Resolving Sewer Problems | Best Pick Reports

Sewer lines may be compromised by corrosion, shifting soil, tree roots, breakage due to old age, and problems in the municipal waste infrastructure. Professional assistance will almost certainly be required for diagnosing and solving these issues.

Sewer video camera inspections. When sewer line clogs periodically reoccur, a video camera inspection is one of the most valuable services that a sewer specialist can provide. With a nearly 100-foot-long snaking camera, the technician can see down the length of the obstructed pipe and more readily diagnose the cause.

Trenchless sewer repair. Digging a trench to reach a broken sewer line is an imposing solution to a common issue. Luckily, many companies now offer trenchless sewer repair using a machine that can insert a durable liner into the damaged pipe. Although relining a pipe slightly reduces its diameter, it will save the cost and trouble of destroying the yard or other landscaping features in order to access the pipe.