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Xclusive Concrete & Brick Paving has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 107 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
5th year as a Best Pick Call
"After more than 20 years in this field, my staff and I have created a better concrete construction service—one that customers truly appreciate. I'm proud to say that no matter what kind of job we undertake, we achieve quality results on time and within our customers' budgets."

Tony Grisanzio | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Xclusive Concrete & Brick Paving constructs concrete and brick driveways, walkways, steps, porches, patios, stoops, retaining walls, and outdoor fireplaces. The company offers many other services as well, including concrete floor and curb laying, concrete stamping and staining, drainage system installation, gravel and asphalt paving, excavation, demolition, surface sealing, and foundation building.
The company offers a one-year limited workmanship warranty.
Company History
President Tony Grisanzio founded Xclusive in 2000 after a decade-long career in concrete construction. Since then, the company has expanded to include a wide variety of related specialty services.
Areas Served
Northern Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Southwest Chicago Suburbs, Western Chicago Suburbs

“I'd say Xclusive is an A+. They felt like family by the time they were done. They're perfect. The receptionist and office coordinator is phenomenal. I met the owner several times. Whenever I needed something, he came straight to our house. I have already recommended them.”

“I thought Xclusive was the best group. They were A+ all the way—very nice.”

“We were thrilled with them. We have only good words to say about them; no complaints.”

“They get an A+; it was very good. We are satisfied with the work, and I already recommended them to my friend.”

“Xclusive did a really nice job. I had a nice experience with them—I had no complaints at all.”

“I would say it was an A+.”

“A+. I already have recommended them.”

“I would say an A+.”

“Good. A+. Punctuality was fair, but we had a little communication issue.”


“It was an A.”

“There's some issues. I have some issues with Tony, but I'll follow up with him next year because we're going to get some other work done out here. Most of the work's been great—I have no problem with it at all. Afterward, there was some concrete left that almost looked like the guy washed the truck out on the lawn. Now the lawn is almost concrete from the liquid and that's going to have to be raked up next year. They've got to fix that. I've dealt with those guys for two, and everything's been great. There was one problem with this concrete, and I'm sure Tony will fix it. Every little major and minor thing that's gone wrong, he's fixed, so I have no problem whatsoever. Those guys are always there when they say they were going to be there. They poured down from the truck, which should've never been left that way. Very poor cleanliness. I'd recommend them anywhere, anytime sure.”

“I've give them an A grade. I already have recommended them.”

“I thought they actually messed up my garden. They dug out part of a big giant bush, so I took all the bushes out. The cement is great—it looks great. I was mad that they dug out like a third of the front bushes in the house. They cleaned up pretty goods afterward, but they killed the bush. So, that's the only thing I wasn't happy about. Plus when I was booking it, they kept putting it off and putting it off. That was a little nerve wracking, but that was not their fault, it was bad weather.”

“Xclusive Concrete & Brick Paving did a patio and a walkway. I would give them an A+ rating.”

“I liked the professionalism, and they were prompt as well. They laid our concrete patio in the back. We get the Best Picks book, and they were rated as a Best Pick for the area. They were professional and prompt, and they were very neat when they did the work as well. I'd say they earned an A+, for sure.”

“Everything went fine. The work was done to what my specifications were. We were pretty happy. They replaced a patio. I chose them because they were local. Their customer service was fine. I'll give them an A because I had no problems.”

“Xclusive Concrete & Brick Paving put in a new patio and a couple of portions of my walk. They also did the apron of my driveway. Their customer service was fine. They were an A—no complaints.”

“They came when they said they would be here, and the job was what they said it would be as far as time. I thought it looked good, and I actually had a couple people in the neighborhood ask me where I got the job done at. They did my front and side walkway. I found them in the Best Picks. I thought they did a good job, and I may be hiring them later on for another project. Right now, they'd get an A, but what I'm really looking forward to is seeing how the concrete withstands the weather. They said that because it's going to get cold, I need to use the sand instead of the salt on the concrete, so I'm going to do just what they said. I want to see how it sustains over the next two years just going based on what information they gave me.”

