Clogged Drains | Best Pick Reports

Obstructions of hair, food, and foreign objects are some of the most common clogs. Grease is another culprit. To avoid these clogs, homeowners can put strainers over their drains and make sure not to dispose of toiletries, grease, and large pieces of solid food via the drain.

Over time, limescale, the chronic mineral buildup precipitated by hard water, can also impede drainage and hasten corrosion. In areas with hard water, installing a water softener is the surest way to deter limescale.

Despite preventative measures, some clogs habitually return. Recurring clogs might be due to improperly installed pipes—for example, sharp, 90-degree turns in the drain system; pipes that are not sufficiently sloped downward; or poor ventilation. If the circumstances call for it, a drain specialist will take a moment to check for congenital issues like these.