Why Refinish?

Damage and discoloration. Over years of constant, everyday use, tubs get damaged. Cracks and nicks can appear over time, diminishing the tub’s appearance and usability. In fact, a compromised bathtub surface can be a source for leaks, damaging the home’s infrastructure underneath the tub. A tub refinisher will repair a damaged tub as part of the refinishing process, sealing any cracks or leaks.

A heavily used tub can become discolored over time due to age, especially in areas that have hard water. If abrasive cleaners can’t be used and the stains are seemingly permanent, refinishing a tub can change the surface and give it a clean and bright look.

Style. Styles change over time, and colors that were once popular a decade or two ago can now seem outdated. Refinishing a tub allows a homeowner to experiment with a new color, revitalizing the old tub and making it appear more modern.