Countertops | Best Pick Reports

Popular countertop options for kitchens and baths include granite, marble, and tile. Contemporary materials, such as stainless steel and polished concrete, are available as well. Depending on the project, one countertop surface may be more appropriate over another. Consult with the remodeling contractor in order to choose the best option for the renovated space.

Granite. Granite countertops come in many grades, thicknesses, colors, and, subsequently, price ranges. It is a popular option, since it combines practicality and durability with a stylish, attractive look.

Marble. With its smooth surface, marble is perfect for baking and making pastries. Since marble is a popular option in both kitchens and baths, make sure that the type of marble is appropriate to the room. Sealed marble is a must for kitchens to prevent stains, while the more porous unsealed marble works well as a bathroom countertop surface.

Ceramic tile. From a design perspective, ceramic tile is one of the most versatile countertop options available. Ceramic tile is resistant to heat, scratches, and stains. However, keeping the grout free of debris buildup and stains requires frequent cleaning.