Our Certification

The Best Pick® Certification Process

Fully vetting each Best Pick company is something we take a lot of pride in. For each annual Best Pick Reports® publication, we analyze thousands of reviews from customers of home service providers, independently verify state-required insurance and licensing, and confirm each company's good standing with the state. Only the companies that meet our qualification standards are invited to participate in the Best Pick program.

To establish the recommendations in Best Pick Reports®, we calculate a star rating based on the past three years of a company’s customer reviews.

We use our own survey platform, work with our sister research company GuildQuality to survey random samples of a company’s previous customers, and, if needed, analyze Google reviews. We also evaluate a company’s credit history and financial standing.

Only the companies that meet our qualification standards are invited to participate in the Best Pick program.

Best Pick Companies found in our report:
  • Maintain consistently high levels of customer service and satisfaction
  • Hold proper state-required licenses and insurance
  • Are in good standing with the state
BPR Research Cycle BPR Research Cycle research rating credentials invitation publication guarantee research rating credentials invitation publication guarantee
We rely on online reviews, independent surveys, and company financial data to identify top local companies in dozens of home service categories.
Every Best Pick company must maintain extremely high satisfaction rates.
At least 85% of responses via our in-house customer surveying must state that they would recommend the company to a friend or family member. We also look for a minimum of 25 Google reviews and a 4.0 or higher rating over the past 3 years.
We verify that companies carry state-required licenses and insurance. All companies must also be active and in good standing with their Secretary of State.
We are insurance certificate holders for most Best Pick companies, including policies covering general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance when required by the state. Each year, we also verify that companies hold proper state trade licenses by referring directly to the appropriate state authorities.
Inclusion in Best Pick Reports is by invitation based on merit.
Certified Best Pick cannot buy a good rating; they must earn it by having many satisfied customers and good reviews. We do not sell advertising space, improved ratings, or better placement in our report. Inclusion is by invitation alone, and that invitation is extended only if a company has met our strict qualifying criteria.
We publish Certified Best Pick companies annually in our printed guides and online directory.
Each year we distribute our company recommendations to the public so that homeowners can make informed home service buying decisions. Qualified companies pay a fee that allows us to cover the cost of our qualification surveying and deliver our publication at no cost to homeowners.
The Best Pick Guarantee provides homeowners with security and confidence.
In the event that the work of a Certified Best Pick company is unsatisfactory, the Best Pick Guarantee gives registered homeowners the ability to seek remediation in the form of additional service to resolve the issue and, when appropriate, financial reimbursement. To register and see full terms and conditions, please visit bestpickreports.com/guarantee.

Standard Pros

Standard Pros are part of our wider home services network of handpicked local pros. Standard Pros can elect to have a dedicated profile on https://www.bestpickreports.com in which you can call them directly, or you may be directed to a form collecting your project information so that a local pro can get in touch with you. Standard Pros have not gone through our Best Pick certification process and are not eligible for the Best Pick Guarantee.