“I liked the job that they did. They did my driveway. They were on time, and they did it fast. I found them because they did a driveway for my neighbor on my street. When I was ready to do mine, I give them a call to confirm estimate, and they came out and did it. I'd give them an A.”

“Xclusive Concrete & Brick Paving did a good job, and it was easy communication. They did the driveway. He had done some work in the neighborhood, so I got his number from people who had work done by him. I would rate them as an A.”

“Xclusive Concrete & Brick Paving did the job. I paid for it, they did it, and they were very good.”

“Xclusive Concrete & Brick Paving was wonderful. It was a very high-quality, professional job, and I'm very satisfied with the outcome. I liked the owner, and I appreciated that he came on-site twice. Xclusive gets an A+.”

“They were very professional, and everything they did was very good. They did a driveway and an apron, and they repaired a little bit of the sidewalk. They were clever trying to match the back with the new concrete, so we liked that. They were very good. I'd give them an A++.”

“The owner worked very well with people—very understanding and agreeable. They did the driveway, front walkway, front porch, side walkway, side stoop, and back patio. I would give them an A.”

“They did a nice job on my driveway. They're definitely an A+.”

“Xclusive Concrete did a nice job. A neighbor recommended them, and I'd recommend them, too. I had no problems with them. They deserve an A+.”

“I had my driveway done, and it was very good. They kind of went over everything with me; he explained how it worked and what material they were using. He recommended some things that I liked, and he was just a nice guy. At the end of the day, it worked out great. I'd give them an A+ grade. It's very good so far; there are no cracks, and everything turned out really well.”

“They did a sidewalk, and it was fine. Everything was done very efficiently and pleasantly. I would rate them as an A, and I would recommend them.”

“I'm very pleased with Xclusive Concrete & Brick Paving. The first time they came out, they did a front sidewalk and recoated my front steps, and the second job they did was to lay concrete for the driveway by the backyard. Everything was good. I'd give them an A+.”

“Xclusive was wonderful. The workers came on time, worked hard, and cleaned up after themselves. They were very, very good people, and they did exactly what they said they were going to do. I'd definitely recommend them, and I'd give them an A+.”

“Xclusive did a nice job on our driveway and our garage floors last July. I was very pleased, and I would definitely recommend them to other people. They deserve an A.”

“Their work looks good, and they were easy to work with—A+.”

“They did a new driveway and an entire back patio for me, and they also did some drainage at the end of my driveway. I found them in Best Picks. I was very pleased with everything. Tony, the owner, did all the work, along with his crew. I was very pleased, and I would definitely use them again. I'd give them an A+ rating.”

“The work was great—we had no problems. They were on time, fast, and good quality. Everything went according to plan. They did a carport, steps, and sidewalks. The work is holding up fine. I'd grade them A+.”

“I had no problems with Xclusive—I was very pleased. They were very easy to speak to; every time I conveyed what I wanted done, there was no miscommunication, and I appreciated that. Because of the way my house is situated, the work they did was part patio and part driveway. Xclusive was recommended by somebody I know. I would give them an A grade, and I'd definitely use them again if I needed work done.”

“The technician was always hands-on. I didn't have to check on him or anything like that; he just did the job. They put in a driveway for me. I'd give them an A—they did a fine job.”

“They gave me an accurate quote, and they were finished on time. They did concrete in a crawl space for me. The work is holding up well today. I would recommend Xclusive—they get an A from me.”

“They just did a very nice, very neat job. They cleaned up, and it looked good. The whole thing was pretty decent. The only thing I wasn't sure about was if they put a seal on the concrete slab; I think they did, but I'm not positive. I'd give them an A.”

“They were absolutely fabulous. Xclusive was professional, they worked with us to see what we wanted, they explained everything in good detail, and they did an excellent job. They installed a driveway. We've had a really bad winter here, and we know some other people who have had a new driveway put in, and theirs have already cracked, but ours hasn't. They're definitely an A+.”

