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"In an industry where most businesses are typically run by only a few people, we set ourselves apart with our call center and fully trained technicians. At Master Services, we always strive to take care of our clients, and we know we must have both quality employees and quality products to do this."

David Bishop | Business Manager
Company Information
Services Offered
Master Services is a full-service chimney company that cleans chimneys, fabricates custom chimney caps, repairs fireboxes and chimney brickwork, and rebuilds and paints wood chases. The company also sells and installs chimney and fireplace accessories such as dampers, gas logs, and glass doors. In addition, Master Services removes bird nests and nuisance wildlife, including raccoons, opossums, squirrels, bats, and dead animals.
Master Services offers a guarantee on all service and a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship for chimney caps.
Company History
Chad and Christa Murray founded Master Services in 1995. Chad's mother, Wanda, and stepfather, Rory, also play important roles within the company.
Employee Information
All employees wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles.
Areas Served
Plano/Frisco/Allen/McKinney, Greater Dallas, North Dallas, Southlake/Grapevine/Colleyville, Flower Mound/Lewisville/Highland Village
A selection of 249 homeowner reviews:
“Very impressed with their service, from the friendly voice answering the phone to the repairman that came out. He was very knowledgeable, so polite, and left the area clean. We also had a custom curtain built to replace the existing curtain, and it turned out great—A+.”
“Great company that is very professional, prompt, and considerate. Master Services did an excellent job fixing my chimney, and when a later issue arose, I contacted them. Within days, they were out to fix the problem. I'd recommend them to anyone.”
“Master Services asked all appropriate questions to ensure they scheduled their technician who had the required qualifications. He was super friendly, patient, and helpful. He took the time to answer my questions and was more than willing to share his knowledge. We will use them again.”
“Very professional. They did everything they said they would do.”
“Pleased with their work.”
“Master Services were the only company that could figure out where the leak in my chimney was coming from. I got a new chimney cap to replace the leaking one. It's also much more attractive than the old one.”
“Very friendly service, did not try to sell me on unnecessary services, but did point out some work that might need to be done in future. On time, and same price as was quoted.”
“Professional, polite, punctual, high quality products and workmanship.”
“My chimney was ready to fall down. They gave us quote with pictures, came out and did the work on time. Very great company.”
“Always great service!”
“The rep was very professional and did a great job! He even took the time to analyze the firewood I was using and made some recommendations.”
“Great service on both chimney fireplaces. I did ask that they remove an aerial antenna. They detached it from the fireplace, but left it sitting on my roof, which is why I docked some points for cleanliness. Otherwise great experience.”
“Very responsive to 'emergency' missing cap and birds in the chimney. Also, fixed broken gas valve, cracked fireplace walls and installed new gas logs. Did excellent work. Service technicians were very professional, on-time and respectful of our home (good clean-up afterward). Very pleased and will use them again when needed.”
“I knew nothing about chimney caps and such things. We'd lived in Wisconsin, and a lot of the heating and cooling, the size of the chimney, and things like that are very different. We had two gas fireplaces here. We had one wood-burning one back there, so it was very different. I think I liked the fact that Master Services would explain why it should be constructed a certain way, what it was meant to prevent, and why you could get by with A, but B would be better because in the long run it would do this, and C would be good and extra ornamental in property value. They explained everything very well so you felt like an informed decision was possible. I chose them from the Best Pick Reports. We just found it on our doorstep. We'd asked around, and we did get one recommendation for another company, but then we found out the fellow only does one-story buildings, and ours is a two story. That pushed us even more in the direction we went. They did two things that stood out to us. One is that they came in at exactly at the price they quoted, which is always appreciated instead of a surprise. The second thing is that they had to change their scheduling a little bit because they suddenly got this massive commercial order. They were kind enough to advance ours and get it all done. I appreciate that it was all done before we got rainy or snowy weather. I appreciated that they let us know why things had to change, too, and they were easy to get ahold of. We've had experiences with other companies where we send emails and leave voice messages, and I guess they're busy, but they don't get back within 24 hours or even a week sometimes. We were very pleased with how fast Master Services got back to us too.”
