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"Our approach to each project is to first identify the source of any problems with the property, and then design a solution that's proven to solve the problem. We're unique because we were founded by a licensed Professional Engineer and a landscape designer."

Mark J. Lane | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Drainage & Erosion Solutions installs both manufactured and handcrafted window wells. The company also offers analysis, design, and installation of drainage and waterproofing systems, patios, walkways, and retaining walls. Drainage & Erosion Solutions specializes in stacked stone and Wellcraft window wells.
Drainage & Erosion Solutions offers a five-year warranty on all egress window well systems.
Company History
The company was founded in 2003.
Additional Information
The company offers products by Wellcraft Egress Systems and Andersen Windows. Handcrafted window wells can be made from materials such as stone, block, or timber.
Areas Served
Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County
A selection of 272 homeowner reviews:
“They were first-rate from the initial customer engagement to the advice, the product, and the installation—everything was wonderful. I would recommend Drainage & Erosion Solutions; I'm using them again. They were very responsive, and they were comprehensive in their assessment. The installation is top-notch. I would grade them an A.”
“They put a sump pump in a window well. I would give them an A. They were great, and I certainly would recommend them to a friend.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions was very professional, and they gave me an imaginative and professional design recommendation. A tremendous performance. They're A+.”
“It was an excellent experience, and I had no complaints. I would recommend Drainage & Erosion Solutions.”
“It was very good. I would grade them an A+.”
“They replaced a window well for me. I would grade them an A+.”
“I would grade them an A.”
“It's been a year or two ago that it was done, but I would grade Drainage & Erosion Solutions with an A.”
“Everything looks really good. They deserve an A.”
“It was good. Everything is still working fine. I would grade them an A.”
“I have no general complaints, and I would recommend them to a friend.”
“They did a good job.”
“The work was last December. I think they worked for me twice. I think they're qualified, and I'm satisfied—I have no complaints. I would say they get an excellent grade.”
“They put in a number of French drains, they dug out a window well, and they put in a new well. There were a number of pop-up drains and other things that they put in, too. Their customer service was very good. It has been raining a lot here recently, and I've gotten no water in the basement. They're an A-.”
“They did several things for me. Their customer service was great. I would rate them an A, and I would recommend them.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions was great. They did a window well system for me. They also sealed up the wall and put in another drainage pipe. The side of the wall had some cracks in it, so they fixed those, too. They did a lot of work, and they did an excellent job. They were great to work with. I'd give them an A.”
“They were very hardworking, nice people. I was impressed. They were efficient, they got the job done, and it looked great. We were very pleased. They earned an A grade; they did very well.”
“The window well works beautifully, and the technician was excellent. They did a good job; the work was perfect. Everything is good, so I would give them an A rating.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions was very good, and they had great, grade-A customer service. I had a positive experience with them, and they did A-quality work.”
“They did a whole assessment of what needed to be done. Then, they gave me one or two options and a third rather simple solution for what to do after they completed the work. They showed up on time and completed the work in a day with no problems. The great thing was that I didn't even have to be there, but the best thing is that I don't have any basement problems. They were very helpful in explaining details to me, and I loved that they did follow-ups. I would give them an A rating because there were no issues at all.”
“I had water coming in through my basement windows, but the issue was resolved when they did the work. They were very quick to respond and set up the work, and they were very communicative about their plans to solve my issue. I have not had any further water. They were very, very good with the cleanup; they left it very clean. I would give them an A.”
“The work that they did was fine. I'd give it an A.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions did very good work, so an A is fine for their grade.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions did the work as promised and on time. I would recommend the company, and I'd give them an A.”
“They were fast, they did a complete job, and they cleaned up pretty well afterward. I needed their services to put in egress window wells because we had a couple bedrooms downstairs that had no way out. It all worked out well. I chose them because they seemed to have a good track record and because they had a very effective salesman. I think an A grade is fair for them.”
“Drainage & Erosion Solutions installed an egress well for me, and they did an excellent job. They were on time, and they stayed there until the job was complete. I'd definitely give them an A.”
“Drainage & Erosion did a very nice job, and they put everything back in place. They really helped us out at the house. All the people who work for them are very good. The technicians were very polite and very nice. Everything was excellent and has held up fine. They're an A+ company.”
“Drainage & Erosion did good work, they did it on time, and it cost what they quoted. They put an egress window and a drainage pipe in my basement. They cleaned up well. I felt like they came very equipped to do the service. I would use them again, and I'd give them an A grade.”
“I thought Drainage & Erosion Solutions did a great job. They paid attention to what I wanted and made sure they did it, and they made suggestions to make sure that I got exactly what I wanted. They suggested improvements and things of that nature. I think they were a recommendation from a friend in the neighborhood. I would give them an A+.”
“They put in a new window well to fix some leaking in a window, and they also did some drainage around the house. Everything went well. They arrived on time, did all the work very quickly, and left. Everything was cleaned up and in good condition when they left. I would use the company again. It was an A.”
“Their work was good. They did egress windows for my basement, and they also got the yard back to the state it'd been in before the work was done. They were pretty good—the window turned out well. There was a lot of damage to my yard, but they took care of that after the window wells were installed. They get an A.”