“Xclusive did an excellent job. They did a patio in the back and a walkway. They were neat, and they left everything in order. I'm very satisfied with their work, and we have recommended them to others who were just as happy as we were. They do a good job, and they try to please their customers.”

“The whole company was just fantastic—very clean and very respectful. Xclusive did my driveway and sidewalk. They just do excellent work. It was A+. I highly recommend them.”

“That company is very good—Xclusive did a very good job. They did the driveway and one or two pieces on the sidewalk. They did a good job all the way around. They were referred to me by some other people, and they did what those people said they would. They did a heck of a nice job. Everything they did is an A grade.”

“They were great. They were prompt, clean, on time—everything. Everything about it was positive. I dealt with Tony, who's the owner of the company. He was great; he was very accessible. He was on his guys, too. They were very clean and organized. They didn't leave a mess like some companies who leave stuff everywhere. They were great, and Tony was awesome. He was very pleasant and knew what he was talking about. Usually with contractors, you never know, but Xclusive was awesome. I would say they deserve an A+++.”

“They were very good. They're just very easy to work with—very professional. They worked with the city to get the permits; they made it easy for us. They worked really well with us to lay out the job that we were looking at getting done, and they got it all done. Everything was very good. If I needed more concrete work, I would use their people again. I would recommend Xclusive. I'd give them an A+.”

“I was very satisfied. They poured a new foundation, new footings, and a slab. They were going to do some more work for me, but everything that they've done so far is completed. I really like their quick responses. If I needed something, they were out the next day or two days later—whenever they could make it. If I needed something, they were there. It's a good company. They're an A+.”

“Xclusive Concrete is very good. They did a new concrete driveway. They did a great job. The quote process was very smooth. The workers were great, and the job was very good.”

“They did some concrete work for us several years ago. They did a great job—really professional. They cleaned up and everything. We're happy with their work. We would call them again. We had a good experience; I would give them an A.”

“They recently did a driveway, a stoop, and a patio for me. I was more than satisfied with the work. In fact, I recommended them to two of the neighbors, who also used them.”

“It worked out beautifully for me. The way they did the work stood out as really great. They were on the ball; they knew what they were doing. I haven't had to call them back about the job since it was completed. I would give them an A.”

“Xclusive Concrete was efficient. They have done a nice job so far. They did brick work—a walkway, and they put a design in our driveway. I'd say they're an A grade. They will follow through with what you've asked.”

“They poured a new driveway and new sidewalks around our house. The workers were very professional and courteous when they were there. The work was done in a very professional manner. I would recommend Xclusive. The cleanup was very good; they didn't leave any messes when they were done. They came back a few days later after everything was set and took away all the forms and the caution tape and didn't leave us with anything that we had to clean up. I would give them an A.”

“They worked together with me. We have a driveway that's made of pavers, and it has a concrete apron at the end; the township required that. They were able to coordinate with the paving and the contractor and put the apron in to the township's specifications. We're pleased with it. I would definitely use Xclusive again. I would recommend them. I'd give them an A.”

“Xclusive Concrete, they're very good. I had no problems with them. They're professional guys. They did a nice, smooth job. I had them pour out my fireplace slab in the back and put some concrete down in my crawl space, and they did some work for my father on a patio. They're good, and they're on time. I haven't had any issues with them, and I haven't had any issues with the concrete when they were done with it, either. The quality of the work was good. I would recommend the company. I'd say they get an A+.”

“Everything was fine with Xclusive Concrete. They did my driveway the way I wanted it. They cleaned up well after the install, and I felt like they did the job for me in a reasonable amount of time. I would recommend Xclusive to others. I'd give them an A.”

“They did a quality job, and I thought they were efficient. I'm probably going to be giving them a call in the next couple of weeks to do just follow-up work for me. They put in a paver patio and a walkway. The quality of the work and the installation crew were good. I have recommended the company a few times already. I'll give them an A.”

