Custom Cabinets: Types and Styles

Solid wood. Cabinets can be made from a number of different woods, and some woods can be stained to look like a more expensive material. A solid wood cabinet will be both durable and highly versatile; they can be painted or styled to fit any taste.
Veneer. Wood veneers are thin sheets of wood glued onto a plywood or particleboard base. They are less expensive than solid wood but can give the look of hardwood to the outside of the cabinet.  

Framed. A framed cabinet will have wood around the face, framing the door and drawer, so if the door and drawer were removed, two holes would be left. The frame provides more strength, eliminating the need for a top panel.  
Frameless. When the door and drawer are removed from the frameless cabinet, the homeowner is left with an open box. Because there is no frame, the doors are mounted on the cabinet’s side walls. This style is popular in Europe.

Panel doors are made with a frame around the edges and built of four interlocking slats of wood and a larger section of wood serving as the middle. They can be styled with numerous details. Slab doors are plain and unframed, without raise or recess. Though essentially a one-piece design, slab doors may be constructed of pieces of stock lumber joined together. Both door styles can be used on any cabinet box to help you achieve a desired look.