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All Pro Chimney Service has received 5 out of 5 stars (A-rating) based on 151 customer surveys conducted by Best Pick Reports.
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"Our goal is to educate our customers so that they know and understand how their chimneys operate and are able to make informed decisions. Our motto is, 'If you're safe, we're happy!'"

Dennis Amor | Owner
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All Pro Chimney Service is a full-service chimney company offering services ranging from chimney inspection and sweeping to complete chimney rebuilding and fireplace installation for residential and commercial customers. The company sells and installs hearth appliances such as high-efficiency, wood-burning fireplaces; gas fireplaces; and wood and pellet stoves and inserts.
Company History
All Pro Chimney Service was founded in 2008.
All Pro Chimney Service employs a Chimney Safety Institute of America Certified Chimney Sweep. The company is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles.
MHIC #97587
Areas Served
Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Montgomery Village, Potomac, Rockville, Silver Spring, Columbia, Elkridge, Ellicott City, Laurel, Annapolis, Crofton, Glen Burnie, Odenton, Pasadena, Severn, Severna Park, Bowie, Hyattsville, Lanham, Laurel

“I liked the results. They did an excellent job, excellent outcome. I'd give them an A+.”

“It was all good. It was wonderful service. We had the chimney rebuilt, and we had a gas insert put in the fireplace. The chimney's lined. It was a lot of work done. They're A+.”

“They were good. We were just thinking about them again, as far as having it done. We wouldn't have thought about them again if we weren't interested in their services before. We'd recommend them. We'd give them an A+.”

“All Pro Chimney Service did good work. They were on time and did what they were supposed to do—I can't ask for anything more. I had them out here on two separate occasions. Once they did a gas fireplace insert, and then the second occasion, they redid the exterior chimney that comes out of the roof. They made it up to code. I'd give them an A+.”

“They did my fireplace. I haven't had no problems. They came in, did what they were supposed to do—very respectful, very healthy. They're A+.”

“I liked their customer service. They converted my wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace. I'd give them an A+.”

“All Pro Chimney Service repaired the fireplaces, and they work fine. They're busy. It took probably a couple weeks before I could get an appointment, but they were prompt. When they got the part, they came and installed it. I'd give them an A.”

“All was good. No worries.”

“I liked them overall. They did new flashing on the chimney. I'd give them an A.”

“I'd give them an A grade.”

“The individual I worked with was good. He answered a lot of questions, was thorough, and gave me what was definitely objective advice. I think he's left since then. They redid the masonry at the top of our chimney, put in a stainless steel chimney liner, and installed a big fireplace stove that sits in your fireplace. They're an A.”

“They showed up on time, did their job fast and clean—no issues. I'd give them an A.”

“The job took as long as they said it was going to take, and it cost what they said it was going to cost. Those are always two big wins. Otherwise, I'd say the quality of their work met expectations. They had good quality, and I've had no issues with the work they did. We had a couple of things done. We had a wood insert. We purchased that and had them install it. Then they had to replace the flue liner, and they also had to do some repair on the chimney cap. I'd give them an A.”

“All Pro Chimney Service removed the existing prefabricated fireplace; insulated and closed up the chase with Durock; installed about 15 to 18 feet of chimney, blower, air intake, chase cover, and cap; installed a granite surround, mantel, and hearth; repaired drywall; and painted. The crew was polite and respectful. They showed up on time and worked from the moment they arrived to when they left. They were very clean. The end product is beautiful. I love it. They have been out twice just to make sure things are going well—A+.”

“Dennis is a true expert. They installed a fantastic fireplace. I also called them to clean my chimney, and the job was done right. I will use them for all chimney work in the future.”

“It is great to be able to depend on All Pro Chimney Service for caring for my wood-burning stove.”

“We have used this company for a few years now and they never disappoint!”

“Overall they did a good job. There was a misunderstanding about keeping the damper above the firebox, and it couldn't be put back in after they removed it.”

“Great company to work with!”

“They did a very good job on repair of the flashing and fixed what a previous so-called chimney repair firm had failed to fix. I am very satisfied with them and will surely use them again if necessary.”

“I was really pleased with the job done by All Pro. They were knowledgeable and professional and finished when they said they would.”

“The team was great, on time and in budget.”

“Very courteous and respectful. Good job at cleaning up. I followed up later with some additional questions but did not get a response.”

“They were hired to remove a giant semi-circle hearth that took up half the room and replace it will a normal sized hearth. It was quoted to be a 2 day job and they were coming in the morning. I was called that morning and I told they would be late. They showed up around 2pm and that turned the 2 day job into a 3 day job. The guys that did the work were great. They were friendly and took care to cover up anything that might get dirty. The final product looks great.”

“These guys installed our wood stove insert and done other repairs. We have no reason to call any other company.”

“The technician was very professional and knowledgeable. He inspected my fireplaces and gave me a detailed work-up of what was and wasn't needed. I was very pleased with my service.”

“They cleaned the chimney & flue replaced pipe in chimney and replaced the top so birds could not enter. Very good winter with a clean chimney.”

“They get the highest grade—A+.”

“I had just moved into my home, so we needed our chimney cleaned. The technician who came out was professional, did the job, and got it ready. The customer service was nice, which was great. They're an A+ company.”

“They were great. They painted the chimney stack.”

“They were on time and fast. They came to look at my fireplace and see what needed to be done to get it back in working condition. He found out that I don't actually have a fireplace—it's fake. It was quick. He took about 10 or 15 minutes, went up on the roof, looked around, then came back down and let me know what was going on. He also came in the house and looked around.”

