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"Power Vac America's mission is to provide the highest-quality air duct cleaning service in the most honest and professional manner. Our established team of duct cleaners is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to handle all jobs, large and small, and we offer free estimates. We will solve your indoor air quality problems."

Doug Long | Owner & President
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Power Vac America offers residential and commercial air duct cleaning and HVAC system cleaning and restoration services. The company cleans return air ducts, air handler blowers and cooling coils, supply ductwork, return grilles, and supply registers. Power Vac uses an antimicrobial fog and an antifungal coating of the supply plenum to help prevent future mold growth.
The company offers a one-year warranty on all work performed.
Company History
Founded in Houston in 1991, the local, family-owned-and-operated company is now one of the largest air duct cleaning companies in Texas.
Power Vac America is a state-licensed air conditioning contractor that is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and has earned NADCA's Outstanding Safety Award every year since 2000.
Areas Served
West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown
A selection of 147 homeowner reviews:
“Power Vac did a wonderful job. They went through every single duct and disinfected. They were very nice and professional, and they covered their shoes when they came in. They were A+.”
“They were very good, very professional, and informative. They demonstrated everything they were doing, and they were knowledgeable, cool guys. They did air duct cleaning. They went through all the ducts that they could reach from the individual rooms and the sides of the intakes. It was an A+ experience.”
“I had a very positive experience. They did duct cleaning and cleaned all of the returns. I had some mold issues that needed to be taken care of, and they were fast and prompt. They were very clean, and they explained the whole process. It was A+.”
“They were quite professional, and they did a good job. It was an excellent experience. I would give Power Vac an A.”
“The fellows were great. They did a terrific job on the house, but we are still having problems with one of the ducts trying to build up mold. I don't know if it's directly related to the A/C system or maybe we have another problem. I've got to give them an A+. They were absolutely professional about everything. I've already recommended them to almost all of the neighbors in our neighborhood. I told everyone, 'If you need duct work cleaning, these guys are definitely the guys that you need to call. They'll be here right away. They'll be here when they say they are going to be here. They don't come up with a bunch of excuses. They get right to work, get it done, leave, and make sure that you are 100 percent satisfied before they leave.'”
“They looked like they had very professional equipment. They were very considerate while inside my home. They communicated with me on what they were doing and what they saw as far as the condition of my duct work. So, I thought they were professional. I would say it was an A+ experience. I've already recommended them.”
“They came in and did an adequate job with their vacuuming and chemicals. We were happy with the professionalism, when they came in and went right to work. Everything seemed to be great. They came in, did their job, were very polite and courteous, and left. I would give them an A; no one gets an A+. I would recommend them.”
“I definitely had a positive experience. They demolded my duct system and a general maintenance. They were professional, and they got the job done in a timely manner. They actually gave me some free stuff so I could rehang my vents correctly. I would give them an A+ grade. I've already recommended them.”
“They were very professional. Everything was clean. They did what they said they were going to do., and they were friendly. No complaints. I would give them an A+, overall.”
“We had just moved into our home in October, and our home was owned by a cat owner. So, we hired them to basically disinfect all of our air ducts and to clean all of the air systems and vents in our house. I remember the guys were really nice. They talked to me specifically about putting in a light in our vents to keep mold down. They're an A+ company.”
“They cleaned ducts on the second story of our home. They were very concerned. I would give them an A+.”
“They were good. My dryer ducts were clogged up. They seemed to really know what they were doing. They were very quick and efficient. It was A+ work. I would definitely recommend them.”
“It was a full duct cleaning job, from the vents to the furnace. I'd grade them as an A+.”
“It was a standard cleaning job. They were professional, courteous, and on time. I'd give them an A+.”
“They were prompt, courteous, and they cleaned up after themselves.”
“They worked on my A/C. They were really good at what they did, and they had it all done within a day. I haven't had any problems with it since. It works better than it did when we bought it 20 years ago. I would give them an A rating. I've already recommended them.”
“I think it was duct cleaning for mold. I would give them an A.”
“I definitely had a positive experience. They were very professional and got things done on time. I had no issues. They got everything done that I asked them to do, and they explained everything. I would give them an A.”
“They cleaned the ducts in the whole house. They were pretty efficient. It seemed like they knew what they were doing. No complaints. They're an A.”
“I had a positive experience. They did a good job for me.”
“I have no complaints and I would recommend them.”
“They were very well organized and knew what they were doing. They were very industrious, professional, and explained everything to me. I asked questions and they answered them all. I was very pleased. I've already recommended them.”
“I think it was OK. It was a two story duct cleaning job. I think they were good. It was an A overall experience.”
