Types of Disaster Damage

Disaster recovery companies often offer emergency services 24 hours a day, so an afflicted homeowner can get help quickly. The use of a disaster specialist isn’t limited to large scale problems. Many companies can assist with situations such as broken pipes and fallen trees. Because of the variety of issues arising from such an event, disaster recovery specialists offer assistance with multiple kinds of damage. While much of the visible damage to the home and contents occurs during the actual event, unseen and tangential damages can also occur. A trained specialist will know where and how to look for this type of damage.

Smoke and fire. Scorched areas of the structure, such as wood and drywall, are often not salvageable and must be replaced. Even items not directly touched by the fire can sustain heat damage may require replacement or restoration. After the fire is extinguished, the remaining structure and valuables are often damaged from water and smoke. Smoke can cause extensive damage to the home and valuables, and its removal requires the services of a skilled technician.

Flood. Repairing flood or broken pipe damage often requires water extraction and the extensive use of dehumidifiers, in order to remove as much moisture as possible from the home and its contents. Mold remediation and emergency drying services are also often available.

Wind. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and wind storms can result in power loss and damage to the home’s roof and exteriors. Disaster recovery specialists use emergency generators, from 5500 watts to 400 kilowatts, to address power outages. They may also offer debris removal and roof and gutter repair services as part of their overall package.