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"We are a small company that is deeply invested in earning your repeat business and referrals. We want you to be comfortable referring us to your boss's boss. In order to maintain customer satisfaction as our top priority, there may be a waiting list in the busy season. We prioritize quality of work over volume of work."

Charlie Crippen | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Crippen Woodworks handles most deck-related jobs, from replacing flooring and railing to designing and building. The company also replaces footings and performs common structural failure repairs on older decks. Additionally, Crippen Woodworks crafts custom woodwork and cabinetry.
Minimum Job
All jobs require a $5,000 minimum.
The company offers a five-year guarantee on all workmanship.
Company History
Crippen Woodworks is family owned and operated and has been serving the metro-Atlanta area for 18 years.
Employee Information
The company states that it does not hire subcontractors.
Additional Information
Crippen Woodworks specializes in building decks with materials such as KDAT pressure-treated wood, Brazilian hardwoods, and AZEK's full line of products.
Areas Served
Atlanta, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Decatur, Tucker, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Buford, Dacula, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Snellville, Suwanee, Alpharetta, Cumming, Johns Creek, Roswell, Acworth, Austell, Kennesaw, Marietta, Powder Springs, Smyrna

“I had a fantastic experience with Crippen Woodworks. I've lived here for almost 30 years. They came when they said they were going to come. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. They were clean. They were courteous. They were neat. They even brought a port-a-potty so they wouldn't have to go in and out of my house. You pay for the quality, but it is totally worth it. All my neighbors came over. They wanted to look at what was being done, because they did such a phenomenal job. They deserve an A+. Everything was excellent. They responded if I sent an email. They responded right away. It is nice to have the owner of the company come out and do the interfacing.”

“I had a fantastic experience with Crippen Woodworks. I liked the workmanship, and the relationship in terms of how they communicated and did the project. They were an A+ company. I have already recommended them.”

“We had a marvelous experience with them. We put in a very expensive Brazilian hardwood deck, and we were more than pleased. The craftsmanship was marvelous, and they delivered everything they said they were going to deliver, and then some. We felt they were wonderful. I would give them an A+.”

“I had a very positive experience with them. Crippen Woodworks was always on time. They did my work at the price that they quoted, and it looked good. I'd give those guys an A+.”

“He does quality work. I had a deck replaced. He did what he said he was going to do when he said he was going to do it. He finished it on time. I've got a deck here that's A-1 quality—it's beautiful. The quality of his work is outstanding. I'd give Crippen Woodworks an A+ for my overall experience with them.”

“I think they're fantastic. They built a beautiful deck and also an outside shed and room underneath. Charlie Crippen, the owner, is extremely detailed. He is very meticulous in the way he presents each piece of the plan. He does absolutely stunning work. I would give my overall experience an A+. I have already recommended them to several people.”

“They built a deck for us and did the staining on the woodwork. They were fantastic. They did a perfect job, and it looks beautiful. I would have to give them an A+.”

“They did a cabinet for us. They were great. We had some existing cabinets and we were extending the kitchen. We had to match them, and they matched them perfectly. There is nothing bad I can say about them. They're an A+ company. They are craftsmen and they have high quality work. They are great.”

“They custom built a bath vanity and then some cabinets for hanging clothes. They did some pretty extensive woodwork. It was topnotch quality, and they did what they said they were going to do. We really got a nice result. I'd give them A+. Charlie, the owner, is a great guy to deal with. He is really responsive. Without reservation, I would recommend them.”

“They were wonderful. They did some custom cabinet work and some kitchen remodeling stuff for us. Charlie, the owner, was great to work with and his guys were always really polite. They did a really, really nice job. They're really great to work with. I would give them an A for my overall experience. I would absolutely recommend them.”

“They replaced a front approach deck. I really like and appreciated how they were on time. They did the work exactly as I described. There weren't any changes midway through. I like that they were very clean and cleaned up after themselves. At the end of the workday, it was hard to know that anything was being done. They were very conscientious and respectful. My overall experience would receive a grade of A+.”

“They redid the deck, and they did a great job. They're good. They're an A+.”

“I liked the quality of the planning, the quality of the work, and the quality of the follow-up. I'd rate them as an A+.”

