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"At The Mad Hatter, we don't recommend taking chances or cutting corners. If you have mold in your ducts, we won't simply clean them. We want to help you address and treat the underlying problem to prevent the mold from coming back. We work hard to make you happy."

Kevin Sparks | President
Company Information
Services Offered
The Mad Hatter Air Duct Cleaning & Chimney Sweep offers duct cleaning, filtration upgrades, and dryer vent cleaning. In addition to these ductwork services, The Mad Hatter offers chimney cleaning and chimney work.
Company History
The Mad Hatter was founded in 1978 by the Sparks family and began cleaning Atlanta ducts in 1989. Kevin Sparks, who began helping his father at the air duct cleaning and chimney company when he was 14, runs the Atlanta office.
The company has a National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist on staff.
Employee Information
The company's employees wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles.
Areas Served
North Atlanta, Cherokee, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Gwinnett/East Metro, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Cumming, Cobb/Marietta
A selection of 217 homeowner reviews:
“They're very, very professional, and they did what they said they were going to do. They cleaned out the ducts all through the house, and they did a first-class job. I'd give them an A+ for my overall experience. They were excellent.”
“I had vent cleaning done, and it was very positive. They were efficient and clean, and they did a very good job. They're A+.”
“They did duct cleaning, and they were knowledgeable and on time. They did a really good job, and the people were nice.”
“They did chimney work and cleaned some ducts. They were professional and quick, and they just did a really good job—A.”
“They were doing air duct cleaning. They were quick and easy, and they told me what they were doing. Overall, I'd give them an A.”
“It was great working with the Mad Hatter. They cleaned out the dry vents on top of the house. They were very nice, polite, and explained things to me. I enjoyed them. I don't have any complaints. I'd give them an A grade for my overall experience.”
“They came to check and clean the furnace. They did the air ducts. They were very honest and didn't waste time. They kept working. When they saw something that didn't need to be done, they told me. They said I was good for two years. They were two nice guys. I'd rate them an A for my overall experience.”
“They replaced my range fan and did some work on the firewall. They put a heat plate back and did some cleaning. They did the whole inspection and I'm satisfied with them. They were very polite and very informative. They answered my questions and told me what I needed to hear. I'd give them an A grade for my overall experience.”
“I went to Best Pick Reports and used The Mad Hatter for duct cleaning, and that's an A+. They did a great job.”
“We've used Mad Hatter to clean our dryer vent, and we always call them back. They clean out our dryer vents, and once, they had to fix it. They were dependable and did their job, and I can't complain. I'd grade them an A.”
“We had our ducts cleaned with them, and it was fine.”
“They were very courteous and very clean. They explained everything, and it was good. I've noticed a difference since they've done the duct cleaning. I would rate them as an A.”
“I use Mad Hatter. They've been very good. They do what they say they're going to do when they say they're going to do it. They've just cleaned for me. I don't have any complaints.”
“The Mad Hatter did a great job. They came in a timely manner, they did what I asked, they did it thoroughly, and they were polite. They did duct cleaning for my home, and they also did a fireplace cleaning. We had used them in the past. They're A+.”
“The Mad Hatter was excellent. The guy was absolutely super, and it was a very nice experience. He called before he showed up, he came on time, and he explained what he did. It was great. I would give them an A rating.”
“I used Mad Hatter for air duct cleaning, and they were great. They came out twice and did a professional job both times. The quality of the air has been very good since I used them. I'd give them a solid A.”
“The Mad Hatter was on time and clean. They cleaned out the ducts, and I would give them an A+ grade.”
“I actually wasn't home for their service, but my fiance said it was fine. Everything was fantastic, so I'd give the Mad Hatter an A grade.”
“I wasn't here when they did the work, but my husband was. He would give them an A+.”
“They seemed to do a good job. They were very thorough and answered a lot of my questions. I had the chimney and dryer vent cleaned. I've never had this type of experience with anyone else, but I'd give them an A grade.”
“The Mad Hatter did a good job. They did what they were supposed to do, and they pointed out that I need to fix something. My vents weren't connected properly by the builder. We had somebody make arrangements to have all the work done at once. I'd give them an A.”
“They did several technical things for me. The guy who came to the house was great. He explained everything very well, and he found what the issues were really quickly. He did a good job. They were in and out, and they were clean. I chose them because they are right down the road from where I live. They're an A.”
“The Mad Hatter did the job, and it didn't take that long. They were professional. They put stuff on their feet so they didn't mess up the carpet. I'd give them an A.”
“The Mad Hatter was fine. I was very happy with the service. I'd give them an A rating.”
“They were very good. They were very efficient, very friendly, and very quick—in and out. They did the dryer vent, and it was very good. I chose them because the homeowners association recommended them, but I'd had them here before. They had to separate my dryer vent from some of the other units. That was a few years ago. I'd give them an A—they were very good.”
“They were very nice. They complimented how clean it was behind my dryer and washer. They didn't bring in any dirt or anything, and they just seemed very, very efficient. I was very, very pleased with it, and it takes a lot to make me happy. They did the dryer vent. I've been here for seven years, so I thought I should get it checked. I chose them because they had done some work in another section of our 55 years old and up community. They all seemed to be very pleased with them, so I called. I think everybody was pleased with the company's work. I'd give them an A because they left the laundry room just the way they found it. I was very, very satisfied. I didn't see a lot of dirt outdoors, and they said that I must have been using my filter very well. I was very pleased with the way they handled it and their personalities.”
“The Mad Hatter did our air duct cleaning, and they were really great. My son has allergies. They came out when they said they would, and the price was what they had estimated—it didn't suddenly jump $100 when they were done. They did really great work. It was very professional. We've got to do it every couple years—it's like going to the dentist. I would give The Mad Hatter an A.”
“Mad Hatter did my air ducts, and I liked the work. They did what they told me they would do, and I noticed a difference in the air quality. I was having allergy issues back then, and they were reduced a lot after the cleaning. I've referred them to a friend of mine. I would give them an A.”
“Mad Hatter was very professional, very experienced, and informative. The gentleman who was here—the head of the crew—really knew what he was doing. They inspected the fireplace, cleaned out my dryer vent, and replaced the dryer cap on the outside of the house. They did a great job, and they were very courteous, very polite, and very neat. They earned an A.”
“Mad Hatter did duct cleaning, and they were very good. They did everything they said they would do, and they did it from the floor to the roof. I'm very happy with them—A++.”
“The Mad Hatter did the air duct cleaning. They did an outstanding job. I'd give them an A+.”
“We went with Mad Hatter for mold remediation. They were very good. They were very professional, they did a good job, and the cleanup of the project was fantastic. We had a problem in our attic with mold in the vents, and they had to lug up heavy machinery all the way up to the attic of the house. They were just very neat and very professional; I would absolutely give them an A.”
“I went to Mad Hatter and had a positive experience there. What stood out the most was that they took the time and explained the step-by-step process in detail. They even identified areas outside of their normal, day-to-day job that I might want to take a look at to get certain things serviced to get better efficiencies for my air conditioning or save me electricity. It had nothing to do with my ductwork, but since they were knowledgeable in my area, they went above and beyond to share their experiences.”
“I went with The Mad Hatter. My experience with them was positive. Their technicians seemed to know what they were doing; we could watch what they were doing, and they didn't seem to have any problems. Everything was good. I would recommend them, and I would give them an A+.”
“I had my ducts cleaned by The Mad Hatter. It was a positive experience; I was very pleased. I've used them before. I liked everything they did—they came on time, they were neat, and I thought they did a good job. I've never had to call them back, get them to fix anything, or lodge a complaint. I would give them an A.”
“I used Mad Hatter to get my ducts cleaned back when I was getting my floors put in. I had gone off in the summer, and the person who installed the floors coordinated with them even though I was in Rhode Island. When I came back, I could tell a difference in the air quality in my home. My vents had been dirty. That's the only time I've ever had them cleaned. I'd rate Mad Hatter an A.”
“We used The Mad Hatter for the air duct cleaning. I'd give them an A. They did what they said they were going to do.”
“It worked out really well. We were happy with the service—it was a pretty positive experience overall. We chose them because of the ease of scheduling; it just worked out that they were able to come when I could be there. I would give them an A+, and I would use them again—they were really good.”
“I did some work with Mad Hatter. My experience with them was positive—they showed up on time, they cleaned up after themselves, they explained what they were doing, and they did exactly what they said they were going to do. Their customer service was good. I would give them an A.”