“They came and did what they had to do. They checked the chimney, made sure it was OK, and then they fixed a missing brick. I'd recommend them to a friend and give them an A.”

“They came out and cleaned the chimney, told me what was wrong with my liner, and then fixed it. I'd recommend them because they did A work.”

“It was a pretty quick job. He was clean, protected the rest of the living room and stuff from the service he was doing, and seems to have fixed the problem. He came because the fire was going out too quickly, so he just gave it a good cleaning.”

“They did an inspection for my client's house. They didn't do anything wrong, which was great.”

“They did the work, cleaned the chimney in maybe an hour or two, and there wasn't a problem. I'd recommend them to friends.”

“They seemed like they knew what they were doing. They installed a chimney liner and fireplace insert. That took some time, mainly because of the weather, but it was fine. I would recommend them to a friend.”

“They were an A company, so they did a good job.”

“They did what they said they were going to do in the time frame they said they were going to do it. I needed to replace an entire fireplace, including the flue, which took two weeks because of the amount of time it took to order the parts.”

“The customer service was good, and they were very knowledgeable. I'd had another company come out before that never really repaired the work, so the All Pro technician came out, told me what the problem was, and took care of it. You could see the pilot light, but the fireplace wasn't coming on. I would give them an A.”

“He did a chimney checkup, and it was pretty good. I had just moved in, so everything's been fine. I'd rate them as an A because I really can't complain.”

“They did some work with the chimney cap outside. They did the work, but I haven't used my chimney yet. I'd recommend them to friends. They were on time. I'd give them an A.”

“Everything's fine. They were an A company.”

“They were very responsive. I'd called them on a Monday, they were here on Wednesday, and they started work on Thursday. They were very thorough. We had a couple of spots where we thought they could've been reinforced better, but they were right on it. They got here as soon as they could, which was in a couple weeks. They came back to waterproof and fill in the extra spots that we pointed out, so they were very responsive, good, and nice.”

“They did a good job. They just got in and got it done after there was a fire in the chimney. I heard about them through the insurance company.”

“They were responsive and easy to work with. We had some chimney damage from a storm, and they replaced some pipe in the wall. The insurance company set it all up.”

“They had good customer service. They were on time and knowledgeable, and any questions I had, they pretty much answered. They cleaned my chimney. A friend recommended the company.”

“The technician was funny, and he knew the answer when I asked him a question. He did a chimney cleaning and inspection. I'd give them an A.”

“They were efficient and on time. A friend referred them to me, so I would recommend them too.”

“The service was fine, so I was pleased.”

“It was a good experience. They're now working for a friend of mine, so they did a great job.”

“They were very good and did what they were supposed to do. They installed a liner in our chimney after a friend recommended them to us. They're definitely an A.”

“The work was good, and everything seems to be working pretty well. They were pretty timely, and it was nice that I got an upgrade to the flue system. They changed the way that it worked just by virtue of getting it fixed. They did A work.”

“They installed our pellet stove, did a great job scheduling, and got everything worked out.”

“They did a fine, complete, and timely job on the chimney inspection. I didn't have any issues, so they get an A from me.”

“They were prompt, seemed to be thorough, and gave me information on what I needed to do to maintain my chimneys in the future. They cleaned and inspected the chimney, and then told me the material that it's made out of may need to be replaced eventually. I'd give them an A.”

“All Pro Chimney Service's follow-up was superb—that's what I really, really liked. The gentleman was very professional, and he was there on time. It was just a great experience. They did a yearly chimney inspection, and they did an A+ job.”

“All Pro Chimney Service was excellent. Everything about them was great, and we're super, super happy. I moved to a town house where I was not sure if the fireplace was in workable condition. They serviced it and gave recommendations for rusted parts. They were everything you want in a contractor.”

“They did a really thorough inspection and a cleaning for us, and it was perfect. They gave us a real overview of what needed to be done, and they weren't really pushy. I'd give them an A.”

“All Pro Chimney Service was very knowledgeable, and their customer service was fantastic.”

“All Pro Chimney Service was very good, and they completely satisfied our needs. They were efficient and did exactly what they were going to do. They showed me what needed to be done and why, and they replaced the back panel of my insert fireplace. The customer service seemed excellent. I'd give them an A.”

“They were very proactive in getting the permits, and they did a good job. They went over the different options with me and did the work on time—I don't have any complaints. They put in a new chimney. I'd give them an excellent grade with no complaints.”

“I would give All Pro an A+; they were good. They put two flues on my chimney, they rebuilt the top quarter of my chimney with stone block, they put a new crown on it, and they put new caps on it. My chimney was disintegrating, close to clogging up, and they really did a great job making it good. They're an A+.”

“They did a good job. We have a guest fireplace, and they serviced the connection. They were very polite and on time. I'd give them an A.”

“All Pro cleaned out the fireplace. The customer service was fine, and I'm satisfied with the work that they did. I would recommend them.”

“They did very good—they're an A all the way.”

“It was Dennis who I dealt with, and he was very professional and got out there timely. They replaced about half of my chimney. I would most definitely recommend them to a friend. They get an A.”

“They were pretty thorough and did good work. They cleaned the chimney, and they didn't take that long. I would give them an A. I think everything was good.”

“All Pro was professional, neat, and had everything that they needed. They did a chimney inspection. They took some time with it to get up on the roof and look inside the chimney with cameras from the central fireplace for inspection. I would recommend them and give them an A.”

“They were very reliable, they did great work, and the problem was solved.”