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TLC Drain & Sewer has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 74 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"When you invite a company into your home, you expect professionalism, reliability, and respect. You'll get that—plus top-notch technical expertise—from the team at TLC Drain & Sewer. When you hire us, you can be confident that you have an experienced, caring, world-class team of professionals working to fix the problem."

Dave Melle | Founding Partner
Company Information
Services Offered
TLC Drain & Sewer offers residential and commercial customers a range of cleaning and repair services for drains and sewers. The company removes clogs with its TLC SewerSnake or implements its TLC SewerScrub for more extensive cleaning, which includes high-pressure water jetting. TLC Drain & Sewer also provides pipe inspection services, including the use of video pipe inspection, smoke testing, and line location. In addition, the company offers other pipe repair services such as pipe lining and repair and replacement of burst pipes and water service lines.
Services Not Offered
TLC Drain & Sewer does not perform conventional plumbing services.
Company History
The local company was founded in 2010.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms and shoe covers, use floor liners, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
Areas Served
Montgomery County, Chester County, The Main Line, Bucks County, Delaware County

“They're a good company. They are clean, efficient, and knowledgeable. I'd recommend TLC Drain & Sewer.”

“Their service was great. They were on time, and they answered all of my questions. I'd rate them as an A+.”

“I'm satisfied with everything. We had a clogged drain, and they unclogged it. Everything worked out well. I'd give TLC an A. I would recommend them.”

“The tech was good. He seemed to know what he was doing, and he got the job done. I'd give them an A+. I recommended them to my neighbor already.”

“They were very prompt and quick to come out for the service. TLC Drain & Sewer is an A+ company.”

“They were professional, and they responded quickly—A.”

“It was definitely a positive experience. The guy came out, and they were super fast. They did the job, and then they were done. I'd give them an A.”

“They were excellent.”

“I told them what the problem was, and they didn't even need me there to do it. I'd give them an A+.”

“They came when they said they were going to, and that was fine. I would give them an A.”

“It was a very positive experience. They just did a good job. I'd give them an A.”

“They were there promptly, and they did what they were supposed to do. I'd give them an A.”

“I think they were very prompt. I'd give them an A.”

“The guy who was helping me was very clear and went out of his way to explain everything, and he was very kind. I'd give them an A.”

“They did something for me a couple of years ago. The guys answered all the questions, and they did a good job. It was an outdoors situation. They gave us an understanding of what had to be done, and they followed through with everything. I would recommend them to a friend or neighbor if they had to ask. They were thorough with everything. They answered any questions, and I'm one to ask a lot of questions. They weren't put off by it. They gave us options and the options that they gave us were actually really good. We had a creek and a drainage pipe that had fallen apart. They had to figure out the best way—with as little destruction as possible in the backyard—to fix it. The bursting was the best way, and with very little disruption, so it was all a good situation.”

“The service rep was awesome. He was a really nice guy. They looked through a septic tank up in Westchester. I would definitely recommend them. I would give them an A+.”

“They were super great. I'd give them an A.”

“They did a pump. They were good, and the guys were super nice. I would recommend them. I found out about them from my neighbors. I would give them an A.”

“They've done lining, auguring, basic drain maintenance, lateral replacements, and jetting. They're available 24/7 and always answer the phone ready to go whenever you call. They get an A+.”

“They were professional, and they did a good job. They cleaned out my main sewer pipe. There were all kinds of wrenches and gross stuff in there. They were recommended to me. I'll rate them an A.”

“They did some sewer drainage in one of my basements. They were easy to talk to and got the work done on time—good communication. I'd give them an A.”

“They did a drain inspection for us, came as scheduled, and were very professional. I found them through a friend who knew them. They get an A.”

“They unclogged a toilet for us, and they did some drain cleaning. It was a pretty cut-and-dried job. They got it done when they said they would. I'd rate them A.”

“They were responsive and did the job quickly. They provided an inspection for a new home and cleaned a drain. They get an A.”

“We had them come here and put in the sewer pipe for me in my basement. They did a great job. I liked everything about them. They get an A—they did well.”

“They did work for me a while ago. They cleared a drain for me. It was quick and pleasant—no big deal, so they just took care of it. I'd definitely give them an A.”

“I had backed-up drains. They did some work a couple of years ago. They were very good. I'd grade them an A.”

“They had timely service. They did a great job—fast work. They unclogged my drains for me. I'd rate them an A.”

“They put a new upflush toilet in. I like them a lot. I'd give them an A.”

“I wasn't there, but they did work for us, and we didn't seem to have a problem. We had clogged drain problems, so they snaked out tree roots. I believe they inserted a liner into the top drain where you can access it from the street—a cleanout drain. Somebody else we knew had recommended them. They were responsive. They'd get an A from me.”

“I dealt with them six months ago. They were fine. We were selling the house, so they cleared the drain, and I was fine with that. I would give them an A.”

“The problem was fixed. I called them out here because the sink was clogged. I would recommend them, and I would say they're an A.”

“They didn't try to do more than they should. They pointed out what the problem was and contacted the township. The township people came out and realized that the problem did exist due to what TLC told them. They fixed it—we haven't had any recurrence, and we hope to never have it. Our sewer line ran down diagonally through our backyard and then tied in with a sewer line that ran across the bottom of our neighbor's yard into the township sewer. They had to do that because they didn't dig the sewer deep enough in our front street. If they had done that right, we wouldn't have had a problem, but nevertheless, that was what we had. It was clogged up. It needed attention, and we got it. I would recommend them. We had a good experience, and everything is working fine. We have been here for 54 years. We hope that it'll work for somebody else that long. I would give them an A, because we got the problem fixed due to their expertise. It was valuable.”

