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"Seal-Kote Services, a division of Hard Surface Solutions, has been serving the Chicagoland area since 1992. Our business is based on high-quality customer service, and we have built a very loyal clientele through hard work and dedication to our customers. It's our goal to become your best choice for all your asphalt needs."

Larry Peiser | General Manager
Company Information
Services Offered
Seal-Kote Services offers asphalt driveway repair, maintenance, and sealing for residential and commercial customers. The company also offers crack sealing, parking lot striping, and pothole repair services.
Seal-Kote Services offers industry-standard warranties.
Company History
The local company was founded in 1992. General Manager Larry Peiser has 26 years of industry experience.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo drug testing.
Additional Information
Seal-Kote Services uses products by GemSeal and Brewer Cote pavement sealer.
Areas Served
Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Southwest Chicago Suburbs, Western Chicago Suburbs
A selection of 91 homeowner reviews:
“Seal-Kote has done our driveway for a number of years, and they do a fine job. They come out every other year to seal the asphalt driveway. We haven't needed to replace ours because the maintenance has been solid. They come out when they say they're going to come out, and they do it promptly. They know their business. I'd give them an A, and I'd recommend them.”
“They hot-sealed some cracks in the driveway and then put a seal coat on the entire driveway. I'd definitely give them an A.”
“They seal-coated my driveway on two or three occasions. I'd say they're A+.”
“They seal-coated our driveway. I'd give them an A+; the quality of their work was great.”
“Their customer service was excellent. Seal-Kote is an A.”
“They black topped my driveway. I would give them an A.”
“They seal coated the driveway. I'd give them an A.”
“They seal coated my driveway. I would give them an A.”
“They did driveway work. I would give them an A.”
“They coated my driveway, they sealed my driveway. I'd give them an A.”
“They seal coated my driveway this year. I'd give them an A. Excellent.”
“It's perfect.”
“They've been doing it for years, ever since we moved down here, and they do a decent job. It's an asphalt driveway. We've just been using them for years. I'd give them the best grade.”
“I did have a positive experience. It's good, and I have no complaints.”
“My driveway got blacktopped. I saw that there were some big cracks; it looked to me that it wasn't just a sealant problem. It was something else in there helping to create the cracks before they put the sealant on. They saw the problem and helped me with it. I would recommend them.”
“My husband was the one that dealt with them, but I would use them again.”
“They sealed our driveway nicely. I didn't deal with them—my husband did—but I thought they were fine. I would recommend them. An A is what I would give them. I had no complaints.”
“We had no problems with the job that was done. They came on time, they finished, and that was it. They sealed the driveway. I'd give them an A grade.”
“They're OK. I think they followed up on a couple of items, and they were able to deliver to my satisfaction, even if it took a couple of times. It was just a sealing job. I would recommend them.”
“I wasn't here, but they did the work and it looked great. That's about it. They came the day they were supposed to come, and they completed the job. The job was sealing the driveway. I would recommend them. I would say they're an A.”
“I was out of town, and I had to arrange everything remotely. Not only did they give me a good service, but they did it completely on trust. They sent me an invoice in the mail, I paid it within a few weeks, and I never got a call, so that's huge. If I had had to be there physically, it would've been a problem, so it worked out great. They sealed the driveway. My neighbor says it looks good and my realtor says it looks good. I'd have to give them an A for the job.”
“They come out almost yearly. They're good. There's just never any hassle. They show up when they say they're going to do it, they do the work as quoted, and then they're gone. It's good. It's pretty basic. They sealed the driveway. I'm never really there, but I bet it takes less than an hour. I have recommended them, and my neighbors use them, too. I guess I'd give them an A.”
“They're just prompt, and they do a good job. I would definitely recommend them. They added a seal coat to my driveway. I don't know how long it takes, because I've never been there when they do it. They definitely get an A.”
“They were quick, and they got it done without me even noticing that they were here. This was the first time we've used them, so it was just one time, but I would use them again. They're an A-grade company.”
