Chimney and Fireplace Repair in Chicago | Best Pick Reports

In clearing away creosote and debris from your chimney, a chimney sweep may alert you to areas that need repair. Some companies that clean chimneys will also fix minor problems, such as repairing a broken damper or replacing a chimney cap. However, chimney cleaning is not always synonymous with chimney inspection or repair. If you want your chimney cleaned as well as inspected, make sure you choose a company that provides both services. You can also keep an eye out for possible problems by checking the exterior of your chimney for signs of damage.

Masonry repairs. Masons can often restore sections of a chimney that have begun to deteriorate. Bricks that are spalling or missing can be replaced; cracked or crumbling mortar can be repointed; and gas valves that are embedded in the masonry can also be replaced. If the damage is beyond repair, masons can sometimes rebuild a portion or all of the chimney.

Leaning chimneys. If a chimney begins to lean away from the house, a professional should be consulted to identify the source of the problem. Depending on the cause and severity of the lean, the chimney may need to be rebuilt or be reinforced by steel piers in the ground.

Liner replacement. Chimney liners provide necessary protection from heat and combustible materials. Initial building defects, damage, or deterioration over time may warrant replacement of the chimney liner. Replacement liners are typically metal or cast-in-place concrete. Metal liners, which are usually composed of stainless steel or aluminum, are available in rigid or flexible form. Cast-in-place liners consist of concrete that is poured into the chimney with the aid of either an inflatable or steel mold.