“I like Master Services' professionalism. I like their cleanliness. I like their communication. I've used them twice. The customer service has been excellent. They clean my fireplace and installed a new gas port; something was wrong with the port that the gas actually comes out of, so they replaced it. I never had to call them back for any problems. I would tell a friend or neighbor to hire Master Services. I think they're a great service, and I would recommend them.”
“Master Services was professional and did a good job. They took care of us. They installed gas-burning logs in our fireplace. This was the first time we'd used the company. I'd refer them to a friend or neighbor because they did a good job. They did fine.”
“I just felt like Master Services was efficient. They were personal. They answered the phone. They came when they said they would. They did what they said they were going to do. They seem knowledgeable. They did an inspection and I think maybe a little bit of cleaning of the chimney flue, which was what I was worried about. It was just an inspection to let me know what was going on and give me some guidance about how to make sure it's safe. I would tell a friend or neighbor that they seem very reputable. They're a big company. I think they're very good.”
“Master Services was fast, and they explained to me what they were doing. They were on time. They explained the process every step of the way. I felt like they went above and beyond. They got it taken care of quickly, so it's good to go. I just used them once. It was part of our home warranty package.”
“Master Services did new fireplace facing and a heat reflector. They did what they said they would do, delivered on time, and delivered the correctly measured product.”
“They came to inspect our fireplace and chimney to see what was needed to make it functional. They recommended products and services based on what was truly needed, and installed them. My experience was that Masters was positive because they recommended full products, but also advised us on what would be best and how to keep our costs down by selecting what was necessary at the time, and what could be done later if desired.”
“Master Services changed my fireplace to gas logs, and cleaned out all the chimneys. The guy that did the work was very honest and nice.”
“Master Services cleaned my fireplace for first time in 40 years. The serviceman was super cool—very helpful in explaining the problem.”
“Master Services replaced the firewall in the fireplace. It was positive. The rep was cordial and efficient.”
“Master services manufactured and installed four chimney caps, and sealed the exterior chimney masonry. I called Master Services to investigate another issue; they showed me what the cause was, and gave me the options to resolve the problem.”
“They inspected and cleaned my chimney, removed my gas logs, and blocked off the gas lines so I could have a wood-burning fireplace. The technician was on time, explained what he was going to do, and then did it. I was afraid it was going to be messy, but other than a clean fireplace, I couldn't even tell that he had been there.”
“Master Services installed a metal chimney cap and spark arrestor because our wooden chimney cap had rotted, and water was coming down the chimney. Master Services fabricated the metal chimney cap off-site, and then installed it on the day promised. Poor building construction made demolition of the wooden chimney cap impossible without significant structural reconfiguration, so the fabricated metal cap was simply placed over the wooden one. Additional fabrication had to be done on-site to cover the wood that was exposed on the bottom side, which cost a small additional charge of about 10% of the original quote. The metal chimney cap looks great, and we know that we will never have to address this issue again.”
“Two men sprayed insulation into my home's attic. It was a hot, dirty job, and they did it promptly and well.”
“Master Services installed gas logs in my fireplace, including rerouting the gas line. Both jobs were completed as scheduled, without inconvenience to me, and the appearance of the finished job is very good.”
“Master Services provided me with a chimney inspection—very positive experience. The technician was really great—kind, courteous, and very professional.”
“They repaired a leak in the chimney by installing new flashing. They also fabricated and installed a new chimney cap. The group of guys doing the work were prompt each day, very professional, and were all business from start to finish.”
“Master Services demoed and hauled off the old firebox and pipe, and they installed the new firebox, pipe, and cap. The installation quality was excellent, and it looks beautiful. All involved were very easy to work with, and they did a great job.”