“I didn't have them do too much—they worked on the patio. The quality of the work looked fine to me, and the workers seemed fine. We had a deck and steps that they took down. They cut out the steps and the upper-level part, so we could have a flat patio. They came out right away and seemed really nice. They worked the whole time they were here and hauled all the stuff away that they removed. They would be an A. I had no problem with the work. In fact, I'd call them again for something.”

“Xclusive Concrete did some work for me at the end of August or September. They did a nice job, and it was a very good experience. They were very nice. They put a new cement driveway in. So far, so good. The workers were good; I didn't have any problems with them. Very nice owner and very nice workers. It was done really quick—very good. They didn't linger on and on; they just came and did it, and that was it. The cleanup was fine; they came the next day and took the wood forms out. I would recommend the company to other people, and I would definitely use them again myself. They're an A+. They really were nice.”

“Everything went all right. It was a pretty positive experience across the board. They put in a driveway. I haven't had to call them back at all since that driveway was done. They were very professional and got it done very quickly. No complaints—they were great. They get an A.”

“Xclusive Concrete did pretty well. They removed a pool. The workers were fine. They showed up when they were supposed to, they did the work we asked them to, and I think they did a good job. I would refer them to other people.”

“They did a great job. They did the whole driveway. The quality was excellent. Everything was good. I would give them an A+. I would use Xclusive again, and I would recommend them to others.”

“Xclusive Concrete did an excellent job. They're an A+. I would definitely use the company again and recommend them to others.”

“I liked the service they provided, and the timing—just everything. They did a driveway, a patio, and everything else. They're super. They did the job in a fair amount of time. It's the type of company I would recommend to my friends. I would give them an A.”

“Xclusive did concrete work, a patio. The workers were fine. This was the first time I had ever used the company.”

“They're fine—working with Xclusive Concrete was a positive experience. I never had a problem with them. They did a garage ramp, and it was done correctly. They gave me the invoice, and I paid them—no problems. I'll give them an A. It was excellent—I have no complaints.”

“Their service was good. They were timely and on budget. I didn't have any communication problems with the company. They laid a large segment of sidewalk. I haven't had to call them back out for any reason. I'd recommend a friend to go talk to the owner and get a quote. I would use them again.”

“Everything has gone really well with Xclusive Concrete. They've done some retaining walls and columns around my barbecue grill and some concrete work. They've done other projects for me, too, but for my house it's been retaining walls and pavers. They've done concrete for me commercially. Everything has gone well, for sure. I would give them an A. They're really good on concrete, too.”

“I had a very, very positive experience with Xclusive Concrete. They did some patio work and a little driveway work.”

“They did a patio for me. This is the first time I ever used this company. I had them come over and do a bid; I had four or five bids, and I chose them. They did an excellent job. I told them what I wanted, and they produced the result that I wanted. The cleanup afterward was very good. This is a company that I would use again. I'll give them an A.”

“Things went fine with Xclusive. They did my driveway for me, and they did a wonderful job. They came when they said they were coming, and they cleaned everything up. I have no complaints. I had to wait a long time for them to come because they were busy, but once they came, they had everything done in a matter of two days. I found them in Best Pick Reports Quality Home Services Guide. I don't think there's anything they could've improved upon. I would give them an A.”

“It's been fine. I like the job they did. It took them a little bit longer than expected, but a part of it was due to a weather delay. The job they did was very nice. They did the drive and our front stoop. I liked the guy who came out after they told us what they were going to do. I would give Xclusive an A+.”

“Xclusive was just perfect. They did a driveway, a walkway, and a patio for me. They were very clean, they were professional, and they did the work on time—they said they would finish in three days, and they finished in three days. It was just a great experience. I refer them to anybody I know who needs new concrete work.”

“It’s just a good company, very considerate and organized. They did a lot for me. They poured a foundation and a floor for my addition, and they did my driveway. They also did a sidewalk and some steps, including some decorative finishing. Their work is the best I’ve seen in this neighborhood.”

“My experiences with Xclusive have been excellent. I can’t say enough good things about them. They did my driveway, garage floor, front porch, and a walkway to my back door. The workers were wonderful—they should absolutely get an A+.”