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"We have been a leader in the area for many years and continue to set the standards in our industry. We've gained a reputation for excellence in our service area and have become a recognized name in Chicago."

Rob Lindemann | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Lindemann Chimney Service offers chimney cleaning, repairing, and lining; chimney caps and dampers; solutions to energy efficiency and cold draft problems; moisture issue solutions; gas log installation; tuck-pointing; and chimney rebuilding.
Company History
Lindemann Chimney Service has served Chicagoland homeowners since 1969.
The company employs technicians that are nationally certified for chimney cleaning by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.
Additional Information
Lindemann Chimney Service offers an energy-efficient gas insert for fireplaces, and technicians are trained for the application of the HeatShield chimney lining system.
Areas Served
Northern Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Western Chicago Suburbs, Southwest Chicago Suburbs
A selection of 610 homeowner reviews:
“Lindemann Chimney Service did a great job of matching the replacement bricks and adding new caps on the chimneys. They were very neat and left the workplace looking untouched. We couldn't be more pleased—A+.”
“The two fellows that came to replace the chimney liner were amazing. They also were super friendly, jovial, and jumped on the roof like large panthers, no fear and sure-footed. In addition, they were careful and did meticulous work.”
“We loved them. They did a thorough inspection and talked with us in detail about options. The work was done on time and perfectly. We love our new fireplace—A+.”
“They did a fabulous job, on time and on budget. They solved three separate issues, including one I wasn't sure could be fixed.”
“The servicemen found some other problem while repairing the original problem. They took pictures of the problem so I could make a knowledgeable decision on repairing the new problem. It made me feel good about my decision!”
“We had a liner put in one fireplace and had the basement fireplace converted into a gas fireplace. They ran a camera up the chimney and showed me everything explaining the deterioration. They did an excellent job on both fireplaces. Amazingly conscientious of moving and covering furniture, and their clean up upon completion was spectacular. I can finally burn my upstairs fireplace and my basement is warm in the winter. I have, and will continue to recommend them.”
“2nd time they have been out to do normal clean on the fireplace, both times they have done a great job.”
“The Lindemann professional showed up on time, was efficient and professional and left our home exactly the way he found it. His assessment was clearly based on knowledge and expertise and we felt confidence in his report and recommendations.”
“Appreciate their honesty, love the firewood perk!”
“I had Lindemann do two jobs, both done well and solved my problem. The men who did the work had much experience, answered all my questions so I knew what they were doing and why, and went about their work in a professional and efficient manner. The only small criticism was in the time to complete the second job, which was partially due to the weather.”
“The experience was very positive and the work was excellent. I have already recommended them to a coworker and he is having a chimney remodel in a couple weeks.”
“They efficiently examined our boiler and heating system and fireplace drafts, and then made recommendations for repair with the cost of each one. We selected the work we wanted then, which they completed as promised. Everything done has worked well a year later.”
“I've generally had positive experiences with Lindemann. This time, I was somewhat surprised that I didn't receive a written estimate for the work requested, but I'm generally impressed with the work that has been done for me in the past.”
“Really know their stuff!”
“Contacted Lindemann for work rebuilding the top 1/3 of the chimney after another contractor dropped the ball. Despite it being close to Christmas, Donna at Lindemann was very responsive and we got the work scheduled and done within a few weeks. Everyone I dealt with at Lindemann came across as knowledgeable and professional. The rebuilt part of the chimney looks great to my untrained eye.”
“A lining was installed. The installer was very skilled in doing this dirty job. He was very courteous and did a good job cleaning up. He also brought a good supply of firewood.”
“They were great and I have zero complaints. Straight talk, under-promised but totally over delivered. We had a problem that came back a couple times and we were chasing our tails and nothing worked until Lindemann came out and did the work. Would have saved thousands if I called them first.”
“The renovation work they did on our chimney was first rate, and so was their follow-up with us.”
“Only thing I would say is that they push the chimney lining thing when that is not really always necessary. It is kind of the standard 'sell' and It is NOT really necessary in all cases. But the work they did for me was very good and the customer service excellent.”
“Very pleased with fireplace insert, especially remote starter.”
“Lindemann was recommended to us by a very satisfied customer. We have been very pleased with both the rebuild of our chimney and the yearly cleanings. An unexpected bonus was that we get free firewood!”
“The work performed on our chimney was very good, was not fully satisfied with the cleanliness of the area, there were broken bricks and excess mortar left behind in the yard and gardens. The cleanup should have been more thorough.”
“Lindemann has been maintaining our chimney for 30 yrs. That is testimony to their good work and careful service.”
“Excellent service installing a new fireplace unit.”
“Very professional and pleasant to deal with. We have requested their service twice, once for HVAC venting problem which, after a very thorough check it turned out to be the water heater that was at fault. The second time I called them was for a very long dryer vent in a crawl space that had become completely packed with lint. They came and cleaned it out and replaced a section which was rusted-a big messy job which made the dryers work better than ever!”
