Air Duct Cleaning | Best Pick Reports

The EPA endorses “source removal” techniques for cleaning ducts. These techniques utilize special vacuum equipment, brushes, and compressed air to agitate the particles in the ducts. Properly cleaning air ducts is not a quick job. It usually takes between five and ten minutes per vent opening, or a total of four to eight man-hours for an average house. Beware of duct cleaners attempting to use portable, shop-vac-style cleaners. The duct cleaner should use equipment recognized by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA). This equipment includes either a truck-mounted system or a portable, negative-air-powered vacuum equipped with HEPA filters. A reputable professional will use the correct equipment, take the required time to do the job right, be licensed, not damage your system during the cleaning process, and clean both the ducts and the furnace/air conditioner components.