Atlanta Air Filters and Airborne Particles | Best Pick Reports

Buildup of pollen, dust, ragweed, and bacteria inside homes is common. Each time a door or a window opens, many new particles enter the home. If the particles are not proactively removed, they can begin to accumulate on furniture and in air ducts.

Unfortunately, standard throwaway filters used by most heating and air systems only catch large dust particles and do little to stop most pollen, ragweed, and small dust particles. Certain advanced filtration systems, such as high-end pleated media filters, which remove 99 percent of particles five microns or larger, and HEPA filters, which remove over 99 percent of particles 0.3 microns or larger, are now available. For comparison, the tip of a sharp pencil is about 200 microns. Of course, as the efficiency of the filter increases, so does the price.

Systems are also available to eliminate odors through the use of ultraviolet light. As the air circulates through the heating and air system, it passes through a source of ultraviolet light installed in the return air ductwork.