Warning Signs | Best Pick Reports

Since the dryer vent is out of sight, it can be difficult to know if it is in need of cleaning. There are, however, a few very noticeable warning signs that you should be on the lookout for.

Longer drying time. If loads of clothes—particularly heavy ones, such as jeans, bedding, or towels—are taking a longer time to dry than they typically have in the past, it could indicate an increasing restriction of airflow in the dryer vent.

No lint on the lint screen. An empty lint trap after a drying cycle may signal a blocked dryer vent. The buildup of air pressure will cause lint to stick to the vent’s side of the lint screen or collect around the back side of the dryer drum. If the lint screen does not have at least a light covering of lint after a dryer cycle, you should have your dryer vent checked.

Clothes or dryer is extremely hot after a cycle. If the top of the dryer becomes very hot to the touch, or if the clothes seem overheated or singed after they are removed, this may point to a ventilation problem due to an obstruction or improper connection. A dryer vent cleaner is able not only to clean your dryer vent but also to check the system’s connections and ensure they are secure.