“The initial service was a chimney inspection and cleaning. Super positive—they were on time, provided clear estimates, completed the work correctly, and cleaned up after themselves.”
“He was professional, courteous, and honest. Their customer service was great, and I didn't have to call them back for any issues after the work was done. I'd give them an A+ rating.”
“Master Services was on time and dependable, and they did an excellent job—they were real slick. I would grade them as an A+.”
“They put a chimney cap on, and it does the trick—exactly what I wanted. They had excellent customer service. The guy was really cheerful and very prompt, and he did a good job. I would recommend them, and I'd give them an A all day.”
“We used Master Services twice, and they were very helpful. I would rate them as an A.”
“They did a chimney inspection and cleaning, and they were great. They showed up on time, they did the work, my place was clean, and the price was within what they quoted to me. Master Services is A+—I'd recommend them to anybody who needed to use their services.”
“They got up in my chimney and checked to see if there was anything that needed to come out. They were very thorough, on time, and accurate, and they solved my issue. I would refer them to anybody, and I think they deserve an A+ grade.”
“Master Services did an inspection and a cleaning. Their customer service was good. He was very direct about what was going on and what he was doing. They should get an A+.”
“They put a chimney cap on our fireplace, and I thought everything was good. I liked the way they did the service—they told me what they were going to do, and after they got done, they asked if it looked good. I was very pleased with them. I would say they earned an A+.”
“They cleaned up my chimney because I had some soot that was catching fire. When he was here, he was prompt—he got in, got the job done, and then got out of here. I would recommend them. I'd say Master Services deserves an A grade.”
“They cleaned the chimney, tested it, and did some sort of fireproofing, I think. There were some cracked bricks and stuff, and I think he either told us how to fix them or he fixed them. The guy came and showed up when he said he was going to show up, and we were on a very tight time frame; we had one week to get this house that we had just purchased completely turned around and ready to rent. They were a part of that, and I really appreciated it. I'd give them an A.”
“Master Services was very helpful, very friendly, and informative. It was nice service, and I never had to call them back about any issues. I would recommend the company, and I would give them an A rating.”
“They cleaned the chimney and the fireplace area, and they covered that within the estimate they gave me just from my description of what was going on. They did a pretty good job, too; there were with no problems with it. They should get an A.”
“They did what they were supposed to do—they cleaned the chimney. Their customer service was fine. I'd recommend them and give them an A.”
“I think I bought a chimney from them or something, and it was OK. Their customer service was excellent with no problems, and I didn't have to call them back for any issues. I'd recommend them. I would say they deserve something like an A-. There was a clamp or something that I forgot, but we made it work. It was probably not their fault, but mine.”
“They were professional and not overbearing or pushy. They did good work. Then, they offered some additional things we might want to consider at some point in time, but he seemed honest. I would endorse Master Services—they're an A.”
“They cleaned the chimney and also the vents in the house. They gave me a call like 30 minutes before arrival, and I liked that they were prompt. Their customer service was great. They seemed to be experts in the area, and they let me know about any recommendations for follow-up service, too. They deserve an A.”
“From what I remember, everything about Master Services was fine.”
“They did a chimney cleaning. My recollection is that they showed up on time, did their job, cleaned up their mess, and were gone. I didn't have to call them back to address any issues. I'd recommend the company, and I'd give them an A grade.”
“Master Services repaired a chimney guard that I had on, and it seems to be working. They came out and took care of it, and it looked all right. I didn't have any problems. I would recommend them, and I'd give them an A.”
“He had a little vacuum, and he swept it out. I needed to do work to close on a condo, so they did it, and I got a piece of paper saying they did it. I think they earned an A.”
“Master Services had great feedback and great customer service, and they answered all of my questions. They were here when they were supposed to be here, too.”
“The service technician from Master Services did excellent work. He was extremely polite, very knowledgeable and thorough, and he explained everything so that there were no questions. Our gas logs were pretty shot, and we decided to change over to a regular natural gas fireplace. They did an A+ job.”
