Under-Decks: Design Options | Best Pick Reports

Adding a new outdoor room by way of an under-deck system is a much more affordable solution than building an addition on the house. It can even be less costly than basement finishing or other indoor remodeling projects. This added living space is attractive to potential buyers and adds value to the home. Even leaving the space unfinished would provide a dry place to store grills and tools easily susceptible to rust.

Screened-in porch. While most homeowners simply enjoy being able to sit outside in the dry area below their deck, some choose to screen in the new area. The screens also keep out unwanted bugs, creating a safe haven for enjoying the outdoor weather without worrying about bug spray or other preventative measures.

An extra room. Some homeowners choose to turn the area into a whole new room, enclosing the space with solid walls or sliding glass doors. Since the under-deck system is water tight, it is an acceptable substitute for a standard roof, but the ceiling offers limited insulation.