Advantages of Asphalt | Best Pick Reports

Asphalt is currently a popular choice in driveway paving materials, especially in colder climates. Created from a mixture of concrete and petroleum, it is designed to gracefully maintain its good looks in spite of the temperature changes, pressure, and general wear and tear to which driveways are typically subjected.

Smoother than a simple gravel driveway, asphalt is easily shaped, tough, yet flexible, and often very cost effective to install. The black color and texture of the typical asphalt surface can mask oil spills and other stains that would be readily apparent on another type of surface. Visually appealing, an asphalt driveway can add value by increasing the curb appeal of your home. And with recent innovations in the application process, asphalt driveways can be laid with colors and patterns, so the homeowner may be able to enjoy the flexibility of asphalt and still express a creative flair.