“I used T.L.C. Deck Repair. Everything was good—the quality of their work, the way they cleaned up when they were done, the beauty of it, and the originality of it. There was just nothing wrong. They had to take the old decks down, take away all that wood, put in new footings, and build a new deck. There was nothing bad about them. They get an A grade.”

“I liked that the people from Crippen Woodworks were very professional, and their work ethic was incredible. They always went above and beyond to try and do the very best job they could, and they showed a lot of care and appreciation for their workmanship. They made repairs to my existing deck; it was a very large deck with a lot of intricate details. They earned an A.”

“The work was excellent, the company was easy to work with, and they did a great job. They built a brand-new deck on my home, and I would give them an A+—they were amazing.”

“I really enjoyed working with Crippen Woodworks. They did great work, and they did it on time and to specifications. They replaced the understructure of a deck. From beginning to end, they were courteous and responsive, and they kept their word. I would rate them as an A+ company.”

“They delivered a product of excellent quality, installed it well, and cleaned up after themselves—exactly what they said they were going to do. I liked everything, from their estimate to when they came and walked the job down. It was really a conceptual idea when they first came in, and they completed kind of what I had in mind. We worked together on that. Everything still looks good today. A+.”

“They replaced my deck. I think they did a very good job. They were very professional, I thought they were excellent in terms of customer service. I would give them an A+ rating.”

“We always love T.L.C. Deck Repair's work. It was a positive experience, overall.”

“They replaced the whole deck, even the foundation because it was not properly done the first time. It was the best job I've ever had on my deck, and I've had it repaired twice. They earned an A grade.”

“T.L.C. Deck Repair has done all kinds of stuff for me. They do great work, and they are very efficient. They do what they say they're going to do, and it looks great. They're an A+ company.”

“He installed a chair rail on a balcony in my house. He did the job I asked to have done, and he did it for the estimate he gave me, and he did it in a timely manner. I'd rate T.L.C. Deck Repair as an A.”

“They've done all kinds of things in and outside my house. They've built decks and a porch. I was happy with the results. They're very professional. They do a good job, and you can count on them to be on time because they do what they say they're going to do. They were referred to me by people I knew who had used them before. I'd give them an A.”

“T.L.C. Deck Repair is excellent. They've done work for me on four different properties. They're phenomenal. I've used them for lots of projects, and they can handle big projects, too. The quality of their work is just unreal. They're A+.”

“T.L.C. Deck Repair does excellent work. They use beautiful wood, and everything just fits beautifully. They do an outstanding job. They show up when they're supposed to, and they're very concerned with everything being done exactly right. They make sure that you're pleased with the work when they're finished. I'd give them an A+.”

“I love T.L.C. Deck Repair. They're wonderful, and I love the owner. He's nice, personable, and super honest. They've done decks for me, and I have them doing some more work for me right now. They get an A+++.”

“They did a lot of work for me, not only at the house, but also commercial work. They did what they said they were going to do, and they set up on time. T.L.C. Deck Repair is a good company. When I've had to call them back for issues, they've fixed them. They should get an A.”

“They tore down and rebuilt our deck. They did what they said they were going to do, they did it quickly, and they appear to have done a very good job. It took a little follow-up to finally get them out here to get the work done, but once we got everything in place, it was an A.”

“They did real good. It was a sealing job. It was fine; they were quick, and the job looked real good. I haven't had to call them back. I wasn't here when they did it, but it was fine. They sent me out a form that I filled out, and they knew exactly what to do. They did a good job. I would rate them as excellent—grade A. I'll use them again when I need my deck sealed.”

“They did the work that they said they were going to do—they put up some new supports for my deck, and they were able to clean it up. They did great—no complaints. A+. They really were a good hands-on operation.”

“They got it done on time when they said it would be done, and it was easy. The guys that work for the company were nice. There's nothing bad about T.L.C. They replaced our outdoor steps in the deck, and I did not have to call them back. I'd give them an A+ rating.”

“We had work done on our deck by T.L.C. Deck Repair. They did a great job.”

“They were great. They did the work just the way we asked, and they were great. They replaced some railings quickly and efficiently. They get an A from me.”

“That happened almost three years ago. They did a great job. They didn't spend more than they quoted, they did it on time, and the quality of the job was very good. They removed the deck and put in a brand-new one. It was a very old deck—20 years old—so they removed the whole deck. It looks nice. I'd grade them an A.”