The Mad Hatter is really great. They cleaned out the dryer vent, and they also helped me with my chimney. The technicians were professional and really knowledgeable. They're great. I would absolutely use them again. They go above and beyond—they really do. I'd give them an A+. They're really, really good.

The Mad Hatter was very professional, courteous, and clean. They came in, got to work, cleaned all the vents, and put the covers back on. They were really great. It was a great experience—an absolute A. It was fantastic.

The Mad Hatter did a good job. I was really pleased with them. They were very polite and respectful. They did a good job cleaning everything, including the vent covers. They looked brand-new after they finished cleaning. I would give them an A+.

We had Mad Hatter clean our ducts. I am very impressed with the service. They were timely and finished the job in a reasonable amount of time. The workers were very good, knowledgeable, friendly, and hardworking. I would give them an A.

Mad Hatter did air duct cleaning for me. They did great. I was concerned about my dryer vent, and they came in and cleaned it all out. They were just very professional.

They were prompt, did a good job, and took care of us. I’ve used them before, and they continue to be reliable, good folks.

We use Mad Hatter for air duct cleaning. They did a great job. I’ll give them an A.

I had my air ducts cleaned by Mad Hatter about three years ago, and I have them clean my chimneys too. I think their service is great. I've used them for 20 years now. I think I went with them originally because they were family owned, and they never made a mess. I have white carpet. I would give them an A+. I'd recommend them.

It was an extremely positive experience. They were competent, they had good equipment, and they were quality people to have in my home. There were no issues—they're an A.

We used Mad Hatter for duct and chimney cleaning. They did a very good job—they just knocked it out.

For chimneys, we used Mad Hatter. They did our ducts as well. They did a good job, and they cleaned up after themselves.