Carpet Trouble Spots and Repairs | Best Pick Reports

Stains. Basic spots will often be removed during the normal carpet cleaning process. However, before any work begins, point out all known stains to the technician. Education is key to successful stain removal. Different stains require different cleaning processes and products. Many special stain-removing products are on the market; professional carpet and upholstery cleaners know which one(s) to use for which stains. Typical stains include rust, ink, urine, children’s drink mix, and feces.

Resoiling. As some cleaning agents and spotters dry, they become chemically sticky and may actually attract dirt. If these cleaning agents or spotters are applied to the carpet during cleaning or stain removal and are not removed by rinsing, the carpet may quickly resoil.

Restretching. When an undamaged carpet is properly installed, it is stretched tightly and should remain flat and taut. Manufacturing problems, installation problems, or post-installation damage may cause a carpet to lose its stretch and develop bumps or wrinkles. If the carpet is delaminated or permanently damaged, restretching is not an option.