“Very professional and excellent representative of the company. Explained things in very simple terms, easy to understand.”
“They're prompt, they're efficient at what they do, and they were even nice enough to bring an offer like some extra firewood when they did our chimney repair for us. It was a very positive experience. We had some tuckpoint work that we needed done on the chimney, and we've used them in the past for other things, like cleaning. They're very good at what they do. I would highly recommend them. I would definitely say they're an A+.”
“I liked their attentiveness and their responsiveness. They did what they said they were going to do when they said they were going to do it, and there were no hidden charges. It was pretty much the kind of transaction that I expect but rarely get. We were selling our house, and we had some water infiltrating in the basement. They said there were two possible sources. So I said, 'Well, can we do them one at a time?' They went out and put in a stainless steel chimney liner, and it turned out to solve the problem entirely. It was wonderful. They didn't add a cap. It was too cold, and it was in the middle of the winter, so they couldn't do concrete. I had used Lindemann Roofing, and I would give the company an A rating.”
“They were there for a long time, and we just never made a decision yet, they're just really nice. They worked on the inside of our chimney, and tried to determine if we could make a custom line out for it. I would recommend them. They're an A+.”
“They're efficient. They redid the some of the flashing, they put in one of the exhausts, and they sort of redid my entire chimney that's just for the bedroom. I heard about the company through a friend of mine. The customer service was good; everything was five stars—an A+.”
“I like them, they did a really great job, and I wouldn't give them any negative feedback. They rebuilt a chimney. I would give them an A+.”
“They did chimney repair, and we were happy with them. They were prompt, and they were reliable.”
“We were very happy. They did a good job just as we expected, and we got it. They relined our chimney. The customer service was very good. We would refer them to our friend or neighbor. I would give them an A.”
“It was kind of a complicated thing to figure out, and I guess they did a good job, because the problem got fixed. We had a furnace where the piping going up out of the roof was all rusted. They had to figure out why it was rusted; it's a stainless steel pipe. I got their name from someone; they were the ones that said the placing was all rusted. I would recommend them to family and friends. As a matter of fact, they're coming out in another month to put in a chimney liner in the other furnace in the house. I would give the company an A rating.”
“They did everything they said they were going to do. They just did the chimney work. The customer service was good. We would recommend them. We would give them an A.”
“They did a good job. They tuckpointed the chimney and that's pretty much it. It was just the chimney. They did a fine job.”
“They were just thorough. They did chimney work. They deserve an A.”
“They cleaned the chimney and put a new something on top of the chimney. I would recommend them to my family and friends. I would give them an A.”
“They were honest, which is very hard to find in the chimney field. They got the work done. They put a liner in. They put in a fan at the top on the cap to draw the air up. I looked at several companies and they seemed to be the most well known and trusted in the area. They get an A rating.”
“I thought the service rep did a good job of coming in and explaining what the problem was and what needed to be fixed. I think the work performed was better than expected as well. They essentially needed to seal the inside of the fireplace, and that's the work that they performed. I think we chose them because we just moved into the house a year ago and the previous work was done by them, so that was our first point of contact. I would give the company an A grade.”
“I liked their professionalism, and they were timely. They repaired our chimney. There was damage on the outside of our chimney, and they repaired it. I went with them because the person who gave the estimate seemed more knowledgeable. I would give them an A rating.”
“It was fine. They cleaned the chimney, and the customer service was fine. I think I got their name from a friend, that's how they came up. They get an A grade from me; they were fine.”
“I thought they were flexible. They changed the work I wanted done, and they were flexible with that too. I haven't had any leak in since, but it wasn't very long, either. I'd recommend them. Time will tell; so far, it has been six months. They get an A. All I care is that it doesn't leak anymore.”
“They were very accommodating and thorough. They checked out my chimney and cleaned it out. I would give them an A, they came back and followed up, and they were good.”
“They were professional, and they did the work without any issues on their part. They had to put in a chimney liner, replace some things in the chimney, and do all kinds of stuff. I would recommend the company. They're an A-grade company.”
“They did a good job. They're nice guys, and they did a good cleanup. They had to replace two chimney liners. I would give them an A.”
“I just think they did their job, and they were friendly and nice. I was happy with the work that was done. They just came and cleaned out the chimney, cleaned it all out. I chose them because of a recommendation. I would give them an A rating.”
“They were on time, they did what they told me, and they were in and out. They rebuilt the chimney. I went with them because I heard good things from other people; plus, I work in construction, and I've worked with them before. I'd rate them as an A.”
“They cleaned the chimney; that was all I had done. Everything was fine, and everything worked out OK.”
“The work that was done up on the chimney, I couldn't see it, because I never got on the ladder. The guy who did the work was nice, and he did the fixture. Everything was fine. I would recommend the company to family and friends. I would give them an A.”