Drainage & Erosion Solutions is awesome—I love them. They did a beautiful job, and I'm very pleased. They dug a well and installed a window and put a lid on the well. It was great. I would give them an A.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions installed an egress window well, and they did top-quality work. The crew was fast and efficient; they were great. It was excellent—I'd give them an A.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions was very good, and they did great-quality work. They customized the project for me—they installed an egress window and did a great job. Their cleanup was immaculate—excellent. They were an absolute A+.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions was great. They were very good, and I was very satisfied. They were first class. I'd give them an A+.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions dug out the window wells at the rear of the townhouse, all the way down to the basement floor on the outside of the house. So far, so good. It was easy to talk and communicate with the workers who came out, and they did good work for me; it was a nice, neat finish. There was a little start delay, maybe, but nothing other than what the weather indicated. I didn't have any problem with the customer service when I called into the office.

They put in an egress window, and it was good. They followed the plan on schedule, finished on time, and did all the work we'd talked about. At the end, they took care of all that dirt they dug out, too. It was all good. I'd probably give them an A. I'd use them again at some point in the future, if I needed them.

I think Drainage & Erosion is superior. They installed an egress window with a window well. They cut open a large portion of the wall and installed a picture window in the basement. It was a major project. I’d give them an A.

Drainage & Erosion installed an egress window for me. They were professional, responsive, and did quality work. I would use this company again, and I would give them an A.

I had a positive experience with Drainage & Erosion Solutions. What they recommended worked. They were on time, and they were very professional. They get an A grade.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions installed an egress window and a window well. I felt that they did a good, quality job, absolutely. No issues at all.

I had a pretty severe problem—I was getting water into a window well. They installed a dry well, and it has worked quite well. The gentleman seemed quite competent. He analyzed the situation. He told me to call him if things didn’t work out, and I certainly would, but I think this thing will actually work.

We have a house that was built in 1985. It had little windows, but now the code says if you have a finished basement, you have to have escape routes, bigger windows. We had them dig out these escape windows. They did an incredibly good job.

They put in new window wells. They solved all our problems. They were wonderful.

I contacted them to get some work done....Everything worked really well. They explained what they were going to do, how they were going to do it. They did a fantastic job.

They installed an egress window with a window well and a ladder in it....What stood out to me was that the sales fellow was very knowledgeable. It was excellent. No leaks.

They put in a basement window and did the window well and all of that. Did a great job. They were easy to work with. Very professional folks who had a great product, and I would certainly use them again if I had the opportunity. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.

They put in a window well for us for our basement. There was a window already there, so they made it bigger and then they put in the window well. They did a wonderful job.

They installed an egress window in our basement. They were very professional. The gentleman who came out was very responsive and thorough. The window’s doing fine.

They did a nice job. They did the work as promised and finished in a timely fashion. It wasn't a tremendously complex thing; they were just digging a window out for me. Everything was as expected.