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"Our goal here at Onyx is to always leave a happy and satisfied customer at the end of the project. To achieve that, we work hard with the customer on every project to understand all of their expectations. We've done our work with pleasure for more than ten years and plan to keep doing it for a lot more."

Jose Moraes | Owner
Company Information
Services Offered
Onyx Marble & Granite installs and repairs countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, bars, and outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.
Services Not Offered
The company does not perform plumbing work.
Onyx offers a three-year labor warranty and various warranties on materials.
Company History
The company has served residential and commercial customers for over 20 years.
Onyx has won two Best of Framingham awards for building supplies. The company is a member of the Marble Institute of America.
Employee Information
All company employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks.
Additional Information
Onyx offers granite, marble, and quartz countertops from a variety of brands.
HIC 184852
Areas Served
Greater Boston, MetroWest, North Shore, MetroWest South
A selection of 90 homeowner reviews:
“Onyx is wonderful. I liked their advice and the products they carry. I bought my granite as a big slab, and I thought their workmanship—cutting the slab and installing it—was perfect. They did a great job. I'm so pleased with it. I would grade it as an A+.”
“I liked them a lot, and they were punctual. They did a great job, and they were very cooperative with anything that I wanted. I've had a lot of compliments on my counters. I'd give them an A.”
“They were very helpful and prompt. They had good products, and they did a great job all around. I'd give Onyx all As.”
“I liked everything. It was top-notch all the way. It was an A+.”
“They were very efficient. They were on time, and their work was good. It's been over a year and a half, and it still looks great. I would give Onyx Marble & Granite an A+.”
“The work was excellent. I'd give them an A+ grade. I would recommend them highly. I already have.”
“They were great. It was excellent, no complaints, and I would highly recommend them.”
“I think what they did was, I know what they did, and it was great. It was excellent, no complaints, and I would highly recommend them.”
“They were awesome. They're an A+ company.”
“I had a positive experience. I highly recommend them.”
“It was excellent. I was going to make a picture of the work after it finished and I sent her the copy of the work. They deserve an A.”
“I had a positive experience. It was excellent, no complaints, and I would recommend them.”
“It was excellent, no complaints.”
“I liked everything about their work. If you asked me the opposite, I would have just said no. I'd never give anybody an A+, but I'd give them an A.”
“They were really professional and did everything they said they were supposed to do. I'd give them an A+ rating.”
“It was very thorough, clean, and no problems. I'd give them an A+ grade.”
“They had good selection. I'd give them an A+ rating. I would recommend them all the way.”
“They did countertops at my new house. They did a great job. They were very helpful taking out the slab. Overall, I'd grade them an A+.”
“I liked pretty much everything. They were nice, they were neat, they were clean, and they did a good job. I'd grade it an A+.”
“They did great. We're happy. They were very professional and took measurements really well and we were pretty happy. No complaints. I would grade it an A.”
“They have great customer satisfaction. I'd give them an A rating.”
“No complaints.”
“They did work for me. No complaints and I recommend them.”
“They did a great job. What we liked about them was that they were very knowledgeable and very helpful in helping us make the selection. It was also their responsiveness and the quality of the work that they did. Every step of the way, it was a great experience. They made kitchen countertops for us. It was granite. If there's nothing higher than an A+, I'll give them an A+. We can't say enough. We can't wait until the next time we need marble because that's exactly who we're going to. We tell everyone we know that we had a great experience.”
“They did some work for me last year. I was very satisfied with their work. The people who met us first to understand our needs were very nice and helped us select the granite that we wanted. Then, throughout the process, it was pretty smooth. She provided a quote, and then the installer came to install the piece, and it went very well. Everybody was very polite and professional along the way. It was really good. They did custom countertops—one main kitchen countertop. It was granite. I would give them the highest grade.”
“It was excellent—very good. It was great.”
“They were great. I can't remember the person's name, but when I went in originally, he showed me a bunch of pieces I could possibly be interested in. They were on time. They cut it. They did our bathroom countertop, did the bathroom vanity, and put in a backsplash. I think I used coral or quartz. They were very easy to work with, and I would definitely go back if I did any work or needed more granite. I think they deserve an A+.”
“I had a problem with the other granite I had, and they were very honest with me about what the problem was and what could and couldn't be done to fix it. I felt like I was getting serious, straight answers from them. My original countertop was cracked, and I wanted to know what could be done in terms of repair versus replacement. I ended up needing to have it replaced. They did the replacement for me—I chose them over three other places that I also got quotes from. I would give them an A+.”
“They came in, they were quick and clean about everything, and they were really careful about taking out the granite we originally had that we wanted to keep. They were really careful. They used glue and heat and did whatever they needed to do in order to do it. They did a great job. They did our kitchen as well as our bathroom. We chose them because our realtor used them, and he recommended them when we bought our house. I'd absolutely recommend the company to family and friends. I'd say they deserve an A+.”