“I liked their honesty and promptness, and the quality of the work was great. They did a chimney cleaning, put a chimney cap on, and waterproofed the brick chimney exterior. I'd highly recommend Master Services, and I would give them an A+.”
“I was extremely happy with the work, and the customer service was excellent—everything was outstanding. They did a chimney cap and a few other things for me. I'd recommend them highly.”
“The experience was wonderful. They're fantastic. A+ for them.”
“We had a mouse problem, they were able to get rid of it, and then gave us a preventative method, which we use now, which was real good. They arrived on time and finished on time. That was the first time I used Master Services. The worker was excellent. She told me about steel wool, how to put it in the mouse hole, and I had never heard of that. She was perfectly good, and we do that now and haven't had that problem since then. They just did an outstanding job. I have recommended them to a lot of folks. I would give them an A+ grade.”
“I was super pleased with them. I got them from Best Pick Reports. Masters was super. They came out, they measured, and they gave me an estimate. They told me the flashing and a bunch of stuff needed to be done, and they fixed it. I would grade them super, excellent, no complaints.”
“Master Services came right out and was punctual. When they said they'd be here to do the work, they were here. Everybody we dealt with, especially the person that came out and gave us the estimate—I believe he also worked on it—they were very, very, very nice. The brick on our chimney was crumbling, and they replaced it. They were able to do that in a timely fashion. The cleanup was excellent. That was our first time using them. We would definitely use them again. I would give them an A+. I recommended them to my neighbors.”
“It was great. They fixed our chimneys and the inserts. The technicians were helpful. The cleanup was perfect. I would give them an A+. It's a rare thing that we were asking for, and this company was able to do what we needed to get done, so I would recommend them.”
“They did what I asked them to do. I hired them for fireplace cleaning, and they met my expectations. Cleanup was good, perfect. This was the first time using their services. I chose Master Services because they could come out sooner rather than later. I would give them an A+ grade.”
“The work was done excellent. I liked their timeliness and cleanup afterward. Master Services installed a chimney top, and the work has held up. This was my first time using them. I would give them an A+ grade. I would tell others that Master Services is reliable.”
“I thought the work Master Services did for me was fine. They just were real efficient and gave me a good analysis of my problem and my house. They went down my chimney and looked for a rodent. Everything held up OK. Their customer service and technicians were excellent. I would use them again. I would give them an A+.”
“We had a squirrel in our chimney. They came, rescued the squirrel, got him out, and repaired the chimney and the top so we wouldn't have that problem again. All in all, it's maybe not what they usually do, but they were most accommodating and did an excellent job. The technician that came out did a great job. I would use them again if need be. I would give Master Services an A+ grade.”
“Master Services was on time, they did the work they said they would do, and the product they installed was high quality. The technicians and customer service were good. I would recommend them to my friends. It was a high-quality product, it was installed well, and they were very efficient. It was definitely an A.”
“I think they just cleaned the chimney. I was satisfied with the services. I feel I received good, quality work. They were very nice, professional, and quick. I'd give them an A+. It was fine.”
“They did everything I asked them to do. The technicians were very cooperative and very helpful. They cleaned my chimney. The quality of the work was fine. This was my first time using the company. I would give Master Services an A+ grade. I would tell others to expect to get the job that they wanted done.”
“They successfully accomplished the job we hired them for with no problems. We hired Master Services to check the chimney for operational service because we had just bought this house. I believed that we received quality work from the company. Customer service was great. I would give them an A+ grade.”
“They did fireplace work. They did a good job. They got the job done. He was efficient, knowledgeable, answered our questions, and took care of the problem. Customer service was great. The guy I talked to was really nice. He did a good job with cleanup. There really wasn't that much cleanup since we have a gas fireplace. I would give Master Services an A+ grade.”
