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Lake Cook Plumbing has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 212 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"Our mission is to provide world-class service to each and every client we serve, far exceeding their highest expectations. For over 60 years, our family-owned business has delivered the highest-quality products and services with an unsurpassed level of professionalism on every job we complete."

Steven Shapiro | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Lake Cook Plumbing provides drain and sewer services for residential and commercial customers, including backflow testing, camera inspections, drain cleaning, leak repairs, and sewer repairs and replacements. In addition to servicing toilets, faucets, garbage disposals, and water filters, the company also offers HVAC service, repair, and installation.
Lake Cook Plumbing offers various warranties ranging from 60 days to limited lifetime.
Company History
Lake Cook Plumbing is a local, family-owned-and-operated company that was founded in 1954.
The company won Plumbing & Mechanical's Truck of the Month in January 2015 and is a member of the Nexstar network.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
Areas Served
North Shore, Northwest Chicago Suburbs

“I have used Lake Cook Plumbing on several occasions, and I would definitely use them again. They are very polite in every way, very prompt in their appointment times, and very knowledgeable in their job. I have had nothing but a very good experience with this company. Great job.”

“Great work, super friendly, and very flexible with times and days. I've used this company for emergencies and longer-term projects. Both had great results—A+.”

“We have used Lake Cook many times in this old house. They are prompt and let you know when they are coming. Their work is professional, and we feel they can handle anything we have. We will continue to use them.”

“I called them after a friend recommended them and was very pleased with the work.”

“Happy to recommend Lake Cook. I will use them again.”

“Professional and quality. The worker was very consultative and knowledgeable.”

“Outstanding quality work performed.”

“Very personal young man. Answers all my concerns, and explained everything he was doing. Came to us on an emergency call.”

“Clean, professional, really did what they committed to do in the time frame they said they would, would highly recommend them.”

“They were very prompt, they did good work, and they were very efficient and kept to the budget. I had them change the pump in the sink. I think their customer service was very good. I had some issues, and when I called them the evening before, they were able to get the person out here efficiently the next morning to take care of the problem. I have no complaints—I have used them in the past; this was the second time I've used them, and I hope to use them in the future.”

“They're very professional and got the job done the way it was supposed to be done. I had an ejector pump put in and a toilet problem fixed. Their customer service was very good. It was A-grade work.”

“Everything was cool with Lake Cook Plumbing. Everything's fine with them—I had a good experience.”

“I liked that Lake Cook Plumbing came on the same day. We had flooding in the basement, and they were able to come within like three hours. They replaced two sump pumps. Their customer service was very good. I forgot who it was that answered the phone, but she was very helpful. She was able to take all the information, give me a call in 30 minutes, push somebody back who wasn't an emergency, and bump us up.”

“Lake Cook Plumbing was fast, they got everything done, and the price had no hidden costs. The technicians were very friendly and easy to work with, and the customer service was great. I would give them an A+, and I'd strongly recommend them.”

“They knew exactly what they needed to do, had all the equipment to get everything done, and answered all of my questions. They had to rod out my sewer. The customer service was good. I needed someone fast, and they could come out immediately.”

“We had a good experience with Lake Cook Plumbing. They did an excellent job, and the technician was prompt, efficient, and very courteous.”

“Lake Cook Plumbing was prompt, so life was good. We had them rod out a sewer. Their customer service was very good. I'd give them an A rating—they did great.”

“Everything was great. I'd give them an A+, and I'd use them again.”

“They're efficient, and they do good work—that was what I was looking for. They worked for my business. They do good work, they show up on time, and they're efficient with what they do, so I'd grade them as an A+.”

“It was good. They were good, and they did their job. They fixed the main sewer, which was clogged up. They did a good job, so I'd give them an A.”

“Their service was fast and good. They undid the drain and replaced the mechanism in the toilet. I chose them because they were close by. They deserve an A.”

“They have very good service and friendly plumbers, and they also are able to come out relatively quickly. They get an A rating from me.”

“I've used them before, and I've always been very happy. They did a repair for me. They earned an A grade.”

“The work was what I intended it to be. The worker was very polite, he explained everything, and he was neat—he was just a good employee. I wasn't sure if I had a backed up line or what. When they came out, they ended up having to bring out the main line to the sewer. They're very good—I'd say they rate as an A-grade service.”

“I'm very happy with them. If I have a need to, I will definitely give them a call. I'd give them an A.”