Maintaining Atlanta Decks | Best Pick Reports

If a deck is to look its best over time, it must be sealed.  Brand-new decks are usually allowed to cure for six to eight weeks of relatively dry weather before the initial sealing.  Many deck installation contractors will take care of this initial sealing or advise the new owner to take care of it promptly.  Periodic cleaning and sealing will keep the deck looking good for years to come and will help protect it from the following:

UV exposure.  Decks are constantly exposed to the elements.  Unfortunately, sunlight and its UV rays can fade or gray the beautiful, rich tones of decking wood.  Sun damage is the worst enemy of a deck.

Moisture damage.  For natural wood decks in particular, water from rain or dew can create problems.  Water absorbed into the wood can wash out the wood color; increase the likelihood of wood rot; and make the wood susceptible to mold, mildew, and algae.

Stains due to normal use.  A deck, like an indoor floor, is likely to be stained or discolored from normal use.  However, because the deck is an exterior fixture, it is also prone to other stains, such as bird droppings and mildew.  Candle wax poses a special threat to decks, because it is not removable; the only way to remove candle wax is to replace the wood.  Deck cleaning addresses preexisting stains; moreover, a properly sealed deck will not absorb stains to the same extent that unsealed wood does.