Organization Options | Best Pick Reports

Aesthetically, closet and garage organization products have come a long way from simple, plastic-coated, wire shelves. Many have a distinctly furniture-like feel and appearance, and there is an extensive array of products and styles to choose from when making closets and garages neater and more functional. Each product is geared toward a specific task, like a shoe-organizing drawer or shelving specifically made for dress shirts or bulky sweaters. For homeowners with large, walk-in closets, companies can fabricate custom storage islands—similar to a kitchen island—for extra organizational space. Garages also have functionally specific storage pieces available, including large wall cabinets for sizeable tools and sports equipment, which are built to maximize all the available storage space.

The different components available with organizing systems make them easily customized to fit particular needs or preferences. One person might want more space for a hanging system for clothes, while another may be drawn to a floor-mounted system with shelving for shoes and other items. Many of these organizational systems are modular, so homeowners can collaborate with the consultants and installers, picking and choosing the pieces that work best for their storage needs.

Home organizing systems don’t stop at closets and garages. Entertainment centers, pantries, and a variety of kitchen organizers are often available from home organizing contractors in the same variety of finishes and materials of their closet and garage counterparts.