Cracks in Asphalt | Best Pick Reports

Inevitably, cracks will begin to creep through your asphalt. While larger ones should be addressed by a professional, smaller, spider-web cracks can be remedied by the homeowner. The ease with which these cracks can be dealt with is, in fact, one of the benefits of asphalt. Cracks that are smaller than half an inch can be repaired with crack filler, while larger ones require asphalt cold patch. Both of these items can be found at most hardware stores.

It’s important to immediately repair any cracks that begin to form, as they will admit moisture. This moisture will freeze in the winter, and in the summer it may allow plants or weeds to take root. Either of these will occasion potholes or more extensive damage to the driveway’s surface. While self-applied crack filler from a home improvement store will temporarily close the crack, a hot-pour filler, applied by a professional, is a much more durable solution.