Popular Atlanta Deck Designs | Best Pick Reports

Decks provide a natural transition from the home to the landscape and should complement both.  Often, different sections of the same deck will be used differently.  For example, one homeowner might want an eating area, a hot tub area, and a large open area for lounge chairs or parties.  The key to a successful design is a deck that is both usable and complementary to your existing landscape and home.  A few basic design features can be used in conjunction with each other:

Multilevel design.  As the name implies, a multilevel deck divides different areas of the same deck through a change in elevation.  Steps make the transition from one area to the next.

Wraparound design.  Many decks are designed to wrap around to two or more sides of the home.  

Cantilever design.  The posts on a cantilever design deck are less visible because they are usually located underneath the deck, one to three feet from the deck’s perimeter.  Although cantilever construction is more complex, the finished product is typically more visually appealing.

The price of the deck usually increases with the complexity of the design.  Once you have a design in mind, the next step is picking the materials.