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"We don't recommend taking chances or cutting corners, so safety is a top priority. We do our work up to code. There is very little room for error when you're building a fire inside your house. If the chimney's broken, you have to fix it or not use it. We will take care of problems, not ignore them. We work to make you happy."

Kevin Sparks | President
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The Mad Hatter Air Duct Cleaning & Chimney Sweep performs chimney cleaning, repair, and rebuilding as well as Guardian Chimney Liner installation. Technicians use video cameras to inspect every chimney they clean. The Mad Hatter also provides air duct cleaning services.
Company History
The company was founded in 1978 by the Sparks family and began cleaning Atlanta chimneys in 1989. Kevin Sparks, who began helping his father at the company when he was 14, runs the Atlanta office.
All employees who perform chimney work are Certified Chimney Professionals. The Mad Hatter Air Duct Cleaning & Chimney Sweep is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild.
Areas Served
Cherokee, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Gwinnett/East Metro, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Cumming, Cobb/Marietta, North Atlanta
A selection of 217 homeowner reviews:
“They are excellent. They gave us a second opinion on our fireplace and rebuilt it. They did a professional job that matches our house. They were clean, neat, on time, and always true to their word—just a very good group of people. I'd give them an A+.”
“Mad Hatter was nice. They were very professional, and they got in and out really quickly. I'd give them an A.”
“We had a chimney cleaned and repaired, and Mad Hatter did a nice job. They were prompt, and they did what they said they would do when they said they would do it. They cleaned up, and everything was spotless. Overall, I'd give them an A+.”
“They came when they said they were going to, and they did a good job. They inspected our gas fireplace. I'd give them an A+.”
“Everything was stellar, and they did great.”
“They came out right away. They did chimney work for me. I'd give them the highest grade for the overall experience.”
“They inspected a chimney and converted it into a wood burning fireplace. He was very informative, so he provided a lot of information about the wood burning fireplace and the chimney. I'd grade them an A+ for my overall experience.”
“I had Mad Hatter over for the chimney. They were very clean and pulled the stuff apart that needed to be taken apart. I have a double fireplace, one in the basement and one on the main floor. They cleaned it and did all kinds of good stuff. I'd give them an A because I had never had anybody come, and I've been in the house for a long time. If somebody asked me, I would recommend them.”
“They redid the entire chimney and fireplace. They were professional and they did what they were supposed to do. They get an A grade from me.”
“We used Mad Hatter, and we actually took our fireplace from a gas-starter wood-burning one to a gas fireplace and then put a new cap on the top. They also did a video inspection and replaced the back of the inside of our fireplace. Everything was perfect.”
“They did the work, and we were very pleased. They seemed to be very knowledgeable. They were very polite and did what they came to do. They did chimney cleaning. It was the first time we'd ever had our chimneys done, but I would say they would get an A.”
“My experience with Mad Hatter was very good. They did a clean-out of our gas logs and the chimney. I'd give them an A+.”
“Excellent—it was great. He made everything great. He got the iPad and the camera, and he checked the chimney and everything. I would recommend them. I'd grade them an A+.”
“They had come and done a couple of works orders for us. They did a great job. They found something wrong on the chimney, and they had to build a rain cover. Whatever covers the chimney was all rusted through. They put a new one on. They came back a week or two later and installed it. They cleaned the chimney. Everything went without a hitch. They were very polite and on time. I'd give them an A+.”
“We had the chimney cleaned last spring. We got their name out of the Best Pick Reports. It was Mad Hatter. They were great—I would give them an A. We didn't have any problems. They showed us the stuff and explained stuff. We had an odor, and we finally figured out what it was.”
“They came and cleaned the chimney. It was OK. They did what I expected them to do. They showed me the chimney was clean and left. They're an A.”
“They do a good job, they tell you what they're going to do, and they're reliable. I got their name from Best Pick Reports. They did the chimney cap. I would recommend them. I don't think I had any issues with the work. I'd rate them as an A.”
“They were great—real good. They were efficient and courteous, and they did a good job. They did an estimate and a chimney sweep. I'd give them an A.”
“They just did a general inspection of two of our chimneys and cleaned them. The gentleman who came was really nice and very efficient. He got things done before the company had said he would; he got done early. They'd get an A.”
“We've used Mad Hatter. They've cleaned flues, and they also redid our fireplace from a natural burning log into gas.”