“It's all good.”
“They were responsive, they did the job, and they got it done quick. I've used them just once. They sealed my driveway. I was not there when they did the work. Their customer service was very good. I'd rate the company as an A.”
“I have not had any issues with them. They came when they said they were going to come, and it looks like they covered the blacktop the way I wanted them to. There was no problem. I ask them to come when I want them to come, and then they come.”
“The time they said they would do it at, they did it at, and I liked the product itself. I've only used them once. They sealed my driveway. They cleaned up their mess. I would recommend them to a friend. With the product I had and with what I had done, I would give the company an A rating.”
“They were fast and did a good job. They did a sealing job. It was just the one time. It did not take them very long. They cleaned up their mess.”
“They did a very good job and they paid attention to detail when they applied the seal coat, so there was very little overspray and it looked uniform across the entire driveway. It was the first time I engaged them in service. I would recommend them. They did clean up their mess, too.”
“They do what I pay them to do. We have them come every other year for sealing my driveway. I'm never here when they do it.”
“It was very good.”
“They got to us in a timely manner, and they did a very thorough job. We've used them in the past. They sealed our driveway. I assume they work quickly; I wasn't there when they did it. I would recommend them.”
“I'm satisfied. The company did a great job.”
“I am satisfied with the work that was done. I have no complaints. They sealed my driveway.”
“What I liked about this company is that they seemed to be better equipped than other firms. I've used other services in the past, and those services didn't have the correct equipment. The other companies would bring in buckets of tar, and they seemed to have a central add-on unit that you would attach to a car that would have a lot of supplies. They actually sealed a driveway for me. It involved sealing some cracks and then putting a sealant coat over the driveway to provide a better enhanced look for the driveway. I've used private contractors in the past that didn't have the specialty touch that this company has, and I would never go back to private contractors. I think that specialty touch is enough to warrant using somebody that specializes in that business. I would give them an A.”
“They did what they said they would do, and they were flexible with the schedule. It was driveway work.”
“They were really fine. Everything was fine. Everything was done great, and I couldn't ask for better.”
“Everything was really good.”
“We had a lot of driveway cracks open up in the past year, and we felt like they did a really good job of filling in these big cracks and then sealing over it. They sealed the driveway. I would grade them as an A.”
“It was very easy to get in touch with them—to communicate via email. They sealed the driveway. They get an A grade.”
“They were very professional. I think we've used them twice, so we're very happy with them. The other thing is, once they've done the job, you don't have to pay them right away. They send you an invoice, so it's very professional. I would say they get an A grade. This job was for the driveway.”
“I've been using them for a number of years and have always gotten good service from them. They do a very good quality job, and they have always come when they said they were going to come. So we've just really been happy with them for a number of years. They sealed my driveway. I've been using them for probably at least ten years. I would give them an A grade.”
“It was good. Everything was OK, and there are no issues. I just emailed them once and called them once for a minute, and that's about it. I didn't talk much, and that's what I liked—we didn't talk much and they finished on time. They were sealing the driveway. An A grade is fine for them.”
“They just were quick to respond, and they did a good job like always. They just recoated my driveway and filled the cracks. My sister-in-law's been using them for years.”
“They showed up when they said they would, and they were clean and neat. They sealed the asphalt driveway. We had used them last year, and they were recommended to me by a neighbor.”
“I've worked with Seal-Kote Services a lot. They do a good job, and when they say they're going to be around, they're around—what more could you ask for? They coat the whole driveway every year, and if it needs any repairs, they take care of it. I would recommend them. They're excellent.”
“Everything was great. It was easy to set up the appointment, they came out when they said they would, they were in and out, and they cleaned up after themselves. They have always done a really good job, so we will continue to use them. They're an A+.”
“The way they sealed it really makes it smooth. They did a good job. I'd give them an A+.”
“My husband and I have been very pleased with Seal-Kote. We've used them for years. They come, they do a very neat job, and they're in and out, so that's a good thing.”