Choosing an Atlanta Carpet or Upholstery Cleaning Company | Best Pick Reports

Many Atlanta carpet cleaning companies offer deals that seem too good to be true.  Some of these unbeatable deals are a bait and switch.  For example, the fine print may state that the price is based on a one-bedroom house.  After the technician arrives, he or she raises the price considerably based on the size of the home.

Other unbeatable deals stretch the definition of carpet cleaning with a cursory cleaning that fails to treat problem areas and does little to improve the carpet's appearance.  Multiple carpet cleaning methods are available.  Common systems include hot water extraction, or "steam cleaning," dry foam/dry foam extraction, and dry powder/dry extraction systems.  Each method is effective as long as the technician is well trained and experienced.

Phone estimates are a common practice in the Atlanta carpet and upholstery cleaning industry.  Because stain removal and other repairs cost extra, homeowners should mention these problem spots to ensure an accurate estimate.  A phone estimate from a reputable Atlanta carpet cleaning company should lie within the ballpark of the final bill.

Because cleaning not only improves the appearance of carpet and upholstery in the short term but also extends the carpet or fabric's life, it is important to find a reputable company that only hires conscientious, experienced technicians.  Atlanta carpet and upholstery cleaners, like other companies working in the home, should carry workers' compensation and liability insurance.  See the Best Pick™ Atlanta carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning companies for contractors that have received high marks from previous customers.