Decorative Options for Concrete Floors | Best Pick Reports

A bare, gray concrete floor can sometimes lend an industrial feel to a space, but there are many available decorative options that can transform concrete into a beautiful, durable, low-maintenance surface. One of the simplest options is transclucent acid staining, which permanently changes the color of the concrete from its natural gray to warm earth tones. Dyeing is another option for those seeking a more exotic look.

If the floors have cracks, holes, patches, oil stains, or other imperfections that would not be covered up by an acid or dye stain, these floors can be completely transformed by first applying a concrete overlay, which is a thin layer of cement laid over the existing floor. Apart from burying any issues below a new layer of concrete, an added bonus is that it can be applied as either a smooth, easy-to-clean surface or textured, giving it a stonelike appearance to add character to the area. Either way, the overlay can be stained and sealed to create a beautiful, custom finish.

As a final touch, the floors can be cut into a myriad of tile, diamond, or stone patterns to reflect the homeowner’s personal taste.