“I went with T.L.C. to do my deck repair. It was a job well done—seems like they were well versed in doing decks. I give them an A.”

“They're good. We've used them for a long time. The work's done when they say. They quote the work, they charge the price, and the work quality's good. They deliver, they meet expectations, they charge the price, and the work's good. The last thing they did was reseal the deck, but they've done other deck repair for me—deck stripping, deck sealing, that kind of stuff. They've done everything but actually build the deck. They're the highest. I'd give them an A+ grade.”

“I had my deck pressure washed and resealed, and they did a very good job. There were no overcharges, there were no surprises—they just came and did what they were asked to do, gave me a quote, and stuck to it, and that's what I wanted. No surprises. I'd give them an A+, the top grade.”

“They did what they called a holdover job. My deck is old, and the next step would be to replace the decking itself, but they held off from doing that just then to preserve the wood a little longer. I called and got a quote, and the guy was honest, so I went with them. I'd recommend them. The technician didn't take the next step because he didn't want to do a job he can't do perfectly, so we didn't do that, but otherwise, he's great. I'd use the company again. I give them an A.”

“T.L.C. put new supports under one of my decks. They did exactly what they said they were going to do, and they did it on time and at the price that they quoted. I didn't have to call them back with any issues, either. They were excellent. They get an A+ grade.”

“T.L.C. Deck did a fantastic job on my deck. They did not disappoint. They contacted me and let me know what their plan was for refinishing the deck. Most importantly, the work that they did was good; I feel very confident that the deck is protected. A+.”

“The staff and the product were wonderful. The deck looks great. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did a great job. They were incredibly knowledgeable about decks and deck repair. They were very professional and very friendly, and they went out of their way to make sure things looked good. I was happy with the work they did—it was an A.”

“We've used T.L.C. Deck for a long time for deck repair, deck stripping, and deck sealing. The quality is good, and they deliver on my expectations. They're the highest grade—A+.”

“We ended up using T.L.C. Deck Repair. I had a very good experience. They rebuilt our deck in the back. We were very satisfied with the amount of time that they took and with the materials and the people who came. The main person was very, very, very pleasant and a very professional person to talk to as well. I'd give him an A. He was pretty good.”

“It was good. I'd even use them again. They stripped and restained the back deck. They had wonderful punctuality and were extremely neat. The workers were A+ guys.”

“We had a great experience with T.L.C. They totally ripped out my old deck and built a new one on the existing foundation. It's a privacy deck, so it's pretty big. This was about a month or two ago. The quality of work was excellent. The communication between the technician and me was excellent, too. They answered all of my questions. They were thorough in satisfying whatever I needed, and their time management was beautiful with the exception of bad weather days—can't do anything about that, of course. Also, they cleaned up after themselves every single day. It was beautiful. I would absolutely use this company again—A grade.”

“It was a good experience, absolutely. They power washed the deck and put new stain on it—they've done that twice, actually. They did a good job, and my husband was very pleased with the work, so when it was time to do it again, he called them back. We'd give them an A.”

“T.L.C. did staining on our deck, and it went fine. They did a good job. It's lasted well, the deck's still in good shape, and they came and went without me thinking about them, so there were no problems.”

“They just cleaned and stained the deck. I feel that they did quality work, and I think they finished the job in a reasonable amount of time. They cleaned up after themselves, too. So they should get an A.”

“They did fine work. They replaced two of the columns that held the deck up, and they did it fine—A+.”

“I've got a deck repair guy that I happen to know is a Home Reports guy—T.L.C. Deck Repair. I use him repeatedly. I've had really good experiences with him every time.”

“It was a fairly minor job, but they did exactly what they said they were going to do and charged me exactly what they said they were going to charge me. We had the 'before-the-work conversation' and the 'after-the-work conversation,' so I was pleased. There were a couple of pieces—two structural posts—that I had them rework along with a couple of supports and a couple of pieces of rotten wood. So, it wasn't anything major, but it was more than just popping a board out. The work came out just fine.”

“T.L.C. Deck Repair came out and actually did exactly what they said they were going to do, and they actually did a great job. I had a deck on the second story of my home that had pulled loose from the house, and it was pretty dangerous. It couldn't be walked on, so they re-supported the whole deck. They added metal brackets to all the floor joints and extra supports under it. Basically, they made it a safe deck that's useable, and they did a great job.”