“They were professional. They were more business oriented than the average contractor is. They snaked a pipe out front. I would recommend the company. I haven't had to call them back or anything. They get an A rating.”

“I had the company do work for me about a year or two ago. They did a great job. I had a clogged drain. I think I would recommend the company, and I would give them an A rating.”

“They did what they were supposed to do. I wanted them to scope my sewer line. They did it twice for me, one in my mom's house, and one in my wife's mother's house. They did well both times. I would recommend them, and I would give them an A.”

“They do camera work for some of our sewer lines. We had them come back and repair some stuff that they did the first time, and they were very accommodating. They used a camera system to look at my French and storm drains that were taking water from my gutters underground and across the property. They also cleaned out a collapsed gutter—they had to locate where the collapse was so they could repair it. I would recommend them. They have good equipment. Their tech operators were fine—they showed up on time, left on time, and their billing was simple to understand. When we had a problem, or we had something that was going on there, they worked with us to resolve it. In all of those levels, they met my expectations. We had a slight issue, but they resolved it. They came back and did it again, so that makes them an A- in my mind.”

“I would give them an A-. They replaced a pump.”

“They came, checked it, told me what they were doing, told me what to expect, and told me what the problems could be in trying to do the job, and what that might mean if there were more problems. They told me what the price would be, and then they started doing it. It turned out that there were not any extra complications. They were able to fix the problem and tell me the condition of the drain system to the street. It went well. It was a clog. I would recommend them to a friend or neighbor if they asked. I would probably give them an A.”

“I think TLC Drain & Sewer is one of the best companies out there. My mom's sewer line was backing up, and I called them. They're a very good, excellent company. They're awesome. They're very professional and super quick. I'd give them an A+++.”

“TLC Drain & Sewer helped unstop a clogged line. He was right on time, and I remember being impressed with his truck because he had everything in the right place. He was very clean and neat, and he knew exactly what he needed. He talked me through all the things he was doing because I didn't understand where my sewer lines ran. I thought he was awesome—A+.”

“They were awesome. They had to snake my front main drain, and I haven't had any problems since. There wasn't anything I disliked about them. When I called, they called me right back, and that's not something you find these days. They get an A.”

“It was extremely positive. These guys came out on Thanksgiving Day, within an hour. We had a water main break, and they took care of that. I had them repair some pipe that was broken in the ground. They found probably eight good-sized projects' worth. We have a maintenance program going with them for our drain. I would highly recommend these guys. They're A+.”

“They were very, very nice and very efficient. They've been here twice. The first time he had to work on that sewer outside with the cap on the pipe. The next time it was because it had rained so much that the toilet wouldn't flush. The water would come right back up as soon as you flushed it. I had insurance coverage for indoor plumbing, and they got him for me. It was an excellent job with no complaints. The young fellow was very good. In fact, I took his number in case I have something that goes wrong and the insurance doesn't pay for it. I would call them.”

“They did a great job. They were professional, they knew their stuff, and they did it quickly. They were checking for a clogged drain. It came out looking pretty good. I would recommend them. They get an A—they did excellent work.”

“They were very responsive, got out there quick, and basically cleared a sewer line. I would recommend them. I never had any problems, so everything is good. I would grade them an A for excellent.”

“They did work for me before. They were very personable, and they came across as very trustworthy. We didn't have to monitor them as they were walking throughout the house and doing their thing. They worked around our schedule, and our problem was an emergency, so they took care of it very quickly. I'd give them an A+. We had absolutely no issues. If we ever have any issues again, I'll go right back to them.”

“They've done work for me in the past. They were very professional, knew what the problem was, and were able to solve it. They were doing plumbing work for me. I got them through a reference from a friend. I'd give them an A.”

“We were in a slight emergency, they were here the next day and fixed it, and the gentleman who did the work was very nice and polite. I would use them again in a heartbeat. Part of the sewer line, one bathroom, was blocked. The other bathroom in the kitchen was working. We spoke to them in the evening and because we could still use another bathroom in the kitchen, they didn't have to come out immediately. They could come out first thing in the morning, which was fine, so that's what they did. They were here, it was fixed, and we had no problems. I would totally give them an A.”

“They made themselves available. I tried to get a couple of other businesses to come out, but because of the timing, or the weather, I could not. They were very courteous when they got out here, and they worked quickly and efficiently. This was an outside drain that had clogged, so they went in, took pictures with a camera to see the extent of what was clogging it, and then they were able to clear it. It was last winter. I haven't had a problem so far and hopefully won't. I would recommend them. They're an A company.”

“They came promptly, easily, and solved the problem. There was just snow in our basement due to a block in the sewer line. They took care of that pretty quickly. I would absolutely recommend them to a friend or a neighbor. They earned an A grade.”

“What I liked the most is that when they came out to assess what they thought was wrong with my drainage outside, they sent the actual technician that would be doing the job instead of a salesman, which to me is always easy. You happen to trust the guy who's actually going to do the work a little more than someone who doesn't. I thought that was a standout move. Everybody that I talked to seemed very knowledgeable, and all the techs that were on site made me feel good about it. All of the downspouts from my roof drain underground, and the pipes broke underground, so I couldn't get a good visual to see what was broken. They dug them all up and replaced the broken sections, which are probably more than a hundred years old. They just did everything brand new from start to finish, and I haven't had a problem since. I would recommend the company without a doubt. They earned an A from me.”