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Alpha Foundations uses patented PolyLevel polyurethane injection to lift and level sinking concrete slabs for residential and commercial customers.

About South Florida Concrete Leveling/Mudjacking Companies

Over time, the effects of erosion or deteriorating soil extend to the concrete around your home in the form of cracking and sinking. When this happens, you’ll need to call a concrete leveling or mudjacking expert, who will use either a synthetic or mortar-based material to fill the gaps under the concrete slab by way of a hose connected to small injection holes. Once the concrete slab reaches the level of the surrounding slabs, the injection holes are patched and sealed. Foam usually cures faster than mortar-based materials.

But how do you prevent a sinking concrete slab before it happens? Well, it helps to know what causes the issue to begin with. Factors like incorrect grading near the foundation, clogged gutters, short downspouts, and other drainage problems along with soil type can be responsible for sunken concrete. Regions with clay soil that expands in wet conditions and shrinks in drier conditions are vulnerable to diminished a support system underneath the concrete. The warning signs are similar to those of foundation problems.

After you correct these issues, take other preventative steps, like having your gutters cleaned twice a year and making sure your house has enough downspouts to carry water far away from your foundation, walkway, steps, and patio.