“They're very good. I have used them before. Most recently, they rebuilt the whole inside of my fireplace and put a chimney cap on. They have earned my repeat business because they're very responsive and I feel comfortable with them. I would give them an A+.”
“Master Services did a good job for us. I had one thing we needed them to come back for, they came back and did that with no charge, and we were very happy with them. They fixed a leak in our ceiling on the roof—right on the outside of the chimney where we had a little water drip there—and adjusted everything in our fireplace. I felt their cleanup was very good. I thought the time frame in which the work was finished was very good also. That was a little over a month ago, maybe two months ago. They were very nice, they were people we could understand very well, and they said anything that needed to be redone would be free of charge. I'd give them an A+.”
“I had a good experience with Master Services. They repaired the fireplace, and he did a coating on the inside plus a deal on top of the chimney. The work was finished just like he said it would be, and the time frame was just fine. I just used them that one time I think. I would use them again. I would give them an A+.”
“They cleaned the chimney, and I also had them cap the gas in the fireplace. This was the first time using them. The work met my standards. I would give Master Services an A+ grade.”
“I thought the work Master Services did for me was good. They cleaned the chimney, checked the chimney and everything, and then put some extra stuff under the gas—it looks like ashes. They did a good job. The technician was very, very nice. The workers were very nice, knew what they were doing, and answered questions that I had. I've already recommended them to someone. I would give them an A+.”
“They came out in a timely manner and did the inspection. Everything was fine. For peace of mind, I had it inspected. They did not clean it—it's a gas log, so there is really no way to clean it. I would give Master Services an A+ grade.”
“Master Services did our chimney. They came out, did the job, and delivered what they promised. Our chimney never had a chimney cap on, and they took care of that. They were courteous. Cleanup was good; I couldn't even tell they were here. Master Services gets an A+ grade.”
“I thought Master Services was very good. They put a chimney cap on, and then they redid the inside. I have gas logs, so they redid the inside with the gravel. They did a good job. The gentleman that came to my house and gave me the estimate made some suggestions and was very forthcoming—wasn't belligerent by any means. He laid some things out and let me make the decision. I would absolutely use this company again. The customer service was very good. It was raining that whole week, and he said, 'Oh, not to worry. That doesn't stop us.' I would give them an A+.”
“I think I used Master Services for a chimney repair. It's been a year. They did a great job on that. It was a great experience, and I have no complaints. They did a great job. They fixed a leak in the gas start. They painted the inside, they cleaned it all, and they serviced it so it's good to go. I would use this company again for sure. The technicians were fine. Their customer service was fine. They followed up good. I would give them an A+.”
“Master Services was efficient and very clean. They did a chimney sweep. Quality of work was just fine. They were prompt and on schedule, and they did what I called them in to have done. The technicians were fine, clean, and courteous. Customer service was fine. I plan to use Master Services again. I would give them an A+ grade.”
“We changed our fireplace over from electric to wood burning. The quality of the work from Master Services was great. I would use the company again. The technician was on time, and he did just what we needed. They deserve an A+.”
“The work was done in a timely manner. I didn't have any problem with that whatsoever. I called Master Services to repair our chimney because birds were getting in it. They did a good job. They cleaned up good. I would give them an A+ grade.”
“I've been using Master Services almost three years. The quality of work is good. I chose them from the Best Picks magazine. I've already had my neighbors use them. Master Services cleaned my chimney, put in one of the puffers in one of the chimneys, and waterproofed both chimneys after I moved here. So they basically redid them. I would give them an A+ grade.”
“I had a good experience with Master Services. They did a good job. The guy knew what he was doing and didn't spend a lot of extra time, got in, got out, and did the job right. He was a very nice guy. They just seemed like a quality operation. They replaced a gas pipe, and I think I had him do some minor work on the firebox. They also replaced an igniter pipe. The work is holding up so far, to the tune of about two cords of firewood this winter. I'd give them an A+. They did what they said they were going to do, and I have no complaints.”
