. I found them from the Home Reports. I would definitely refer them to others. I'd give them an A. It was great.”

“They did some work for me. They were very professional, and they did exactly what they said they would do. They did very well. My exterior light was not working, so they fixed the problem. Everything is absolutely OK. I haven't had to call them back out for any reason. The technician was knowledgeable, friendly, and hardworking. They were very knowledgeable and excellent. I would definitely use them again in the future, and I would recommend them. I give them an A.”

“The technician knew what he was doing. He was an advocate on our behalf. We had a water heater problem, and it was defective. He took care of it, and the company did not want to honor their warranty, but he really put it to them. I would rate them an A.”

“I use Pat Murphy Electric for electrical work. They're in the Home Reports. They've been here several times. This is a very old house, and they always have something to do. They replaced ceiling fans, and they replace all the electrical switches when they go bad; they do it all. They deserve an A.”

“They did a fine job. They installed a new light on our porch. The quality of their work was good. The time frame was as scheduled. The workers did a good job. They were polite and helpful. If we ever have another electrical need, we'd definitely give them a call. They did what they promised. They're an A.”

“They were friendly and helpful, showed up when they were supposed to show up, and did the job. They took a GFCI breaker out of an outlet that my refrigerator was plugged into and put it in another one or a different circuit. They responded in a timely manner. They did the job in a reasonable amount of time. They definitely lived up to what I wanted them to do. I think I got them from the Home Reports book. I'd give them an A+.”

“The guy was knowledgeable, and he was pleasant to work with. He was fairly quick in what he had to do, he knew what he was talking about, and he was friendly. I think our power wasn't working; something went out, and we couldn't figure out what happened. He came in, and I think something was tripped, so he untripped it and, basically, got our power back. The quality of the work was good. He did what we needed him to do. The technician was good, polite, knowledgeable, and friendly. I'd use them again. I would recommend them to others. I'd give them an A.”

“They were OK. They installed an electric light and arranged a couple of outlets. Everything is holding up OK. The technician seemed to be well qualified. Their customer service was OK. They respected my home. I would use them again. They're A+.”

“They did a great job. They just came in and put an electrical switch in. They were great. He got the job done. He was very cordial. He did good, quality work. He just put in the switch, and there was no mess. I would use the company again. I'd say they should get an A+.”

“They did a little bit of rewiring and just a general home assessment. I would give them an A.”

“I always use Pat Murphy Electric. They are always fine. I like their technicians. They are just very honest.”

“They did what was requested, which was to come to the location, provide an estimate, and get approval before doing the work. I did not authorize the work, but the technician provided a couple of options, so it wasn't just one solution; he gave a couple. I would use them again. Give them an A+.”

“We've had some minor electrical work done, and I was happy. Pat Murphy Electric was excellent. I just liked the guy, and they did what I asked them to do. They came out, and I had some little, extra something, which of course, they charged me for, but they were able to be flexible in that regard. Like, 'Well, while you're out here, can you do blah, blah, blah?' 'Yeah, we can take care of that.' They did it, and they're clean. I'm very picky, by the way, so when I say A+, it must be awfully good, then. We had one of those invisible fences put in, and they needed to do a conduit in the garage, so they had to just do some working with that. They did that, and then, I had kind of a faulty outlet that I needed to replace, so that was the extra little thing that he was able to do. I'd give him an A+.”