“I did have one of the deck companies come out—T.L.C. They were great. I was pretty impressed with them.”

“We used T.L.C., and they did a good job. They pressure washed and stained the deck. They were very good. I would grade them an A.”

“They did a terrific job for us, and they gave us everything they promised they would give us. Even with a rain delay, they still stayed pretty well within the scheduled time of completion. So we are very happy with the work they did.”

“They just did some deck repair and staining. They did good, quality work. Grade-A work, and they completed the job in a reasonable amount of time.”

“We had a whole deck replaced and a roof added, and they screened it in. They were very responsive and did a good job. I actually called them back and had them stain it when it was time. They did an excellent job.”

“T.L.C. Deck Repair was good. They stained a deck and did some repairs to bad boards. They did the job well. I was not home when they did it, but when I came back it was all done. Everything looked good. There was nothing I had to point to that needed to be changed or redone. It was pretty exceptional.”

“They did a perfect job. We love them to death.”

“Excellent­—I’d recommend them to all my friends. They did deck work for us. The craftsmanship is great.”

“T.L.C. Deck Repair did excellent work for me. They did everything that they said they were going to do, and they did it on time. Part of the deck was new, and they also resurfaced the old part, made it larger, and put in stairs.”

“They did a fantastic job. They were on time, followed up, and communicated very well. I found their name in Home Reports and saw their reviews, and every bit lived up to expectations in terms of service and responsiveness.”

“T.L.C. Deck Repair did our work. The vertical pieces were fine, but the horizontal pieces had been deteriorated by the weather and the sun, so they did a rebuild. They did a magnificent job. I would recommend them for anybody. They do a first-class job. They were excellent.”

“They did an outstanding job on my deck, and I was very happy. Lon knows what he’s talking about. He was able to build what I wanted and in short order. The whole experience was just great.”

“T.L.C. Deck Repair built me a new deck with a privacy wall and a pergola, and they did a tremendous job. Their attention to detail was great. For example, when they were putting on the top level of the railing, they tapped it, not with a hammer, but with another piece of wood to make sure they didn’t make any indentations on the rail. I was impressed.”

“They did a great job. They did some structural reinforcements on my deck. It’s a two-story deck. He was very knowledgeable, and I can recommend their work.”

“ He tore down the old deck and rebuilt it. It’s wonderful. Everything was fabulous. I mean, from the tear-down to the installation to the staining, everything was absolutely good. It has been a long time since I’ve had something done that was that professional. It just couldn’t be any better—the quality of his work, the quality of the lumber that he chose. The work is just top-notch. ”

“I loved the experience with Lon. He’s great. He took care of everything. I just needed a deck rail shoulder for going down the stairs, and he did that. Excellent. ”

“The people at T.L.C. Decks were terrific. We had some construction and demolition done. I just can’t say enough good about them. It’s better to get something done right the first time. ”

“They pressure treated and stained my deck....It looks brand-new. Great experience.”

“I was very pleased. They repaired my deck....A pine tree had landed on it and smashed it. It came out very nice. I felt like I got personalized service....He clearly knows his business.”

“I like the deck now. It was badly put together and falling apart—I mean it was shaking when the dog ran across it—but T.L.C. was able to shore it up so that it was stable and make it look really nice. He built a pergola too, and I'm using the pergola to hold a sunshade. I love it. Actually, it was the Home Reports that referred me to T.L.C. I was looking for somebody who could repair work, because the basic deck was okay, but the supports weren't done properly. They said they could repair it, so I called, and they fixed it. It was much better than starting over.”

“They were very prompt and very professional. They gave me a quote and did the work up to my expectations. They were very good to work with. I had bought a townhouse in the fall of 2010 and moved in after the holidays, and one of the first things I wanted to do was have the deck inspected because it's on the second floor. So T.L.C. inspected it and changed the whole railing and made it very secure, and then they power washed it in the spring and stained it.”

“T.L.C. Deck has redone my deck and resealed it. He has always been very good. I have good impressions about them. They're neat, they're clean, and they give good advice. After they rebuilt my deck they had wood left over, so they built me a bench for my outside porch, which I thought was very nice. I would hire them again.”