“It was granite. They were very friendly and very responsive. They took care of the problems that were inherent in the installation, so it was fine. I would give them an A.”
“They were good with the install, and they were receptive. We had a few extra things we had to do with the install, so they took care of them while they were there. They were there on time, and they did it in the amount of time they said it was going to be done in, so overall, it was a good experience. They did a kitchen countertop. I found them through the guy we did the cabinets with—it was somebody that they used. I'd give them an A.”
“They did work for me. They were there on time on the day they said they would be there. That was very important to me. They did a countertop. I think they should get an A.”
“It was fine. It was great. They were very professional. They knew what they were doing, they did it fast, and they did a nice job.”
“They were particular with the appointment, and I liked that they were pretty quick. They had to come and cut our initial granite countertops. It took maybe an hour. They definitely completed the job. They didn't leave a mess or anything. Everything was fine. I'd absolutely recommend them. I would say they deserve an A.”
“I've been working with them for a while, so I know them. I like the service. They've done a bunch of countertops in kitchens and baths. I heard about them for the first time through a friend. I would recommend them to family and friends as well. ”
“They were very responsive. They followed up, and they were punctual. They did what they needed to do, and they accommodated some changes that we needed. They installed granite countertops. There was a two- or three-week turnaround. I'd recommend them personally. I'd rate them A.”
“We had a very good experience. They supplied granite to my kitchen, and they did a nice job. It was a cut and an install, and they did a nice job. I would recommend them to someone else. It was just countertops that they did. I originally chose them because they were recommended by my contractor. They did a nice job. I'd give them an A.”
“They were efficient and quick, and the work was good. They didn't do anything besides custom stone work for me. I chose them because they were a reference from a colleague. I'd give them an A—they were good.”
“I liked a couple of things about Onyx. They honored their commitments even when things were not going right. They stepped up to the plate and made it good. It was a very professional install. I found out about them in a very indirect way. My realtor mentioned Onyx—not that she had bought anything from there, but she had just mentioned them. I called them and spoke to the owner, and I felt very comfortable. That's why I chose them. I'd give them an A grade.”
“It wasn't very complicated work that we got done. It wasn't very complicated, but it was very easy to get an appointment scheduled. It was pretty smooth. We liked it overall. I'd say they get an A.”
“They put in a quartz top in the kitchen. They told me when they were coming. They came and did the job, and everything worked out fine. Somebody told me about the company; that's how I heard of them. I'd give them an A grade.”
“My experience was very good. They did it quickly and accurately, and they put all new countertops in the entire house and finished up in a day. They were a referral from someone who had worked on a town house. They deserve an A, definitely.”
“They installed new countertops, and they were very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. I'd give them an A.”
“They did the granite for my kitchen, and they were such a pleasure to work with. They accommodated my needs, they did it extra fast when I requested it, they were very customer friendly and customer driven, and they had a quality product. I would say they earned an A.”
“They put in countertops, and everything was as smooth as it could be. It was for the bathroom. They were nice people, and they were honest. Everything was straightforward. I first heard about them because a contractor recommended them. I'd give them an A.”
“They were great. They put in countertops. I can't remember what material they were, but they did a great job. They fit me in and came at night so I could get them quicker, and they worked until eight thirty at night to get the job finished for me. They were really great. The countertops were for the kitchen. They earned an A from me.”
“We bought a piece of granite from them. They installed it. I think I bought some stuff from them. It was a pretty simple job. It was just a couple of counters. It was a remnant product. They had to cut it into three pieces and popped it in in ten minutes. There were no problems. They were very nice, but they were in and out in 15 minutes. It wasn't an elaborate kitchen job. It was just on top of some shelves—some shelf toppers for two rectangles. It was pretty routine stuff. They did a good job for what they did, but it wasn't an elaborate requirement. They did a good job for what the job was. I'd give them an A-.”
“First of all, they had a great selection. Second of all, they were totally professional, and the installation was just great. They did two countertops for me—one in the kitchen, and then a year later, they did my bathroom. I found the company through a recommendation. They are absolutely an A-grade company.”
“They were nice people, and they did what they said they would for the price they quoted. They installed granite for us. It was countertops. I don't know how long it took; I wasn't home. There were no issues—everything was great. I'd recommend them to family and friends. I'd give them an A.”
“We had a fabulous experience with Onyx. It was terrific, and they were wonderful. They were easy to work with, and the office staff was great. They helped us pick out some granite, and the people that came to measure and install were very professional. They bent over backwards to make sure it was going to be perfect, and it was. They did a bathroom vanity and a countertop in a bar area. They deserve an A+—no question.”