“I had the chimney cleaned, and I used The Mad Hatter. I love them. They come out and clean the chimney, and they put a new top on the outside of mine. They're very nice to deal with. They're an A+ company.”
“We replaced the fireplace. Now it's strictly natural gas, and there's a horizontal vent for the exhaust. All of the stonework and everything was done by Mad Hatter, and I'd give them an A because they were excellent and very impressive. They put a tent in the living room to make sure all the dust was confined, and they vented all of the dust outside. Absolutely nothing got in the room, and it was amazing.”
“I like The Mad Hatter. They do a great job. They cleaned the fireplace, and I had some cracks in my mortar that they repaired. They're very good. They've earned an A+.”
“I use Mad Hatter to clean my chimney. I chose them because I purchased a gas log, and they came out to clean out the chimney prior to installing the gas log. I love my fireplace. They did a great job, and I would give them an A+ rating.”
“They gave me what I ordered, they installed it, and it works. I'd give them a high grade—an A+.”
“They fixed what I needed fixed. They worked on the fireplace. I picked this company because I thought it was the best. I'd give them an A.”
“They were very professional, and they did just what I asked them to do. I didn't end up hiring them for some additional services, but it wasn't because of anything they did wrong—I just didn't choose to go forward with that. What they did for me was great. They were great. They cleaned my main chimney and fireplace in my house. They looked at cleaning the ductwork, but it was more involved than what I wanted to get into. Also, I had underestimated how much time it would take for them to do it, so they didn't really have time that day. I decided not to do that, but what they did with the fireplace and chimney was great. I chose them because they are highly rated, and somebody recommended them. They get an A because they were great. The guys were really professional, and it was all well done.”
“The Mad Hatter did what they promised to do. They inspected the fireplace. I chose them because they had pretty highly rated services. I'd give them an A.”
“I ended up getting work done by The Mad Hatter. He replaced the chimney top. They did what they said they were going to do, and they were relatively quick. Their customer service was very fine—I have no complaints. The chimney's holding up just fine, so I'd give them an A+.”
“They were very professional. They got here on time, and they left on time. They took care of business. They were in and out, and everything was very clean. They cleaned my fireplace, and they put in a brand-new gas starter. I chose them over other companies because of their reputation. I'd give them an A+.”
“I have a fireplace. It's a gas system, but it doesn't go through a regular chimney—it goes through a class B vent thing. I couldn't figure out how to get it all cleaned out, but they came in and dissembled it. The nice thing was that he showed me how to do it myself, so I don't have to call so often. That's huge. He was like, 'No, you only need to have us come in probably every other year to clean the other thing. You can do this easily. Just do it like this, and take this apart.' Based on that, I would give them an A.”
“They got here on time and did what they were supposed to do. They cleaned the chimney. They were paid for doing what they were supposed to do, and they did it. It was a good experience. I think I looked in the Best Pick Reports book and saw their name, and that is why I chose them. I'd rate them as an A.”
“They came in and out efficiently, and they didn't make a mess. They cleaned up after themselves. It was good. They just came and cleaned our chimney with a chimney sweep. I chose them over other companies after looking in Best Pick Reports—that is where we got their name. I'd give them an A grade.”
“The Mad Hatter did a good job. They inspected the chimney top for corrosion and determined how much life was left in it, so I could decide when to get it replaced. I chose them over others because they just sounded like they focused on what I needed. I'd give them an A for excellent. They didn't do anything wrong.”
“Three men came to the house. They were very professional and seemed to know what they were doing. They worked well together, and they answered all of my questions. I am planning on doing repeat business with them. They cleaned the chimneystack and advised me regarding a water leak that I have in the chimney during heavy rainfall. They advised me on how to fix that and made a proposal for the repair. I chose The Mad Hatter because I had used them over 20 years ago. I liked their service then, so I decided to call them again. They deserve an A.”
“They came when they said they would. They seemed professional, and they seemed like they knew what they were doing. They gave me a thorough report afterward, and I was completely satisfied. They did a chimney inspection and cleaning. I chose them over others because of Best Pick Reports. I'd give them an A rating.”
“The technician was really good about going through and explaining what he was doing and what he found. They cleaned my chimney, and they were going to clean my ducts, too, but they thought there was a possibility of mold. I had them do a test to see if there was mold, and we haven't gone anywhere from there yet. They get an A.”
