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When it comes to upholstery cleaning, attention to detail is critical to achieving high-quality results.  While most carpet cleaners offer upholstery cleaning services, it is important to hire a company that employs technicians who are skilled specifically with upholstery cleaning.  Less experienced technicians overwet fabrics, resulting in shrinkage and split seams during the drying process.  Upholstery cleaners also guard against color bleeding, which can permanently damage the upholstery.

As with clothing, different cleaning processes are employed for different fabric types.  Cleaning instructions are often found on the furniture tag, located underneath a cushion.  Water-based cleaning, usually denoted with a "W" on the tag, is commonly used for synthetic fabrics.  Solvent-based cleaning, or dry cleaning, is usually denoted with an "S" on the tag and indicates natural fibers.

If cleaning instructions are not attached to a cushion, the furniture store from which the piece was purchased might have cleaning instructions on file in the back of a fabric book.  If the fabric type cannot be found, an upholstery cleaner can use a burn test to reveal the fabric type.  This involves taking a strand of fiber from a location that is not visible and burning it to decipher the fabric type.

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