Common Carpet Problems | Best Pick Reports

Stains.  Upon hiring a carpet cleaning professional to clean a carpet or rug, it is best to point out all stains.  Although basic spots will often be removed during the normal carpet cleaning process, technicians should be aware of all spots, as different stains require different cleaning processes.  A variety of products are on the market, but professionals know which ones to use for various stains.

Urine.  Urine is one of the most common stains.  The smell is difficult to eliminate because urine crystals can persist for up to 20 years on the carpet backing.  Increased humidity causes the urine crystals to dissolve, so often the smell will reappear each spring and summer.  Permanently fixing the problem requires cleaning the back and front of the carpet, replacing the exposed section of the carpet pad, and sealing the subfloor.  These stains can be treated with special enzymes or water and high-vacuum equipment.

When trying to remedy a food or drink spill, many well-intentioned homeowners can make a bad situation worse.  Certain spills, which would easily be removed by a trained carpet cleaner with an understanding of the chemistry involved, can become permanent when treated with the wrong substances.  Some types of dyes are permanently set into carpet fibers by the same products that completely remove other types of spots.  Professional carpet cleaners recommend that homeowners try only water or club soda before seeking professional help.

For professional spill treatment, trust a Best Pick™ carpet cleaning company.