“They did a great job, and they were very friendly and very neat. When they left, there was no sign that they had done chimney cleaning or anything else. They cleaned the chimney, and one of them went up on the roof to make sure the exterior of the chimney was intact and that there was nothing up there. They were referred to me by a friend. I'd give them an A.”
“They did the job. Mainly, they checked the safety of the fireplace, and what they found was a gap around the fireplace that they ended up insulating. I'd give them an A rating.”
“They built an outdoor fireplace, and so far, I'm very happy with the work. I haven't had a chance to fire it up yet, but I believe the exterior looks fine. I'd give them an A because I don't have any issues so far.”
“They did the work, and everything is fine. They were friendly and cleaned up, and they took care in what they were doing. They were careful in the house and all that kind of stuff. They replaced the log lighter in my fireplace. I chose them because I saw them at my neighbor's house. I pulled up to the guy and asked about their work—I had been meaning to find somebody to do the work. I thought I'd give them a try, and it worked out for me. I'd give them an A.”
“So far, so good, but it's a relatively new thing. We've had three relatively hard rains since then, and we've been good. This was a real stumper, though. It took us two years to really isolate what this leak was. I think they were very good, and I would give them an A.”
“We were looking for a new outdoor gas grill, and they were very helpful. I went to them because I just knew that they would be more of an expert on what we were looking for. I'd give them an A grade.”
“They arrived on time, they did their work quickly, and they were very knowledgeable. They showed us a video from inside the chimney. It seemed to be clean, and they cleaned up and all that kind of stuff. They just did a cleaning and inspection of the chimney. We'd used them before. I'd rate them as an A.”
“I've done the chimney sweep thing with The Mad Hatter—it's a good name. They are at my house fairly regularly and have done a good job. I did have an issue with them, but they were so good about solving it. They do a great job for us. They come inspect the chimney every year or so because we do a lot of wood-burning fires. One year, they said, 'You really need to do major maintenance on this. There are holes in the side of the chimney, which are fire hazards.' We asked them to come in and do that, and they poured this really lightweight concrete down the chimney. The stuff followed the pipes in the house into the master bedroom on the second floor, and the ceiling in the living room fell under the weight of it. I should be mad, but I'm not because they fixed everything. They said, 'We know this happens occasionally, but there's no way to predict it. We're sorry it happened to you.' They repainted the ceiling and redid the wallboard. I don't know if they did it themselves or if they contracted somebody to do it, but they set up somebody to fix everything within 48 hours. It was the quality of repair that I would've paid for myself—they didn't just get some schlocky guy in there. It was just perfect. They just fixed everything so quickly and so well. They have had this happen to other people, but I don't think it happens to them frequently. They said that it really needed to be done because if the concrete went through my house like that, sparks from the fireplace could have, too. They have a very good system in place for when that emergency happens, so I'm going to give them an A grade.”
“The Mad Hatter did an excellent job. They did a really good installation, and I think the salesman did an excellent job making sure the logs were compliant with the fireplace we already had. They were very professional and courteous. I talked to a lot of other people, and I felt like Mad Hatter knew what they were doing. I'd give them an A+.”
“I was very happy with The Mad Hatter. The gas was leaking in our fireplace, and I had them come out and fix it. They are definitely an A+ company. They were great.”
“The Mad Hatter did some chimney work for us. I thought that I needed to have my whole chimney redone, but Mad Hatter just fixed what had to be fixed, and it's working properly. They saved me a lot of money, and the cleanup was as neat as could be. They deserve an A+ grade.”
“I have used The Mad Hatter for the chimney and fireplace, particularly fireplace repair. They've been good. I have sort of a complicated little gas unit. The poor guy actually ordered the unit for me, and when it came in, it was actually constructed backwards from my unit. They had to take it back to the place and refabricate it. They've always been very nice, and they're very clean. They come in with their little foot covers, too. I would definitely give them an A because they're really good.”
“I thought the work The Mad Hatter did for me was very good—excellent, in fact. They were on time, performed the services I asked them to do, and had all the right equipment. It was done very efficiently. I had a fireplace that I haven't used in quite a few years, and I didn't know if I wanted to use it again; I thought it should be inspected. They inspected it, cleaned the flue, and made sure everything was in good condition, which it was. They even ran a camera up through the chimney when they inspected it, and I got to watch that, so it was pretty cool. That was my first time using this company; I selected them from Home Reports. I'd rate them A+.”