“The guy did a great job on the fireplace. He did the job that we asked him to do. They gave me a quote. He was very good. I would give them an A.”
“I was working on another project for somebody else, and I called Master Services for them. As I recall, they did a fine job. They worked on the chimney or fireplace. I guess I was the foreman on the job. They showed up on time when they said they would be there. They analyzed what the problem was, and they fixed it to my satisfaction. There was a leak around the fireplace that they were able to determine where it was and sealed it. As far as I remember, they quoted me what it was going to be, and then they did the job. He was willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. I would give them an A.”
“I don't have the problem anymore. They repaired the roof, and they closed an opening. They were courteous. I would give Master Services an A grade.”
“I have not had any issues since Master Services completed the work. It was my first time using them. I could consider using them in the future. I would give them an A grade.”
“Master Services was able to help me. The guy seemed like he really worked with the fireplace for a while to find out what the problem was and just seemed real knowledgeable, and he was very friendly and went over all the stuff after he was done. It was convenient setting up an appointment with them to have the work done. I think I just selected them from the review in Best Pick Reports. I would use them again. I would definitely give them an A.”
“Master Services did an inspection, and it turned out fine. That was the first time that I used them. I used the Best Pick Report guide to choose them. I would give them an A.”
“The technician from Master Services was very polite, very nice, and very efficient. They put in gas logs for us. That was our first occasion to use them. We were looking for gas logs, and that is how we found out about their service. We did not get any other estimates. They brought the logs and installed them. The technician was really nice. They did the job in a timely manner.”
“I had a raccoon in my attic, and it was an awful nuisance. They were very prompt and thorough about taking care of that problem and also doing some fireplace and exterior work. I was very satisfied. They just patched up a little crack in the wall of the inside of the fireplace itself. That was really minor, but they got rid of that in a hurry. I would absolutely use them again. The technicians were very considerate of their surroundings. I would give Master Services an A grade. Communication skills were great. Everything was easy; what they told me was what happened. I was very satisfied. I would recommend them.”
“They did some work for me over the last year. They did what they were supposed to do as we expected with no surprises. They did work on our chimney. They did some work just cleaning our gas fireplace area, plus we needed to have a chimney cap put on. That was our first time to use them. I would use them again. They cleaned up well after their service. They responded in a timely manner, and they were respectful of their surroundings. I would give them an A. I'd recommend them.”
“Master Services performed the work that we asked and gave us their ideas. It was my first time using them. I would give them an A grade.”
“Master Services was prompt and did very good, clean work. They installed a fireplace and fire logs, cleaned out the chimney, and put a cap on it. That was my first occasion to use them. If I had the need, I'd have no problem using them again. I got other estimates besides theirs. Generally, I just liked the guy that came out and gave us the appraisal, and that's why I went with him. I would give them an A.”
“They put a chimney cap up there. I was happy with the whole thing. There was nothing to clean up. No issues with billing. They respected my property while they were here, and it was good. I would give Master Services an A grade. I was happy.”
“I know Master Services. They were fine. They confirmed that I didn't have birds in my chimney. They're a good company.”
“Master Services is fine. They've done a good job. They did what they needed to do and so far, the bugs are dead. They came in, they did their job, and they come once every three months. I would use this company again. The technicians were courteous and timely. Their customer service is good. They come, they let me know they're here, and then when they get done, they leave. I'd give them an A.”
“Master Services was very good. They cleaned out the chimney. The technicians were good. Their customer service was good. I would recommend them to my friends. I would give them an A.”
“I had some wind damage to a cap that I had originally on the chimney, and they came out and kind of identified and overviewed what I wanted to have done. They replaced the cap and put a hood on top of that. Overall, I was very well pleased with the work they did and with the particular technician that interfaced with me and completed the work. I know we had some issues with the weather and had to have the installation date reassigned, but other than that, they were pretty reactive to what my concerns were. It was probably a couple of hours to complete the job. I would use Master Services again. I would give them an A grade.”