“I had no problem with them.”
“It was fine.”
“They cleaned out the ducts of my aunt's house. Nothing particular stood out to me. The fact that it is a smoker's home, we are smelling a little bit of smoke again, but that's not necessarily their fault.”
“There weren't any problems. I would recommend them.”
“They cleaned all of the vents throughout the house, and we had some trace of mold. They were on time and kept their word with their pricing. They gave us a quote over the phone and it was the same price at the completion of the project. They cleaned up after they finished the work as well, so I was very pleased. I'll give them an A.”
“They were great. They cleaned up the ductwork in the whole house. The guys were really friendly and very detailed, and they did a good job. They were listed in the Best Pick Reports. They get an A+ because they were really good.”
“Power Vac America was prompt, on time, and professional, and they did a good job. They cleaned up after themselves. They did duct cleaning, and I'd grade them as an A+.”
“The only thing that I wasn't pleased with is that, on the very top floor where they had to pull their hose, it kind of scuffed the wall, but it was because they were stretching the hose so far. I'm getting the room repainted, so it's fine. The rest of the floors were impeccable. They were very professional. I had allergies, so they did it for that reason, and I actually feel better. My hairdresser cuts the hair of someone with tremendous allergies, and Power Vac America helped her—that's how I found out about them. They're an A+ company, and they did a great job.”
“They have a tremendous amount of honesty. They are a very honest firm because I called them out here for ductwork, and they showed me that I did not need ductwork—instead, I just needed to clean some of the outlets for the ducts. They could've just cleaned the ducts and made a lot of money, but they chose to be honest with me—I thought that was very admirable. I think I found them in the Best Pick Reports. They get an A+ from me.”
“Power Vac America was great—they seemed very honest, and they did a really good job. They cleaned the air ducts and treated all the vents for mold. They did an A+ job.”
“They seemed to have done a good job. They cleaned my ductwork, and then they also cleaned out the air-blowing unit. They were knowledgeable with what they did, and they were efficient and friendly. They seemed to get the job done properly, from what I could tell. They definitely get an A.”
“It was nice. They came in and did what they said they were going to do, they charged me what they said they were going to charge me, and then they went on about their business. I liked it. They cleaned the ducts, and I would give them an A.”
“Power Vac America did a good job. That was my first time getting ducts cleaned, so I didn't know what to expect. I chose them from the Best Picks book. They get an A rating.”
“They seemed to know what they were talking about, and they were quick and polite. They just cleaned the ductwork. They did a grade-A job.”
“We had a cleaning done, and we were OK with the services. We were out of town when they did it, so we communicated with them over the phone before they left. I have no complaints. They cleaned all of our ducts. They were the company that was recommended to us by our architect. As far as I know, it was fine, so they get an A.”
“Power Vac America did good, professional work. They cleaned out the ducts. I chose them based on word of mouth. I'd rate them as an A.”
“They are very thorough and professional. They cleaned the ducts. I chose them through a referral, and I would give them an A.”
“I thought we had long ductwork, and it turned out that it was just a few inches. They took it off and said, 'There's really nothing to clean here.' I guess in that sense, they were honest with me, and they did good, too. I think the customer service was fine, so I would give them an A grade.”
“Everything was good. Power Vac America cleaned my ducts, and they get an A from me.”
“It was really efficient. They cleaned the ducts in the house. They were recommended to me, and I think they deserve an A rating.”
“Power Vac America cleaned out our ducts, and I'd grade them as an A.”
“All their work was performed well. They cleaned the vents in my house and sanitized the whole thing. I'd give them an A.”
“The guys were in and out very quickly, or at least in less time than they said it could possibly take. They were also very thorough, and they communicated their process at the very beginning. They were very up-front about any questions they had so that they could get a good result at the end. We were pleased with it. They cleaned the air ducts in our house. My husband shopped around at two or three different companies, and he ended up choosing Power Vac America because they were the company that had cleaned the hospitals after one of the hurricanes. My husband is a germ freak, so that was good enough for him. They're an A.”
“They were very professional. They got in and got the job done. They cleaned air ducts and a dryer vent. I would give them an A grade.”
“They did the job that they came to do. They cleaned our air ducts. Their customer service was fine. I did not have to call them back for any issues—I felt fine. They said there wasn't much in the air ducts to clean out. We had remodeled, so we were having it cleaned after the remodel. I'd recommend them, and I'd say they're an A.”
“They were on time, and the service was good. They cleaned the ducts. The customer service was good, and they were efficient and good. I'd rate them as an A.”
“Everything worked out great. The customer service was very, very good. I would recommend them. I think they deserve an A.”