“I called another company, and I got a quote from them, but I did not use them for the job. The person I ended up using was Lon Cotton from T.L.C. Decks. His company stained the deck for me. I was very pleased. He was very clear in explaining what needed to be done and why I should use his product. I felt comfortable with him, and I felt like he was telling me the truth.”

“T.L.C. Decking was awesome. They pressure washed and stained my deck. They were timely, their quality of work was good, and they communicated well.”

“We used T.L.C., and they did a fine job. They did what they said they were going to do. This is the second job where we used them, and they've done a good job both times. They stained and cleaned the deck. T.L.C. did a good job.”

“T.L.C. was superb. They did repairs in addition to cosmetic upgrades, and they did excellent job. They did it within the time specified. They took their time doing it and they put really quality work into it. I found them through the Home Reports book.”

“T.L.C. did a good job. They worked on it, and they did a good job. I have no complaints. They replaced the railing, essentially, so it wasn't a complete deck replacement; it was more like a deck renovation.”

“T.L.C. did our work. It went extremely well. They did a pressure cleaning and staining of our deck, and they also built a pergola. I would recommend them to others.”

“They were awesome.”

“My deck guy was from T.L.C. and he did an excellent job on our deck. I got his name through the Home Reports book, and I would recommend him to anybody.”

“I thought they did a great job. It was timely. He was readily available if I had an issue, which I had very few of. They replaced the whole deck because I had a tree fall on it.”

“I think I used a company called T.L.C.. I saw the receipt. They were fine. They were good. They did the work as they promised. They replaced some old, deteriorated parts of my deck. There were parts of the deck that needed to be fixed, so that's what they did.”

“It was about ten months ago. It was during the winter. They power washed everything. They cleaned it so it was like brand-new. Then came and did a great job staining the deck, so it looks great now. I got their name from Home Reports.”

“They did our work, and it's great. They cleaned it and refinished it. I'll give them a holler in another two years. The work has stood up, and I'm satisfied with it.”

“Lon did a fabulous job. I went to work, and when I came home, he had built this fabulous deck. Not only was it good work, but it looked good. I was like, 'Oh my gosh, I can't believe you and your worker did that while I've been at work.' Everybody that comes by says that it looks so nice. He was very good.”

“They stained my deck. It was very good. The quality of the job is excellent, and I'm very pleased. I looked it over after they left, and everything was cleaned up; they didn't leave any mess. The job was to my satisfaction, so that's the whole nine yards.”

“I thought they were great. I liked the quality of the work, and they did it efficiently and very inconspicuously. They didn't get in the way, and they cleaned up everything. They did it very well. They installed a whole new deck, so they installed it very well and then came back a few months later and stained it. It just looks really good.”

“The work was fine. During the storm a large tree limb came down and knocked down part of the deck. They repaired it, and then some months later they came back and pressure washed and put a seal on the deck. They were very professional, and I would recommend them.”

“I was very happy with them. We had a couple steps on our back staircase going to our back deck that were rotted out—my yard man went through one—and they came out in a day or two and finished the job lickity-split and replaced all the steps. I'd recommend them.”

“I just found my receipt from the deck guy—it was T.L.C. Deck Repair. I actually had them build a deck. It was a small job that some of the larger companies wouldn't take on. I thought it was an excellent job. I was very pleased.”

“T.L.C. did a fantastic job. We were very pleased, and I'd recommend them highly and use them again. They power washed and refinished our deck.”

“They're great. They stained my cedar deck. I was happy.”

“We thought they were excellent. They stained our deck and did a very thorough cleaning of it beforehand. It hadn't been done in about six years. It looks beautiful. We are very satisfied. I can't even remember now why I chose them; it's been a long time. One of the pluses was that originally they gave us a time frame about when it would be done, and we were a little hesitant to even use them because we needed it done very quickly. They were very fine about moving us up on the list. It was done within probably a couple of weeks between the time we first met with them and the time it was done. We were very happy.”

“T.L.C. Deck Repair did some deck repair for me, and they were very good.”

“The owner's name was Lon Cotton. T.L.C. Deck Repairs is the company. They came out and did stripping and waterproofing. They were phenomenal.”

“It was very good. They were reliable—they did what they were supposed to do in the required amount of time. They just did a good job.”